Amazing Bad Guy Episode 4


Hephaestus (god if fire) and the bad Lady🥰🥰

Written by divine purpose😘😘

Genre: Fantasy, love, romance

Episode 4💃💃💃💃💃

Settings: Korea


Rocky and Habeak glared at each other the more and I stared with them confused

After some minutes of thinking of what to do, I jerked my hands away from the both of them and scoffed

“Who said you guys can grab my hands” I said and put my hands in my trouser’s pocket

“Why in the world are you here?” Rocky asked habeak

“I believe I do not have to answer that question” habeak said and grinned

A fight between two hot guys

I really need a popcorn to watch this

Habeak turned to me and smiled

“Excuse me, I would really love it if you would come with me, we have a lot to discuss” he said and I smirked

“What do you take me for, I’m tired,I’m going back home, good night” I said and walked away from the both of them


I teleported back home and sat on the couch

Nala and the grim reaper stood somewhere whispering to themselves but I could clearly hear them

“We have to stop them, we can’t let them fight over a woman again, they would end up becoming like their Fathers” the grim reaper whispered and Nala sighed

“Its their fate, there is nothing we can do, I don’t want them to be like their Fathers too” Nala said

Suddenly she looked all serious and looked at the grim reaper

“By the way, did you see Rocky earlier?” She asked and the grim reaper nod

“Of course, we both saw him”

“No, that’s not what I’m talking about, it seems that guy Rocky is getting more powerful” Nala said

This totally made me stood up

Getting more powerful

I teleported to where they were in the kitchen
It was quite obvious I scared them

“What do you mean that Rocky is getting more powerful?” I asked

“Didn’t you see him earlier, he was surrounded by flames” Nala said and I arched my brow


“It seems Rocky doesn’t know who he is, and right now, he won’t able to control his powers” Nala said and I scoffed

It would be easy to catch him if he can’t control his powers
I have to kill him and go back to the water kingdom


I walked back home and removed my jacket and shoes as I collapsed on the on the bed in my room

Who the hell is that blue eye guy?
A water god?
What business do I have with him?
Why does he keep on interfering in my life?

“Hyung” San ha yelled and inside my room

That little prick….
What the hell is he doing at my house

“I should change my passcode” I said and he pouted

“Have you seen my pendent?” He asked and I shook my head
“No, get out of my house, I have a lot to do” I said and he smirked

“You are so mean and cold, that’s why you don’t have a girlfriend” he said and I shot him a deadly glare

“Hyung, you should get yourself a girlfriend, so many girls are crushing on you,including the female celebrities” he said and I sighed with frustration

“Just get out” I said calmly
“Alright, I will go” he said and turned to leave but stopped again

“Hyung, do you know what a French kiss is?” He asked and I arched my brow

“French kiss?”

“Yeah, you should try it on a girl” he whined and walked out

Its not like I was all that surprised by San ha’s attitude
He’s always like that, always making fun of me because I do not have a girlfriend
He’s totally different, in other word, you can say San ha is a playboy


I was buying some clothes in the cloth store when I suddenly felt someone tapped me

I turned and saw a old woman behind me

Her hair had turned grey and her skin were so rough

“Who are you?” I asked and she smiled

“Its you, you are the wife of the gods” she said and I arched my brow

“What do you mean?”

“You have to love only one so you that you will also give birth to a demi-god” she said

I just stared at her confused, I didn’t understand anything she was saying

“Don’t be confused, as time goes on, you will know the truth……. You have to love only one” she said

I looked back to see if perhaps she was talking to another person and not me
When I turned back, she was no where to be found

“Where is she?” I asked myself


I drove to a cloth store
Before entering, I put on my face cap and Sunglasses with my nose mask to disguise myself

I was about entering when I bumped into a lady
Her bag fell and all the clothes in it fell out

“I’m sorry” I apologized

“Darn you” the lady cursed out and bent to pack her clothes

I looked up and noticed it was that crazy girl

I turned to leave quietly when she grabbed my clothes

“Where do you think you are going” she said and removed my face cap , nose mask and sunglasses

“Rocky?” She scoffed and I sighed

“Can I go In peace” I pleaded

“No, you can’t” she replied
“Have a punch before you go” she said and wanted to punch me but I dodged it

She slipped and unintentionally hugged him

We both stared at each other for a while

I suddenly recalled San ha telling me about French kiss or something

Should I try it on her?

I wrapped my hands around her waist and closed my eyes
But then gave me a head flick and moved backward

“Ouch!!!” I winced in pain
“How dare you touch me, do you know who I am!!!” She yelled

“Of course, you are a demon” I yelled back when I spotted a necklace on the floor

“Is this necklace yours” I asked and bent to pick it

I had forgot to put on my hand gloves

I picked up, suddenly the necklace caught fire

My eyes widened with shock and my hands began to tremble

I was not feeling any pain on my hand too

I looked at Ava and she was probably shocked too

She took some steps backward from me and I threw the necklace away

“Excuse me….” I said and took a step close to her but she moved back again

“Don’t touch me, don’t even take a step close to me” She yelled , shivering and sweating


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