BoyFriend Episode 3


EPISODE THREE🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🌹

(Who am I🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️)

Written by divine purpose🤩🤩😊

Mrs Luna entered Daisy’s house and saw her biting Dan

“Let go of me you dog!” Dan yelled trying to pull her away from himself

Mrs Luna ran there and separated them

“Daisy, what are you doing? Why are you being like this to Dan” she scolded and Daisy glared at her

“He ate all my snacks ,I worked so hard to get those snacks but he finished them in less than an hour” she said breathing heavily

“Whatever!! Is that why you guys were fighting?! Are you guys little kids or what?!” Mrs Luna scolded the both of them and looked at Dan

“You should eat up and rest, you are yet to recover” she said and Dan rested his back on the couch

“I lost my appetite” he said and Daisy scoffed

“Are you kidding me right now!!” She said

“Daisy,you should go help Drex in the restaurant, he is the only one attending to customers” Mrs Luna said, pushing Daisy outside

“Alright,I will go but That QUACK should better watch his back cos I’m not yet done with him” she said and Dan jerked up

“What? Did you just call me QUACK! Are you kidding me right now!” He yelled,Mrs Luna pushed him back to the couch and sighed

“Seriously! I thought you haven’t fully recovered but it seems your accident wasn’t that Fatal ,the only serious thing was that you hit your head on a rock, anyways, come help me in the restaurant after eating, I will be waiting for you” Mrs Luna said and walked outside


Dylan Kress Sat in his Room staring at his Dead girlfriend picture

Dylan is 25 years old
He works at a perfume company as the Manger, however, he lost his girlfriend a year ago

He lives alone
He lost his father but his mother lives at a village (Where Daisy lives)

He often visits his mom but after getting a call from her because she was sick
He decided to visit her


Jackson Dalton alighted from the car as he walked inside Mr and Mrs Dalton ( Dan’s parent) residence

He is 24 years,Same age with Dan

He is Dan’s cousin as well as his worst enemy

The two hates each other’s guts so much

Since Jackson’s parents lives oversea, he lived in Dan’s residence for a while
Everyone was tired of them cos they were always fighting
They decided to take Jackson to his parents oversea
But he was back cos of the news he heard about Dan being Dead or missing

He was also one of those who knows how Dan looks

He walked inside and saw Mrs Dalton sitting on the couch

“Jackson” Mrs Dalton called and hugged him

“Mom, how av you being? What happened to Dan?” He asked and Mrs Dalton started to sob again

“I don’t know exactly, The police said they are 70% sure Dan is dead and 30% sure he is missing” she said and Jackson sighed

“Jackson, you have to be in charge of my ballerina company for now until we find Dan” Mrs Dalton said

Jackson walked out and smirked

“Dan? He should be dead by now” he said

Dan’s secretary, secretary Fred walked to him and bowed

“I see you are back young master, how av you being?” He asked and Jackson moved closer to him

“Did you do the job neatly? How sure are you that the jerk is Dead?” He asked and secretary Fred looked at him

“I’m 100% sure,he can’t survive it” he said and Jackson pat his shoulder

“You did well” he said


After eating, Dan walked out of the house searching for Mrs Luna’s restaurant
“Seriously, she should have at least told me the direction before leaving, where in the world is that damn restaurant” he said to himself, looking around

A car stopped in front of him and he scoffed
“What the heck! Do they also have cars in this damn village” he said

Dylan alighted from the car and moved closer to him

“Excuse me, do you perhaps know where Mrs Kress lives? I’m new to this village so i think I lost my way” he asked and Dan scoffed again

“You must have lost your mind,who do you think you are talking down to” he said and wanted to leave but Dylan grabbed the tip of his shirt

“I’m sorry but I’m in a little bit of a hurry” he said

“Let go of my cloth now!!” He said in a rude tone and Dylan scoffed

“Excuse me, aren’t you being a little rude? I was only asking for……..”

“Hey,Quack!!!” Daisy interrupted and ran to Dan

Immediately Dylan saw Daisy,his eyes widened with shock

“How dare you! My name is Dan not quack” Dan said and Daisy looked at Dylan

“I’m sorry if he was Rude to you but you can tell me who you are looking for, I will take you to them” Daisy said, but she was shocked to see Dylan staring at her without saying anything

It was so obvious he was shocked

“What’s with him” Daisy asked and Dan shrugged

“How am I supposed to know that”

“Who are you?” Dylan asked and Daisy arched her brow

“What do you mean?” She asked

“I asked Who are you!!” Dylan said,raising his voice as tears gathered in his eyes

Daisy looked exactly just like his Dead girlfriend