The Man In My Dreams Episode 4

The Man In My Dreams 💖
(He’s a twin, hard to find)🥵

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ suspense😲

💋 Chapter Four 💋

Olivia sat back on the chair,still staring at Calvin.

“I can’t be a mere cleaner” she said.

Calvin nodded and squeezed his face.
“It’s okay. You can leave then” he said.

“But, take a look at my CV. It’s really good” she said.

Calvin picked it up again.
“You were good with crafts and beauty. How’s that going to help you work in the company?” He asked.


“No but. Please leave now” Calvin said.

Olivia stood up and walked towards the door slowly. She didn’t want to go back to the girls and tell them that she didn’t get to work at the company.
She just have to accept it.

She stopped and turned to look at Calvin.
“I’ll take it then. I accept the job” she said.

Calvin smiled.
He grabbed the telephone and called a number.

“I’m sending a lady to you. She’s going to be part of the cleaning team” he said.

Olivia rolled her eyes.
She can’t tell her friends that she’s a cleaner.
“Arghh! This is so embarrassing” she thought.
Olivia went back to the Cafe but Erica wasn’t around.

Ava saw Olivia and placed her phone on the counter.
“How was the interview?”

“It was good” she replied, giving a fake smile.

“Wow, so what are you then?” Ava asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Uh, I’m the assistant manager” she lied.

Ava face brightened.
“That’s so good. Now I have the opportunity to come visit the company, using you as an excuse”

“No no… Visitors aren’t accepted” she said.

“Oh, that’s awkward” Ava said as her smile disappeared.

Olivia flung her hair to the back and grabbed her bag.
“I should leave now. Work starts tomorrow” she said.

Ava watched as she she left the Cafe.
“Oh Olivia”
Calvin heard a knock on the door.
“It’s open!” He said and George walked in.

“Hello Mr Calvin!” He said.

“How can I be of help George?” He asked, not raising his head to stare at him.

“I just want to submit a CV to you” he said.

“Sure, place it on the table” he said.

George placed it beside him and left.

Calvin was busy with some other work.
He didn’t even check out the CV.

When it was already 4pm, he switched off his laptop and left the office.

He met his brother outside his office with his cold looks as usual.

“Are you off already?” Calvin asked.

“Sure, let’s move” he replied and walked away.

“Uh, I have somewhere to be” Calvin said, not moving a step.

Kelvin stopped and turned to face his younger brother.
“And where is that?” He asked.

“Uh, we just flew into the country. I want to go and explore the city” he said.

“Fine then” he said and walked away.
Calvin smiled and went after his brother.

The driver dropped him off at the park while he drove his brother home.

He saw how children and even adults played at the park.
He just start at all of them with his dark shades on and his hands in his pocket.

“Hello sir, will you buy some flowers?”
An old woman walked towards him with some rose flowers.

He took off his shades and stared at the flowers.
“They are nice” he said but he doesn’t really like flowers.
If he takes them home, his brother could kill him.
He’s allergic to flowers

“Will you buy some?” She asked again.

Calvin brought out his wallet and gave some money to her.
“Take care of yourself ma’am” he said and walked away.

He went to the cinema wards and walked round the city.
Erica was with Ava and Olivia celebrating Olivia’s new job as an assistant manager.

“Cheers to Olivia!” Ava said.
They all cheered. The club was a bit rowdy and dark with disco light and loud pop music.

“Have you noticed that that girl has broken up with her girlfriend?” Ava asked.

“No way! I should have noticed she was alone yesterday”

“Annoying lesbians” Olivia rolled her eyes.
“Erica!!! You’ve gotten a customer”
She heard her boss voice.

“Excuse me guys” she said and left.

She walked towards the VIP lounge.
She pushed the door open, staring at the back of a man sitting on a soft sofa as he watched strippers displaying.

“Why can I get you sir?” She asked.

“A bottle of red wine” he said.

“I’ll be back in a giffy” she said and went out.

She came back thereafter with a bottle of chilled wine and a glass.

She walked towards him and set up the table.

“Quick please, you are obstructing the perfect view” he said.

Erica stared at what he was talking about and saw that it was the strippers he was talking about.

She packed her hair to the back of her ear and poured the wine into the glass.

She stood up and stared at him.
He also stared at Erica and shot his eyes wide open.

Erica thought this was actually a dream. She took a few step back and leaned on the wall.


“Yes, it’s me. I’m sorry for.nit apologising that day. My driver was careless” he said.

Erica furrowed her eyebrows.
“Have we met before? I’ve only seen you in…”

“You didn’t see me then. It was my driver who spilled mud all over you”

Erica quickly frowned.
“You were the…” She was about to yell but she remembered that he was a VIP.

She sighed and quickly left angrily.

Calvin stared at her as she left. He grabbed his glass and continued watching the strippers as they displayed.
Erica stormed back to her friends. They saw the look on her face.

“What’s wrong Erica?”

“Did someone reject your proposal?” Olivia asked jokingly.

“It’s nothing” she said not wanting to tell them anything.
She wasn’t sure if it was him, the man in her dreams.

She couldn’t get him off her mind.
She pictures his image in her memory.

“I’ve found the man in my dream” she murmured.
Calvin went back to the mansion and met his brother in the sitting room

“Brother!” Calvin called and sat beside him.

“I’m glad that you are back” Kelvin replied, staring at a magazine.

“Yes I am. Did you miss me?” He teased his brother.

“No” Kelvin gave a quick response without sparing his brother a glare.

“Ouch, that was harsh. You should go to the club sometime. It’s nice”

“Okay” Kelvin replied.

Calvin shook his head and stood up to leave. He remembered something.
“Guess who I met today”

“I don’t care” he replied.

“It was the cute girl we splashed…”

“Calvin! I’m busy” Kelvin interrupted his brother rudely.

“I’m sorry. Good night then” he said and left.

Kelvin continued reading his magazine.
Why is Kelvin so harsh?

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