Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

World Best, All In One Spot


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❣DANIELLA❣ 👫(SILLY TWINS)👫 EPISODE 07 💫DAN💫 I left school few minutes after the closing period, Ella would have probably made...

3 min read

❣DANIELLA❣ 👫(SILLY TWINS)👫 EPISODE 06 💫ELLA💫 " *EXPEL AUDREY ROBINSON* " I repeated with a loud bang on his table...

2 min read

❣DANIELLA❣ 👫(Silly Twin)👫 EPISODE 04 💫ELLA💫 Oh..and perhaps she's about to make a display, because she's actually heading towards my...

2 min read

❣DANIELLA ❣ 👫(Silly Twin) 👫 Episode 03 💫ELLA💫 Arthur..,🥺 oh my Arthur,😍 my dear Arthur🤗...he's my lifeline, the reason I...

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