Amazing Bad Guy Episode 7


Hephaestus (god of fire) and the bad Lady🥰🥰

Written by divine purpose😘😘

Genre: Fantasy, love, romance

Episode 7💃💃💃💃💃


I ran out of the Concert hall as I noticed all eyes were on me people were shooting videos and taking pictures

What just happened??
How did I do that??
I’m sure I teleported, I really teleported

Not only that..
Fire surrounded me

What is going on

I entered my car and tried to switch on the engine but my hands were shaking

They kept on trembling and it will be so hard for me drive

Once people post the videos and pictures, my life is over

My phone beeped and I checked

People were already posting the videos with the caption “South Korean Rapper, Rocky performed is not actually who we think he is”

With a trembling hand, I scrolled down to check the comments

“Is he practicing sorcery or what?? What kind of Celebrity does that?”
“Rocky, I’m sorry but I’m so disappointed in you, you have an innocent face, who knew you would turn out to be a sorcerer”
“I quite being his fan”

I sighed and placed my head on the car steering

No one noticed the man with the gun who tried to shoot Ava

“I found him, I found Rocky!!” I heard someone yelled
I looked up and saw the Reporters running to my direction

I hurriedly started the engine and drove off

While driving , my phone started to ring and it was a call from the CEO of my entertainment company

He is probably gonna yell at me too

I sighed and picked it up

“Rocky, where are you?” He asked
“I’m on my way back home” I replied

“Don’t go, there are Reporters waiting for you outside your house” he said and sighed “And don’t come back to the company for a while” he said and hanged up before I could say another word

The CEO just indirectly kicked me out


I was pacing up and down the room with Yu na seated in a corner with her arms folded

She must have been shocked by what she saw Rocky doing

I wonder if yu na will stop being a fan because of that

“Rocky……..” She finally said and I looked at her

“Rocky was awesome back then, I can’t believe he had some kind of supernatural power, I’m so proud of Rocky!!!!” She squealed happily and I shook my

How dense could that girl be🙄🙄

I wore my jacket and took my phone
“Hey, I’m going out” I said and walked out

I walked down the street with my earpiece plugged in with so much on my head
I suddenly felt sorry for Rocky

Because he was trying to save me, Everyone now know who he is

I suddenly felt someone removed one of my earpiece
I turned and saw that water god

“Hi” he said with a smile
“Oh…..Hi” I replied and sighed

“Are you okay?” He asked as we both continued to walk
“You are god so you should know if I’m okay” I said and he scoffed

“What’s funny” I asked and he looked at me

“Hearing you call me a god sounds really strange” he said
“Then what should I call you? Poseidon? Water god are called Poseidon” I said

“My name is Habeak, I think I told you that before” he said and I smirked

Habeak means water god

“Anyways, isnt there a way you can help Rocky, he must be feeling Depressed and lonely now” I said and he stopped walking

“What’s wrong?” I asked

“I can’t help him” he said and I arched my brow

“Why?” I asked then I recalled my mom telling me Fire and Water are enemies when I was young

“Oh…….do you want to eat anything? You must be hungry” I changed the topic when I noticed his face giving the expression that he was angry

Rocky and Habeak are enemies??
That means they must never meet


Nala and grim reaper were both in the kitchen discussing while Habeak was in the bathroom taking shower

“Grim reaper, don’t you think we should help Rocky?” Nala asked
“How?” The grim reaper said

“You have the power to erase memories, you should erase the memories of Rocky’s fans” Nala said and the grim reaper sighed

“I can’t, he has so many fans” The grim reaper said and Nala looked at him

“You are right” she said
“By the way, Who do you like , Rocky or Habeak?” She asked

“Habeak of course, I don’t like Rocky too, he’s way more dangerous than Habeak” the grim reaper said as he poured some fruits in the blender

“Same goes with me, I also like Habeak, however, if that girl, Lee Ava, ends up loving Habeak, Habeak will die” Nala said and grim reaper covered her mouth

“Shhhs, we can’t let Habeak know that, he’s always hearing things we say” the grim reaper said and Nala sighed

“We should join hands together and make Lee Ava falls for Rocky instead” Nala said and the grim reaper nod

They suddenly heard Habeak groaning in his room

“What’s going on?” Nala asked
They both ran to His room and saw Habeak Holding his chest and groaning in pain
He could barely stand on his own

“Habeak!!” Nala called and ran to him

“What’s wrong??”

“Marina” he said still groaning

“Marina??” The grim reaper arched his brow

“Darn that little girl, what’s she doing here??” Nala yelled

Their building suddenly to shake and Habeak continued to groan in pain

“Who is Marina?” Grim reaper asked again

“She’s Habeak Bride in the Water kingdom, she’s very Dangerous and powerful, be careful” Nala warned and the grim reaper nod


Ava walked out of her house
She closed the door and turned to leave when she bumped into someone who was using a face cap to cover his face

“Rocky?” She called and Rocky removed his cap

“What are you doing here? What if someone followed you?” Ava said looking around if no one was watching

Wind suddenly started to blow heavily and Ava started to stagger and as the wind was blowing so heavily

Only Rocky was okay
“Help me stand properly” Ava pleaded
“Okay” Rocky said and pulled her by her waist to himself

“Thanks” she said and adjusted her hair which the wind had scattered

They looked up and saw a figure walking to where they were

It was a lady putting on a red floor length gown
Her hair were so long that they were almost touching her Hips

She walked to them and smirked

“Hi Lee Ava” she said and looked at Rocky

“Nice to meet you Lord Hephaestus” she said with a grin

Rocky looked at her confused

“And who are you?” He asked

“Me? I’m Marina” she said and looked at Ava again



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