Amazing Bad Guy Episode 6


Hephaestus (god of fire) and the bad Lady🥰🥰

Written by divine purpose😘😘

Genre: Fantasy, love, romance

Episode 6💃💃💃💃💃


“Hi, Rocky, god of fire” I said with a smirk on my face and pulled the trigger

“Don’t shoot” he said with his two hands up

I scoffed and fired the gun

But to my Greatest shock, he got shot but nothing happened to him

My eyes widened with shock and I looked at him
He looked really shocked too, his hands were shivering as he squatted and touched the place where I had shot him

I looked at the floor and saw the bullet on the ground

“Oh my goodness” I gasped

So, I’m 100% sure nw
Even if he’s not the god of fire, He’s a god or probably not a human

“What the hell are you?” I asked and his phone started ringing again

He picked it up with those trembling hands

“I will be right there” he said in a scared tone and ran out

I can’t kill him
He’s immortal

“Lee Ava” I heard someone call my name
I turned and saw that woman I met some days ago

“Old lady” I said and looked around
“How did you get in here?” I arched my brow

That’s when it suddenly down on me; if Rocky is immortal then this woman might also be the same

“Old lady, are you a goddess?” I asked and she sighed

“Did you just tried to kill Rocky?” She asked and I folded my arms
“How did you know?… And what does that have to do with you?” I asked

“Don’t do it, I have no idea why you resent him but don’t you try to kill a god, if not because you are a sacred being too, you should have been killed, Rocky may be Rocky to everyone but the real fact is that he’s the god of fire, if he dies, you won’t be safe either……you are to serve both Rocky and Habeak cos they would are the ones who will protect you” She paused and narrowed her eyes at me

“Honestly….I don’t like you because , because of you, someone might die, and….” She suddenly paused and I arched my brow

Someone might die because of me??

What’s she saying
“What do you mean?” I asked and she shook her head

“Don’t worry too much about that, anyways, take care of both Rocky and Habeak from now on, I’m counting on you” she said and vanished into the thin air


I ran to the hospital and saw Mom laying on the bed
It was obvious she was unconscious

San ha sat beside her holding her left hand

It was so obvious San ha had been crying
“San ha” I called as he ran to them

“Hyung” he wiped his tears and hugged me “I was so scared, I thought mom was going to die” he said and started crying

I heaved a sigh of relief as I pat him on the back

Nothing happened to mom
What a relief

San ha disengage the hug and checked his wristwatch

“Hyung, I thought you have a concert by 9:00pm, this is 8:25, you should be doing your makeup by now” he said and my phone started ringing

It was my cruel 😤Producer
How did I forget about the concert

I breath in several times before picking up the call
The producer can be dangerous sometimes when angry

“Hello” I said as I picked up and just as expected
He started to scream and yell at me

“Hey!!! ROCKY!!! Shouldn’t you be here by now!! Do you think you are something because you are a star?!! Or are you doing this deliberately because you know this company is going bankrupt if you do not perform on stage, Hurry up here beef I…….”
I quickly hung up before my ears explode

“San ha, I will be on my way now, stay here with mom” I said and San ha nod
“Okay” he said and I ran out of the hospital


I stood in the garden watching the flowers

Thinking about that guy Rocky
I am supposed to kill him but……I don’t want to

But I have to😣

“Habeak, what are you doing here alone” The grim reaper asked as both he and Nala walked up to me

“The fight between you and Rocky, I’m really scared about it” Nala said and I scoffed

“Don’t be scared” I said and smiled
“By the way, you shouldn’t fight him now, we should let him find more about himself” the grim reaper said and I nod

“He’s starting to realize himself” Nala said and I looked at her

“So what happens?” The grim reaper asked as we both looked at Nala


Yu na and Ava walked inside the concert hall

Although Ava was solidly against coming, Yu na insisted and dragged her all along

“I’m telling you, you gonna enjoy this Concert” Yu na said as they both sat on the front row

“Whatever” Ava rolled her eyes “I really don’t wanna see his annoying face”

The concert started

Rocky and his backup dancers stood on the stage presenting

It was all going well , the crowds were so happy as they were screaming his name , clapping and cheering him

Ava smiled at how cute he was on stage

“What the heck! Was he always that cute” She smirked

Rocky spotted Ava sitting on the front row and he stopped

“Why did he stop?” Yu na asked

Rocky stood on stage, staring at Ava

Habeak, Nala and the grim reaper all stood at one corner in the hall
They were invisible so no one could see them

“What’s with him?” Habeak asked
“Something is about to happen” Nala said and leaned forward

“What is it?” The grim reaper asked

Rocky continued to stare at Ava and everyone started murmuring

“Ava, I think he’s looking at you” Yu na squealed

“No, he’s not looking at me” Ava said and looked back

He saw a man putting on black standing at the door, with a gun
With the direction he held the gun, it looks like he was aiming at her

The man fired the gun and Ava closed her eyes

Rocky teleported from where he was and stood in front of Ava
(He didn’t know how he teleported)
Fire shoot up from the ground and surrounded the both of them

Habeak stood up from where he was with his mouth opened with shock

“What just happened?” He asked

It seems the audience saw everything and they started taking pictures and videos

“What’s going on?” The grim reaper asked

“Rocky is misusing his powers, That why he should know more about himself so he can know how to control himself” Nala sighed and folded her arms

Ava looked around and noticed the fire surrounding her
But she wasn’t that surprised

She looked around and saw people taking pictures

“Oh no” she gasped