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October 31, 2020

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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Museitz blog cares about your privacy and the security of your information to the best interest and general activities on the site, we want you to be familiar with how we collect, use and disclose information, including personal information.

This privacy describes our practices in conjunction with your access to our digital product, services, and image rights,

This however includes, our news flash,sport, gossips,videos and books&articles , and many other other numerous services that displays this notice (collectively referred to as Museitz services)
Please note that our product and services carries copyright ownership and should by no means be shared without acknowledgment to Museitz.

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Information from website browsers

If you’re just browsing the site we collect the same basic informations that most websites collect, we use common Internet technologies, such as cookies and web server logs, this stuff we collect from everybody wether they are subscribers or not.

The information we collect includes:the visitors browser type, language preference, referring sites, additional website requested, and the date and time of each visitor, we also collect potentially personally-identifying information like internet protocol (IP addresses).

Why do we collect this informations?

We collect this informations to better understand how our website visitors use Museitz, and to monitor and protect the security of the website.

Personal informations:

If you are a subscriber on Museitz we require some personal information at the time of account creation, you will create your own, username, password and we will ask for your valid Email account, you also have the option to give us more information if you want to, and this may include personal informations.

User personal information is the information of any of our subscribers, which may include, username, password, email address, a real name, and a photograph.

User personal information does not include aggregated or non-personal identifying.
We may use aggregated, non-personally identifying informations to operate,improve,and optimize our website and services.