The Man In My Dreams Episode 3

The Man In My Dreams πŸ’–
(He’s a twin, hard to find)

By: Authoress Popcorn

Genre: Romance/ suspense

πŸ’‹ Chapter ThreeπŸ’‹

George kept his glass and walked to his sister.
“You want me to drop you off” he asked.

“Yeah, let me get my bag” she said and left.
George dropped Erica at home and drove off.
She knew that he won’t come to say hi to Harris and Winnie.

She walked towards the door and knocked it softly.
There wasn’t answer.
She then wishes she had a phone.
Her aunt never let her used one.

The door flung open with her annoying aunt standing before her.
“I see that you want to become the boss of the house right?”

“No aunt, I was busy at work” she replied.

“Lier. You will have to sleep outside then. Let’s the mosquito feed on your useless flesh” she said and slammed the door on her face.

Erica didn’t want to annoy her. She just sat by the door side and folded her arms. It wasn’t her first time to sleeping outside.

She shot her eyes trying to get some sleep, but the mosquito wouldn’t let her.

At the thought of her challenge with Olivia, she quickly fell asleep.
Erica was woken up with the water that her aunt splashed on her body.
“It’s morning already, start your house chores!” She said as went back inside.

Erica just stared at her aunt. She didn’t know why she became cruel to her after her parent died in a freaky accident.

Erica remembered that day vividly, she has told her parents about the dream she had where they got into an accident but no, they didn’t listen.

They went out that day and got into an accident. It was a brutal one that they all died in the car.

Her aunt blamed her to her sister’s death after that day.
Noy everyone knew about her special abilities, it was only her brother and friends.
Erica was done with her house chores. She had her bath and ate her regular one slice of bread breakfast.

She never forget to take her CV.

“Hurry Sally, let’s go”

Erica said and helped them into the bus.
“Woah, we are taking the bus today” she said.

“Yes, isn’t it good?” She asked and Sally, replied with a nod.

She gently stroke Sean’s head.
She asked Sean in a sign language if he was okay and he nodded.
Erica got to the Cafe early. She cleaned everywhere and sat behind the counter.

“Look who is here!” Ava said and walked towards her.

“Hey Ava” she said.

“How was your night?” Ava asked.

Erica remembered everything that happened last night.
She gave a fake smile.
“It was unbelievable” she replied.

Soon after, they saw Olivia walking into the Cafe. She was wearing an office dress.

“Guess who just got a call from the company? This girl!!” She cheered

“Congratulations” Erica said.

Olivia smiled at her weirdly.
“I need a cup of chocolate to begin my day with” she said.

Erica turned to serve it to her but Olivia voice stopped her.

“I need someone with good luck to serve me” she said, referring to Ava.

Ava frowned at her.
“If you aren’t taking anything from her, then leave”

Olivia rolled her eyes.
“I don’t need you two to serve me anyway, you are both bad luck!” She said and left.
She bumped into George on the way and neglected him.

“Hey sis, the CV?”

Erica quickly rushed inside and took it from her bag.
“Please George, I need you to help me with it” she said.

“You shouldn’t worry too much” he said and diverted his gaze to Ava but she didn’t want to look at him.

He smiled and walked away.
“Are you going to be angry with my brother forever?” She asked.

“If that’s possible. You won’t understand what he did to me Erica” Ava fummed and folded her arms.

“I know Ava. He took you on a date and dumped you after he saw his childhood friend. That’s just who my brother is. He is childish” Erica said and walked into the kitchen.
Olivia got into the company and shot her mouth wide open. A wow escaped from her lips.

“This place is so beautiful” she murmured.

“Hello, how can we help you?” The receptionist asked.

“I got a call from this company. I’m here for an interview” Olivia said, trying to be formal.

“Okay, hold on” she said and made a quick call.

George appeared in her front and signed a book.

Olivia frowned.
“Are you following me?” She rolled her eyes.

George shot her a hard glare.
“Good morning Mr George” the receptionist greeted.

Olivia stared at George, she didn’t know he was working here.

“Hello” he replied and left with his bag.
“Let me take you to the CEOs office” the receptionist said and left the counter.

“Why the CEO? Isn’t there a manager or supervisor?” She asked.

The receptionist stopped and turned to stare at Olivia.
“This is a very big company. We don’t accept people who doesn’t know anything about the job. If the CEO rejects your CV, you’re out!” She said and continued walking.
Olivia swallowed nothing and kept on walking behind her.

They entered into an elevator which took them to the 12th floor.
There were two office on that floor.

The receptionist stood and stared at the two doors, she was even confused on which one to enter.

“Which is Calvin’s?” She murmured.

She decided to go for the right door.
She knocked it and heard a deep voice from the inside.

“Come in!”

They both entered the office.

Olivia couldn’t believe her eyes. It was the same man she saw on TV. The owner of the company.

“Hello sir!” The receptionist bowed.

He raised his head and saw the receptionist with Olivia.
“What are you doing here?”

“Uh… She is here for an interview” the receptionist said.

“Leave!” He quickly said with a calm and dangerous voice.

The receptionist immediately knew that was Kelvin. She left the office with Olivia and went to the other office.

“Come in” they heard a cheerful voice.

They pushed themselves in and shot the door behind.

“Hello sir”

“Oh hi, who is she?” Calvin asked, with a bright smile.

“She’s here for an interview” she replied.

“Okay then. Thank you” he replied.

The receptionist quickly left.
Calvin stared at Olivia.
“Have your seat” he said.

Olivia was still confused.
They are a twin.

She slowly sat and kept on staring at her.

“You are Olivia right?”

Olivia quickly nodded.

“According to your CV, which I’ve stared at a hundred times. You aren’t qualified for the job” Calvin said.

Olivia heart skipped a beat.
“I really need the job sir. I can do anything” she said.

Calvin shook his head and leaned back on his chair.
“I’ve seen what you can do dear, there is no position for you” he said and gave her CV back to her.

Olivia pushed it back to him it touched his bottle water. It fell on the floor and splashed.

“Oh I’m sorry!” She quickly took some tissues on the table and cleaned the floor.

Calvin watched her as she did that.
A smile crept on his face.

“There’s something that you’ve could do” he said.

Olivia flung her hair to the back and stared at him.
“What is it sir?” She asked.

“You could be a cleaner in the company” Calvin said and winked at her.

“What?” Olivia furrowed her eyebrows.

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