Blind Celebrity Episode 2




Written by Divine purpose😌😌😌

Manager George and Mrs Lyson ( Xavier’s mother) both sat in the doctor’s office nervously waiting for the doctor who had been treating Xavier since he was young
He’s also their family doctor
There were so many reporters outside the hospital waiting to know why Xavier had collapsed on the stage

The doctor came back in with a not so good look on his face
He sat on his chair and sighed “Doctor, what’s wrong?” Manager George asked breathing heavily

“I don’t know how to say this to you” he said and looked at Mrs Lyson
“Say it” Mrs Lyson said, kind of raising her voice

“Actually……as you know that Xavier has been suffering from eye cataract since he was young and he has been able to endure it up until now but……”

“But what?” Manager George cuts in

“The stage lights must have been too bright for him to handle……I’m sorry to break this to you but Xavier won’t be able to see again

There was complete silence in the office not until Mrs Lyson broke down in tears


Camila sat in the restaurant where she works as she recalled how the stage lights were getting brighter

” it’s strange , the more I think about it, its damn strange…everything is just damn strange, why was the stage light getting brighter? And why did he collapse?” She said to herself as she turned on the news

Newscaster: The Well-known and Popular Artist, Xavier Lyson who Collapsed on the stage during his concert yesterday was Reported to have lost his eyesight which means He won’t be able to see again, According to his Doctor, Xavier Lyson has been suffering from Cataract for years now but he kept it to himself as he didn’t want his Fans to get worried…….

Camila turned off the news and sighed
“So he has been suffering from Cataract for years? But he kept it to himself that means it was someone who knew about it that made him blind” She said and pause

“Wait a minute, why am I so concerned about this Xavier or whatever, I don’t even know him” She scoffed

“Hey, did you hear the news, Xavier lost his eyesight, he can’t see again” She heard Four men Laughing behind her
“Two bottles of alcohol please” they ordered

“Anyways, he won’t be rude now that he is blind and I’m sure this is the end for him because no one wants a blind celebrity”

Camila put the two bottles on the table and folded her arms

“You guys look so happy” She said and they looked at her

“Who are you?” One of them asked
“You don’t have to know” she said and banged her hand on the table “Badmouthing a celebrity must be so fun to you, were you the ones who made him blind?” She asked

“What are you talking about? We only work as producers in Vista music industry and Xavier Lyson is a very rude jerk, he says all rude and annoying words to us even though we are older than he is” They said and Camila scoffed

“Which is more reasons for me to believe you made him blind” She said, stretching her body
“Hey bitch, who do you think you are, Apologize for speaking Rude to us” One of the men poured the alcohol at her face and she smiled

Manager George on the other hand sat on one side in the restaurant staring at them

“You guys will be the one apologizing” She said and kicked the man on his face

The Ambulance just left with the four men she just injured
Camila stood in front of her boss with her head bowed

“Are you crazy? Are you a thug? Have you lost your mind? Those men are my customers, I just lost my customers because of you” her boss yelled at her and threw her salary for the month at her

“You are fired”

Xavier sat on the couch in his house with his walking stick in his hand
Manager George and Mrs Lyson also sat on another couch but his mother couldn’t stop crying

“Mom, stop crying, I’m really okay” He said
“My son, its all my fault, I’m sorry” Mrs Lyson said still crying

“Why do you keep on saying its your fault? I’m really okay as long as I have my walking stick” he said and smiled but it was an awkward smile

“Don’t worry Xavier, we are working on getting you a new manager” Mrs Lyson said, wiping her tears
“New manager? Why? Is manager George quitting?” Xavier asked

“No, The CEO gave him a New artist to be managing, that means he won’t be working as your manager anymore”

“Ah…is that so?”
“Don’t worry Xavier, I will visit you from time to time” Manager George said, almost crying too

‘So did you find a new manager?” Xavier asked and manager George nod

“Actually…. I found one but she would be hard to convince” he said
“Who is it?” Mrs Lyson said

Camila was Looking around the street if she would find a new restaurant to start working
But she found none

She has to pay her Fee and pay her house rent, She has to survive

She was still looking around when a car stopped beside her

“Young Lady” manager George called and stretch his head out from the window
“Who are you?” Camila arched her brow
“I’m someone you’ve been looking for, Get in the car, Let’s discuss business” manager George smiled

“What type of business?” She asked as she entered the car

“Actually……. We want you to work as a manager” manager George said and Camila scoffed
“Is that the business you are talking about? I’m sorry but I will have to decline it”


“Must I have a reason to decline?”
“Of course you should”

“Well……I don’t know much about a manager and….. I’m sure your payment won’t be satisfactory, well then excuse me” She said and opened the car door to leave

“$100000” manager George said and a smile appeared on her face

That’s enough to pay her School fee but she decided to play hard to get


“$300000” manager George said
She sat back in the car and used the seatbelt

“So, who is my boss? Am I going to be living with my boss? ”
“Then I will have to pack my clothes first” She said and smiled

Of course, Money is the greatest importance in human life

The car stopped at Xavier’s house and Camila came down as she carried her box from the boot
The house was so magnificent and marvelous

Camila couldn’t stop admiring the house
“Let’s go in” Manager George said and Led the way as they both walked inside the house

The inside was even more beautiful
There were pictures of Xavier plastered everywhere

“My boss must be a fan of Xavier” Camila sat as they walked to the living room

“We are here” manager George said

Camila looked up and saw a guy sitting on the couch with his leg crossed and holding a walking stick

“Don’t tell me…… That’s Xavier” She said and Xavier turned to them

“Are you here with the new manager?” He asked and manager George nod

His eyes were fixed to only one position but his handsome look was still intact

“Is it a girl or a boy” Xavier asked again
“Its a girl” Manager George said and a smirk appeared on his face

“What’s with that smirk in his face?” Camila thought to herself

“Hi, I’m Camila Theresa……..”

“Save the introduction to yourself” Xavier cuts in and Camila scoffed
“He’s so rude” she thought to herself

“There are some things you should know before you start working with me
One: I hate it when people talks and complain too much
Two: I hate it when you wake up late
Three: You must reply me immediately I request for you
Four: I like it when my house is tidy so….once my maids tidy up everything, if you dare disarrange it, you will be good as dead, understood” He said and Camila glared at him

“He is a psycho” She thought to herself again
“Did you just glare at me?” Xavier asked and she gasped

“I thought he’s blind, how did he know I glared at him?” She whispered to manager GeXavier
He knows when you do things like that, be careful” manager George whispered back and looked at Xavier

“Xavier, I’m going, I will see you later at the company, The Ceo has something to say to you” Manager George said and walked

Now, Camila is left alone with Xavier😔😔

“Excuse me, where is my room?” She asked but Xavier totally ignored her

“Is he deaf too” she grumbled to herself and the doorbell rang

“Hey Emily, open the gate for that person” Xavier said and Camila gave him a weird look

“I’m Camila” she said
“Whatever, just open the gate”

“How am I supposed to do that?”

“There are many ways, you can walk to the gate to open it or use the remote here” Xavier said and threw the remote at her

“That jerk” She grumbled and pressed the button

“Get the visitor a cup of coffee” Xavier said

Few minutes later, Drake walked inside the house

“Hi” he Greeted
“Oh…..its you, if I knew it was you, I wouldn’t have opened the gate” Xavier said and laid his back on the couch

“So its true, you can’t see?” Drake smirked and sat down “so? How does it feels to be blind?” He asked and Xavier scoffed

“Its Crazily Dark all thanks to you”

“With that said, Someone might think I was the one who made you loose your sight” Drake said

“If you are done leave, you must be busy” Xavier said and stood up

“Here is the coffee” Camila said, walking out of the kitchen

Drake looked up and saw a familiar face
Camila looked at him and their eyes met

“Ugh? Its him” She said and Drake grinned

“Oh……its you, The wallet thief” he said and moved closer to her
“I found you”


What will you do to Camila if you were Drake?
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