Amazing Bad Guy Episode 8


Hephaestus (god of fire) and the bad Lady🥰🥰

Written by divine purpose😘😘

Genre: Fantasy, love, romance

Episode 8💃💃💃💃💃


Marina sat on the couch at the left hand side while I sat on the one at the right hand side

Nala and the grim reaper both stood behind me staring at us while Marina moves her eyes around checking out the house

“Your house is not that bad” she said and looked at me
“What’s with the dull face? Aren’t you happy to see me” She said and I sighed

“When are you leaving?” I asked and she scoffed
“What do you mean? This is my Groom’s house, I can stay even if it’s for many years” She said twirling her hair

“No you can’t,…….go back to the water kingdom once the day breaks tomorrow, I was sent here on a mission, I will come back after I accomplish it” I said and stood up to go to my room

“I met them” She said and I stopped

“What do you mean?” I turned back to her and she smiled

“I met them…..Hephaestus and Lee Ava” she said and stood up, moving closer to me

“Should I help you eliminate them? So we can go back to the water kingdom together” She said caressing my hair and I grab her wrist

“Don’t cause any trouble and just go back!! If things go wrong because of you, Father Won’t forgive me” I jerked her hand away and walked to room

I laid on my bed and sighed but I could hear screaming and the grim reaper

“That jerk!!!!! Why is he like that to me?!! I’m his Bride!!” she yelled angrily

“Marina, I think we should trim your hair a little, if you go moving around with this long hair, you will scare people” I heard Nala’s voice

“Is that Important right now!! I’m taking Habeak with me to the water kingdom and I mean it!!” She yelled again, then I stopped hearing her voice

I sighed and sat up
I regret ever becoming her groom
But that was what Father wants
He made me got married before sending me to human world to kill Rocky

But I hate her😤😤😤


Ava and I both sat in a cafe with a cup of coffee in front of each of us

“Who was that girl? She doesn’t look ordinary too” she said and sipped her cup of coffee

I wonder who she is too

“And how did she know our name?” She arched her brow and looked at me

“Rocky, are you okay?” She asked and I nod

I should be the one asking her that

She stood up and adjust my face cap and our eyes met
I stared at her and she also did the same
The staring went on like forever until she came back to her senses

“Er……people will recognise you if you do not adjust your cap” She said and sat back

“Thanks” I said and sipped my coffee

“By the way…….How does it feel like to be a god, and not just a god but a god of fire” She asked and I smirked

“It feels like poop” I said and she gave me a crazy look

“You must be out of your mind”

god of fire or not
I must still ask mom to know if its true
But she’s still unconscious

I looked up and saw that old woman standing outside

“I will be back” I said to Ava and walked outside

“What is it?” I asked and she bowed
“Lord Hephaestus, I…..” She said but I cut in

“I’m Rocky” I said and she smiled

What’s funny tho

“Anyways, you must be wondering who that Lady is” She said and I arched my brow

“Who is she? She said her name was Marina or something” I said and the woman nod

“That’s Right, She’s Marina, She’s lord Habeak Bride from the water kingdom, She’s the most dangerous and powerful goddess, She might be here for Ava because she’s afraid Ava might make Habeak fall in love with her” Nala said and I scoffed

“So why are you telling me” I folded my arms

“Lord Hephaestus….I mean Rocky, you must take good care of Ava and keep her by your side” the old woman said and disappeared

Take care of Ava?
What am I?
A babysitter?



The next day…….

I walked out of the house and bent to put on my sneakers when I saw a leg putting on white sneakers but the shoe lace were not tied

“What are you doing??” I said and looked up thinking it was Rocky
But it was not
It was that water god!!

“Tie my shoe lace too” he said and I scoffed

“Why should I? Tie it yourself” I said and tied my shoe lace

“You don’t want to?” He asked and I looked at him

Wait a minute
He’s a god
What if I refuses and he offer me as a sacrifice
Then that would be the end of me

I groaned as I tied up the shoe lace

“Why didn’t you tell your servants to tie it for you, why does it have to be me!!” I complained as I stood up and dusted my hand

I shot him a deadly glare before turning to leave

“Where are you going?” He said and followed me

“I’m going to work, you should go back” I said

“Why? i want to stay with you, I don’t want to go back home” he whined like a little baby

“Why? Is something going on at home?” I asked then his face got super serious

“No” he replied
“Alright, you can follow me but do not cause any trouble” I said and he smiled


Later in the evening, we both walked down the street chatting and laughing

Who knew the water god would be so cheerful and funny

We both stopped when we got to the side of a river

“Is this your home?” I asked and he scoffed
“No, I live in a normal house like humans” he said and I smiled

“Really? I thought you live her” I teased as I watched the river

“Its pretty” I said and Habeak looked at me

“What?” He asked and I pointed at the reflection of the moon on the river

The water suddenly started to rise and I moved back with fear

“What’s going on” I said that’s when I noticed habeak holding his chest and groaning in pain

“Habeak, are you okay?” I ran to him and helped him stand

He looked at the river and clenched his fist as he tried calming it down

“I’m Habeak, you should bow when I’m here” he said to the river still groaning but nothing changed

Wind started to blow and it threw Habeak away

A figure walked out of the river and took me up and started strangling me
It was that Lady


Nala and grim reaper ran to the scene but they couldn’t do anything since it was Marina

“What’s going on” grim reaper asked panting
“Marina is causing trouble again” Nala said also panting

“Why is Marina powerful than Habeak, did Habeak lose his power?” grim reaper asked and Nala shook her head

“No, Habeak can’t do anything to Marina because of his father, if he hurts Marina, His father will kill him” Nala said and ran to habeak who was Lying on the ground still groaning in pain

Marina continued to strangle Ava as she gasped for air

“Why are you doing this?” Ava asked and Marina scoffed

“I hate questions like that” She said and continued to strangle Ava

The grim reaper stood confused

His power is not enough to fight marina
“Wait a minute! If Habeak can’t do anything to Marina because he’s afraid of his father then…. The god of fire should be able to do something” he thought to himself and ran to call Rocky