The Man In My Dreams Episode 2

The Man In My Dreams 💖
(He’s a twin, hard to find)

By: Authoress Popcorn

Genre: Romance/ suspense

💋 Chapter Two 💋

Erica stared at the time, it was already afternoon. She her apron and wore her regular clothes.

Ava saw her and shook her head.
“I thought you were gonna quit that job”

Erica shook her head.
“There’s no way I’m gonna do that. How would I survive then?” She asked.

“Your aunt is really cruel! I hate her so much” Ava folded her arms.

“Don’t say that. That’s just her behavior. I’m leaving now! Are you coming to the club tonight?” Erica asked.

“Sure I would. All drinks on me. Time to party!!!!” Ava yelled.

“Shhh! There are customers” Erica whispered.

“Well, fuck them!” Ava replied and started taking pictures.

Erica smiled and left.
Few minutes later, Erica got to the center and took an envelope.

“You are three minutes and give seconds late. I’ll be removing a dollar from your pay” The man said.

Erica just nodded and left with the envelope. She got to the street and started distributing flyers to people.

“Please patronize us. It’s a very good product!” She said and handed the flyer to them.

She shared everything and she had only two left.

“Arghhh! It’s almost six” she said and wiped the sweat off her face.

“Can I have that?”
She heard a voice from behind and turned only to see a familiar face.

“Oh my world, George!” She yelled and jumped on him.

“How did you find me here?” She asked.

“Well, I know where to find you no matter what! Always working!” He said and touched his hair.

She smiled and gave him the flyer.
“Well, one is left!” She said.

“You can give that to my dog. Let’s go now” George said and gently pulled her.

She grabbed her bag and followed him.
“When did you arrive George?” She asked.

“I got transferred here so, I have to move here” he replied.

Erica nodded and followed him silently.
As they walked towards his car, a car splashed mud all over their dresses.

“Arghh!” She groaned and frowned in disgust.

George shook his head and watched as Erica walked towards the car.

“Why did you stop?” The passenger asked.

“We splashed mud over some people master” the driver said.

They heard someone banging the window.

“Oh my gosh, look brother. We splashed mud over a cute girl. She’s so cute!”

“Drive!” The other guy ordered.

“Yes sir!” He replied and started the engine.

Erica watched as the car drove away.
She sighed deeply and walked back to George.

“You didn’t even do anything” she complained.

“I’m sorry. That was my boss’s car. If I assisted you, I would have lost my job immediately” he replied.

Erica frowned and walked to his car.
George followed behind.

He entered into the car and drove off.
Calvin got into his huge mansion and started taking off his jacket.

“That was bad brother. We should have compensated that girl for splashing mud on her dress” he said to his twin brother, Kelvin.

“Here’s your orange juice” a maid walked towards Kelvin and bowed.

Kelvin stared at him and walked away.

Calvin smiled.
“I was the one who ordered the juice” he said.

The maid quickly walked towards him and handed the juice to him.
Calvin sipped out of it and placed it on the tray.

“Next time, serve it cold” he said and walked away.

The maid watched them as they walked up the stairs.
“They are so identical” she shook her head.
Erica entered into the club with her brother. He didn’t want to leave her side just as he did years ago.

“Why don’t you move to my house?” He asked.

Erica stopped and stared at him.
“For the third time, no!” She said and walked towards the counter.

George shook his head and sat in front of her sister as she wore the apron.
“I don’t want to leave the house. It’s ours. I get that you hate aunty and uncle so much but they are nice, a little” she said and leaned on the counter, flinging her long black hair to the back.

“I just want to help a little. Why don’t you quit all your stupid job while I help you get a job at the company” he said.

Erica broke into a quick laugh and a smile.
“Can you do that for me?” She asked.

“Yes I can” he replied.

“Then, go ahead. Meet me at the Cafe tomorrow so that I can give you my CV” she said.

“Fine by because I won’t want to come to that house to see some annoying creatures” George rolled his eyes.

“Okay then. I need to work, if you would excuse me” she said and flung her long hair at her brother.

He turned and followed his sister footsteps with his gaze till it met Ava and Olivia. They were looking hot.

He smirked and waved at them.
“Holy moly, isn’t that George?” Olivia asked.

“And so what?” Ava folded her arms not wanting to see George.

George got to their side.
“Hey guys”

“Hi George!” Olivia replied.

Ava didn’t say anything, she just walked away from them and sank into a sofa.

“What’s up with her?” He asked.

“Don’t know. Let’s go!” She said and pulled him.

Erica worked till she was tired, serving customers. She mostly hate when they stare at her, wanting to touch her.

“Hey waiter!!” Olivia called Erica.

Ava slapped her arm.
“What’s your problem? That’s Erica, don’t stress her”

“She’s doing her job so let her do it well. It’s not bad” she said and wanted to call her again.

Then another waiter came and stood in front of their chair.
“What can I get you?” She asked.

Olivia frowned.
She wanted Erica to serve them.

“Just get us a bottle of red wine and three glasses please” Ava said.

“Sure. I would be right back” she said and left.
Erica stared at her friends and brother as they were having fun.
She smiled and continued working.


She turned and saw her boss.
“Hello sir”

“It’s your pay day right, here’s your money” she said and gave it to her.

“Oh yes. Thank you so very much” she reply and kissed her envelope.
It was midnight already.
She took off her apron and went to sit with her friends.

“My shift is over”

“What else? Go play with your boyfriend” Olivia said

Ava furrowed her eyebrows.
She knew Olivia was up to something again.
“We both know that she doesn’t have any boyfriend”

“Yes, that’s it. My boring friend doesn’t have any boyfriend to call her own”

Erica smiled slowly disappeared from her face.
“What do you mean Olivia?”

“Yes, you heard me clear!” Olivia said and folded her arms.

George didn’t want to poke into his sister’s matter. He just stared at his phone and sipped from his wine.

“I don’t want to be in any relationship. I’m not just ready for that” she said again.

“Ye right. You are just covering yourself up, I know everything. No one comes to you or even look at you. Because you are dumb and also boring. No one would want a boring girlfriend like you. Well, you can prove yourself”

“Olivia!” Ava pulled her.

Erica stood up and stared at Olivia.
“It’s okay, I accept your challenge. I know you want me to get a boyfriend. It’s a deal”

Olivia smirked.
“That’s good. I give you a month” she said and walked away.

Ava stared at Erica.
“I’m sorry about that. Don’t listen to her”

“It’s okay Ava. I know the kind of person she is. It’s late already, you should go”

“Sure, I’ll see you at work tomorrow” she said and watched Ava as she left the club.

Erica didn’t believe she just accepted a challenge that she never wanted to.
“What do I do?” She murmured.

Erica? Olivia 😡😠

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