Blinded Celebrity Prologue



This story is dedicated to Kolawole Fiyinfoluwa,Oluwaseyi Temiloluwa , Awotunde Deborah and all Lovers of my stories

Xavier Lyson is a 20 year old cute, handsome and popular Rapper
He became famous at the age of 13,at this age, his father abandoned both he and his mother
Although he appears cute and dashing to all his fans, he’s the opposite of it to people close to him, He’s rude, arrogant and adamant
He won’t listen to anyone but rather do what he has in mind
He was born with a poor eye sight and he has an eye disease, Cataract which he has been dealing with all his life

Camila Theresa is a 19 year old girl who is in her Final year at high school
Her parents died when she was Still very young and she has no memory of them, She lived in the orphanage home until she was 16 when she left and decided to be living on her own
She’s an hardworking girl who has many part time to survive and pay for her school Fees

Drake Tyler is a 21 year old Rapper just like Xavier, He’s also known as Xavier’s Rival
All his life, he was always being compared to Xavier because no matter what, he can’t seems to beat Xavier when it comes to Rapping and putting down the Lyrics
They are from the same music industry but it seems e everyone in the industry loves Xavier more than they to him and that makes him hate Xavier so much

Xavier will lose his eyesight and Camila will be forced to work as his Manager
Drake will fall in love with Camila
Camila will fall in love with both Drake and Xavier and will be confused on who to choose

Will Xavier ever regain his eyesight?

Find out in the story, BLIND CELEBRITY