Blind Celebrity Episode 3




Written by divine purpose😌😌😌

“Oh…..its you the waller thief” Drake said and moved closer to her
“I found you” he said and Camila scratch the back of her neck

“What do you mean by wallet thief? I don’t know you” She said and drake grinned
“Are you kidding me right now? Give me back my wallet or I’m Calling the cops” he said and Camila hid behind Xavier

“Hey, help me, I don’t want to go to jail” She whispered to him but Xavier totally ignored her again

“Don’t cause a mess in my house, if you are going to call the cops on her then do it outside” Xavier said and walked to his room using his walking stick

“That asshole” Camila grumbled and looked at drake

“Hey, Let’s be specific right now, its not like I stole your wallet, I was going to return it to you anyway” she said and Drake folded his arms
“Then where is it?” He asked

Camila put her hands in her pocket but she couldn’t find the wallet, She searched her bag and box but it wasn’t there either

“So where is it?” Drake asked again
“I’m sure it was here” Camila said still checking her bag then she recalled Nancy taking it two days ago

“Oh….its with Nancy” She said and dialed Nancy’s number

☎️Hey Nancy☎️

☎️Camila, what’s up☎️

☎️Actually…..I need the wallet you took from my bag two days ago☎️

☎️Oh….you mean the wallet you stole from drake☎️

☎️I didn’t steal it☎️

☎️Its with me but right now, I’m out of town☎️

☎️What? You are out of town? Where in the world are you? I might end up in jail this time☎️
☎️I’m busy, I will call you later,☎️ Nancy said and hanged up

“Let it slide this time, I promise to return your wallet once it gets to me” She said and Drake scoffed
“How do you expect me to believe you?” He said and brought out his phone

“Give me your number”
“Why?” Camila asked
“Are you giving it to me or should I call the cops” Drake threatened and Camila collected his phone and typed her number
“There it is”

“Good, pick it up immediately I call you” Drake said and walked out

“EMILY” Xavier yelled from his room and Camila sighed
“Darn…..I told him its Camila” She murmured and walked to his room

She saw him standing in front of his closet
“What is it?”

“Can you bring out my blue hoodie and trouser?” He said and Camila brought it out for him
“Are you sure its the one?” Xavier asked

“Of course it is” Camila rolled her eyes
“Bring me my black sneakers from the shoe rank” he said
“But you have so many black sneakers”
“Just bring one” he said and Camila did so

“Go dress up, put on some suit” he said unbuttoning his shirt and Camila arched her brow
“Why should I?”

“We are going to Vista music industry, I have to introduce you to my CEO has my new manager” he said
He was about to take off his shirt when he stopped

“Won’t you leave? I’m undressing”

After dressing, Camila helped Xavier walked outside by holding his arms, although he had his walking stick but he still need someone to guide him

“Go get the car, we are going with the blue one” he said and threw the key at Camila
“Are you saying I should drive?” Camila arched her brow


“But……I don’t have a driver’s license……and I can’t drive” She said

“What?! What type of manager can’t drive?!” Xavier yelled and gave her his phone

“Call my driver, I saved his name with Mark”


They both walked to the Ceo’s office and Xavier sat down
Camila was about to sit when Xavier stopped her with his walking stick

“Are you trying to sit down?”
“You can’t” he said
Camila breath in back her anger and stood behind him

“So this is your new manager? She look young ” the CEO said

“Is she?” Xavier said in a mocking tone “manager George said you had something to say to me what is it?” He asked and the CEO leaned forward

“Actually Xavier……. About your new album you are about to release, I’m sorry but I don’t think you can”

“What? Why?”
“After the incident about your eyes occurred, your fans have decreased a lot” the CEO said and Xavier was quiet for a while

“OK” he said and stood up
“What? Is that all you are going to say?” The CEO said and he smirked

“What else should I say? However…… If by any chance you are trying to make Drake sing my Music, I’m going to destroy this industry” he said and the CEO gulped
That was what they were planning to do
They were planning to make Drake release the album instead

“Let’s go” he said to Camila who held his arms as they both walked outside

Once they got outside, all eyes were on Xavier and people were whispering to themselves

“That’s Xavier, omg, he really lost his eyes”
“Did you hear the rumours? I heard Drake Tyler was the one who actually made him blind”
“I heard it too, since they hate each other so much, I’m not that surprised”


They both went back inside the house and Xavier sat on the couch
He hasn’t said anything for a while now

“Are you okay?” Camila asked but she was ignored AGAIN😤

“Make me noodles” he said and went to the dining to seat

15 minutes later….
Camila placed the plate of noodles In front of him and gave him the fork

“Were you cooking stone or what? What took you so long to prepare the noodles” he said and ate one bite but threw it out immediately

“What’s wrong?” Camila asked
“Did you add salt?!!” He yelled “make me another one”

10 minutes later…
After taking one bite
“Hey, this noodles got smoggy, make me another one”

10 minutes later
After taking one bite

“Hey, its not spicy at all, Make me another one”

Camila was already getting mad but she was trying to cool down

10 minutes later
After taking one bite

“Hey, it’s too spicy, are you trying to kill me!!” He said and drank a cup of water

“Hey, I’m your manager not your maid, I’m not here to prepare noodles for you” Camila said, raising her voice

“Are you raising your voice at me? I told you, I hate people who complains a lot” Xavier said and Camila scoffed

“You are the one who is complaining, you Rude jerk” She said and Xavier stood up and moved closer to her

“Did you just call me rude jerk” he said and said some not so nice word in French

“Bête, Duper” he said and walked to his room

Bête (means Fool)
Duper (means idiot)
“What? Did you just insult me in French? Hey!! Translate it” She yelled but Xavier didn’t answer
He just walked to his room and shut the door

“I’m going to make you regret ever insulting me” Camila said boiling with anger as she walked to her room and banged the door


She was still asleep when her phone started ringing

“Who is it?” She said and looked at the Caller Id
It said ‘Asshole ‘
That’s obviously Xavier

“Why is he calling this early morning” She grumbled and staggered to his room

She was shocked to see him on the floor
Its like he fell or something

She wanted to laugh but held it in

“Hey, Emily, help me up” Xavier said
“Its Camila”
“Whatever, help me up”

“I don’t want to” Camila said

“What? Why?” Xavier asked

“You have to translate what you said yesterday, Bête and duper” She said

“Hey, help me up now!!” Xavier yelled at her
“I won’t until you translate it, I know they aren’t nice words” she said

“I’m not going to translate it” Xavier said and Camila smirked

“Then I won’t help you up too” She said and folded her arms