BoyFriend Episode 2


EPISODE TWO🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🌹

(Who am I🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️)

Written by divine purpose🤩🤩😊

“Wait a minute, who am I?” He asked and Daisy shook her head

“Of course,you can’t know who you are cause you lost your memory” she said

“But we know who you are” Mrs Luna said and they all looked at her curiously

“We do?” Drex blinked

“Of course,we know who he is, he is Daisy BOYFRIEND” she said and Daisy stared with shock

“My….boy……Fri….end…. Friend?” She stammered and mrs Luna nod smiling

“Daisy?who is Daisy?” Dan asked and drex pointed to her
“She’s Daisy”

“You are Daisy?” He asked and looked at her with disgust

“No way… I can’t believe it…..there is no way I would have been boyfriend to that ugly looking face girl” he said and Daisy smirked

“Who said I’m ugly” she murmured

“Hey” Drex called and Dan glared at him

“Who are you calling Hey?” He asked

“You of course”

“Don’t I have a name, why are you calling me Hey?!” He said, raising his voice and Drex sighed

“Well…..what’s your name?” He asked

“My name is…….what’s my name?” Dan asked

“He’s killing me” Daisy grumbled

“Didn’t you say I lost my memory? Then you guys should know my name” he said and they all looked at one another

“What was your name?” Mrs Luna asked sarcastically

“Your name is….”


Daisy and Drex both chorused as Mrs Luna gave them an evil look

“Jace? Freddie? Which one is my name?” He asked

“Why don’t you rest a bit , we are going out for some fresh air,we would be back with your real name” Mrs Luna said and drag both Daisy and Drex outside

“Mom,we should just give him a name, we don’t know who he is” drex said

“No, the shirt he was putting on when I saw him in the accident scene, a name was inscribed on it”. Mrs Luna said

” What’s the name? ” Daisy asked


“Dan?” Daisy arched her brow “I’ve heard that name before” she said

“Anyways, we should just call him Dan and pretend he is Daisy boyfriend” Mrs Luna said and Daisy sighed frustrated

“Why must he be my boyfriend? I can’t stand a jerk like him”

“You have to hold it in just until he regains his memory, I’m sure he will be useful for us” Mrs Luna said and grinned

“By the way,where is his shirt which his name was inscribed on?” Drex asked

“It was filled with blood so the nurse burnt it”


Mr and Mrs Dalton (Dan’s) parent were pacing around the room,worried

They haven’t heard any news from their son and its already a day now

“We should report this to the police” Mrs Dalton said
“I already did and they promised to get back to us” Mr Dalton replied

“Have you told your mom? Dan called me, telling me he had to visit your mother” Mrs Dalton said, Still pacing up and down the room

Mrs Dalton is a beautiful Woman in her 40’s, she’s so pretty that one could say Dan got his looks from her

She is the CEO of the ballerina company , she’s so Rich

Since Dan is her only child, she could die for him

Mr Dalton is a man in his early 50, he is good looking too

He owns a car industry in China so he doesn’t have much time for his family cause he is always busy every time

He is Rich too, Since he works in a car industry, he tends to spoil Dan by getting him new cars Every three months

However, Dan’s parents and His secretary are the only one who knows how Dan looks like

He doesn’t put on mask whenever he is with them cause they are the ones he trust the most

His secretary suddenly ran in panting heavily

“Sir,we found Dan’s car” he said

“Really? Then what of Dan?” Mr Dalton asked and his secretary suddenly started to cry

“Sir, his car caught fire , but…….Dan…”

“What happened to Dan?” Mrs Dalton asked

“We couldn’t find Dan,unfortunately, we couldn’t even find any traces or evidence of him being inside the burnt car”his secretary said and Mrs Dalton collapsed


The next day, Dan was taken to Daisy’s house

He kept looking around like he was displeased or something

” Was I that poor to be living in such a small house with this ugly looking face girl ” he said and Daisy smirked

“Shut up” she shot at him

“You guys loved each other” Mrs Luna said and Daisy glared at her

“Well,Dan, you must be hungry, should I tell Drex to bring some pizza” Mrs Luna said and smiled

“Dan? Is that my name?” He asked and Mrs Luna nod
“I didn’t know I had such a pretty name” he said and sat down with his leg crossed

“I’m hungry, get me something to eat” he said and Daisy scoffed

“If you are hungry, you should get up and get something to eat yourself, we are not your maid” she said

“Daisy, why are you getting angry at him? Dan just recovered so he probably needs to eat” Mrs Luna said and Daisy moved closer to her

“Why are you being nice to him” she whispered
“He probably needs to be fed so he can work” Mrs Luna whispered back

“I will go get him some food”
“Let’s go together” Daisy said and they looked at him

“We will back with your food” they said and walked out

1 hour later

“Why aren’t they back?” Dan said and yawned
“I’m hungry, there should be something to eat in the refrigerator” he said and walked to the refrigerator

Daisy had just some little snacks which she eats when she is not hungry

Dan packed everything inside the refrigerator and walked back to where he was seated as he started to eat them

“Wow,they taste so yummy” he said

The door opened and Daisy entered with a tray of food in her head,however she was shocked to see Dan busy eating…..snacks?

“Where did you get those?” She asked and ran to her refrigerator but she was shocked to see it empty

“HEY YOU!!” she yelled on top of her lungs
“You scared me! What’s it” Dan yelled back at her

“Those snacks,did you took them here?” She asked and dan nod

“Yeah,why?” He said still eating

“Well, consider it your last food on earth” she said as an evil grin appeared on her face

“What do you mean?” Dan asked as she clenched her fist

“You don’t understand? Do you want me to explain better?”

“Yes” Dan nod

“I’m going to kill you tonight and then I will walk to hell myself” she said and Dan looked at her surprised