My Secret Wife Episode 1

The Secret Wife💝💥
(Let’s keep this marriage a secret)🤫😌

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ suspense😲

💋 Chapter One💋

“Meeting with the shareholders was attended by your father, you only have just one left and that’s 4pm… Sir? Sir?” Hudson called out to his boss who was on his phone. He hasn’t been listening to what he was saying.

“What is it Hudson?” Asher asked as he raised his cold cute eyes to stare at Hudson. Hudson gazed back at them. Asher was one handsome man. He was tall with a muscular body. He had an oval face with a little black mole under his left eye that made him look special.

“What’s distracting you huh?” Hudson asked. He was the only one that could talk to Asher this way, well, apart from his parent and younger sister.
Sometimes, even his younger sister is scared to talk to her own brother.

“It’s nothing” Asher replied and placed his phone on his laps. He grabbed the bottle of wine from the little table that was in the limo. He poured it into a glass and sipped from it.

“I was saying that you have a meeting by 4pm” Hudson said again.

“Yeah, whatever!” He replied and sipped from the glass again. Hudson groaned in frustration.
The door flung open as the manager of Brooks industry walked into the office.
“Here’s the report of today’s chart. The interest is dropping every minute sir!” He said. Mr Brooks groaned and threw the paper away.

“We are lucky that the news hasn’t gotten to the media. If it does, we are dead” Mr Brooks said as he leaned on his hand. He was deep in thought, thinking about his industry every day and night.

“What do we do sir?” He asked.

“Call a meeting with the shareholders. There should be something they can do”
“There’s nothing we can do about this. If this company loses its interest, we’ll have to breech the contract. I’ll leave!” One of them said.

“Yes, me too!”
Mr Brooks watched as everyone argued, they all wanted to leave. He sighed deeply, lowering his gaze. He didn’t know if he should lose hope.

“Well, except we partner with another company as huge as this…” Someone suggested. Mr Brooks quickly raised his head and stared at the person.

“Go on” he muttered.

“I can suggest, The Grayson’s company. I know he has been the company’s rivalry, but this is the only way out” he concluded.

“If this is the only way out, then so be it. Book me a meeting with the CEO of The Grayson’s company” he said to his assistant and sprung up.

“The meeting is adjourned”
Mr Grayson was in his office with some business partners. He was one crazy man and he would do anything to get more money.

“It’s fifty million or no contract” he said to them. They both stared at each other and stared back at Mr Grayson.

“Please, we can only do this for Fourty million” one of them said.

“Then we can’t sign it. Go to other company that will collect such amount” he said and stared at the file before him.

“Fine, we’ll do it for fifty. Please sign the contract” the other one said. A smile crept on Mr Grayson’s face as he looked for their contract. He already read it so he just signed it.
“Nice doing business with you” he shook hands with them and they left. He sighed and leaned back on his chair as he took off his glasses.

Asher walked into his father’s office and sat on the chair. He crossed his legs and winked at his father.
“Hey dad” he said.

“What is it Asher?” He asked, also staring at his son.

“You attended the morning meeting. How was it?”

“It was awful. You are always late Asher and I’m disappointed”

“It’s okay to be disappointed. This company will be mine soon and I’ll do whatever I want with it. I don’t need to follow your stupid rules because I’ll make mine, get the most beautiful model to do the advertising and not the…”

“Don’t say anything about Thelma. She’s all we got” Mr Grayson said.

“See! Thelma this, Thelma that! Get better models, hot and sexy ones. Thelma is getting old. She has been our model for fifteen years, she’s Fourty Five already, she’s f*cking old!” Asher almost yelled. He was trying to make a point. His father exhaled deeply.

“Do you think you can control this company?” His father asked him.

“I can do anything dad. Trust me!” He said almost in a whisper to show how capable he was.

“Fine! Starting from tomorrow, you’ll control this company for two weeks. I won’t appear here for that same two weeks. Anything goes wrong, you are a dead meat”

“But dad? That’s too early” Asher said, complaining.

“You can control anything huh? But you can’t control a woman. Tomorrow is your starting day. Go! You have a meeting to attend” his father said.

Asher rolled his eyes at his father’s statement. Why did he have to bring out the woman statement. He sprung up and walked out of the company. He saw Hudson by the door, walking towards him but heading to his father’s office. There was a smile on his face.

“What’s going on?”

“Good news” he replied and entered into the office.
Asher wondered what the good news was, but he wasn’t interested. He just walked away.
“Sir, you have a call from Brooks company” he said. Mr Grayson’s face brightened up. He quickly grabbed the phone and cleared his throat.

“Hello” he said with his thick voice.

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