Amazing Bad Guy Episode 2


Episode 2 💃💃💃💃

Hephaestus (god of fire ) and the bad lady

Written by Divine purpose 😍😍✌

Genre : Fantasy, Love, Romance
Settings : Korea


“so did you get his Autograph? ” Yu na asked immediately i entered

I honestly felt like taking off my sneakers and throw it at her head but I hid my anger and glared at her

“If only you know what I went through today, that jerk made the security throw me out ” I sob

“How can you be so useless, I thought you were capable of doing anything, at the end you couldn’t even get his autograph ” she yelled

“I’m going to pull out your tongue if you say another word ” I said and light my cigarette

“Yu na, do you really believe that there is anything like god of fire ” I said and she looked at me like i was crazy

“of course, I know a God of fire ” she said all serious like

I looked at her and she pointed her finger up

“The almighty ” I sighed and pushed her head away

“I’m not talking about the almighty you fool, I mean when I was young, My mom told me a story about a Hephaestus, the god of fire and Poseidon, the god of water ” I said and she shook her head

“There is nothing like that, it’s just a story that was made up so that kids can read for fun ” she said and brushed her hair

“Since you couldn’t bring me Rocky’s autograph, your house rent is still the same ” she said

“I can’t believe you are crushing on someone like him ” I said with my cigarette in my mouth

“What do you mean by someone like him? He is perfect and he is totally my style ” she said and made kiss sound

“Poor Rocky, he won’t know a Crazy woman is crushing on him ”

“How dare you! ”

“I’m going to the store to get some things, I will be back”


After buying things in the store, I was on my way back thinking about that Rocky guy, how can you be in fire and you are not getting burned, what exactly is that guy?

I was completely out of it that I almost got hitted by a car

“Are you okay? ” The driver of the car asked as he came out

He was a young guy

“I’m so sorry, i had a lot on my mind ” I sighed and he nod

“It’s okay, it was my fault ” he said and smiled

He was also strange

I’ve never seen a human being having blue eye ball

“I’m not a human being ” he said

How did he hear what I was thinking in my mind

“I can hear you clearly, nothing is hidden to me in this world ” he said and I took a step back

“Who are you? ” I asked and he smiled again

“I’m Habeak (Water god )” he entered his car and drove off

I ran back home and collapsed on the floor

“What’s wrong? ” Yu na asked and sat beside me

“Yu na, I saw someone today, his eyes was blue and he could hear what I was thinking in my mind clearly ” I was panting heavily

“What? ” yu na said with shock

“He said his name was Habeak ” I said and Yu na gasped

“Ha…..beak” she stammered

“Yeah, but what does Habeak means?” I asked

“It means Water god, you just met the water god ” she said and I gasped

“No way! ”

🌹Rocky 🌹

“What’s wrong with you, your face look pale ” Eun woo asked

We were both in a bar drinking

Cha Eun woo is my best friend, he is a Korea actor and singer

He is a star like me 😉😉

“How is San ha? ” he asked again

San ha is my younger brother, different father though

He is also planning to become a k-pop star like me

He is still a trainee

“I haven’t seen him for a while, I’ve been busy ” I replied and leaned forward

“Eun woo, do you also believe in anything like god of fire? ” I arched my brow

“Of course I do, but why are you asking that all of a sudden?” he asked and looked at my hand

“Why are you always putting on handgloves?” he asked again

“It’s nothing ” I smiled and sipped my drink when my phone started to ring

It was a call from my little brother

“Why are you calling all of a sudden ” I said as i picked up the call

“Can you be nice to me? I’m at home, can you come over? I’m really hungry, I need someone to cook for me ” he said on the other side of the phone

“Tell mom to cook, I’m busy ” I said and wanted to hang up

“I’m going to die of hunger ” he yelled like a baby

“Whatever ” I hanged up and sipped my drink

“Aren’t you going to cook for him? ” eun woo asked

“Why should I? He is old enough to cook ” I replied , I looked up and saw Eun woo glaring at me

“What? ” I whisper shouted

“Go ” he made signal with his hand

“Alright, I will see you tomorrow ” I carried my jacket

I got home and saw my brother lying unconsciously on the floor

“San ha ” I called and ran to him

“Park San ha, died 15th of March, cause of death, Heart attack ” I heard a strange voice saying beside me

I looked up and saw a man putting on black clothes, with his black hat covering his face

Beside him was my little brother soul

“Who are you? ” I asked and he looked at me with shock

“What? You can see me?! ” he asked and I nod

“yes, I can see you and why is my little brother soul beside you, let him return back to his body ” I said but I doubt if he heard a single word i said

“That’s not possible, how can a human being look directly into a grim reaper’s eyes? ” he asked

“What should have happened when I look directly into your eyes? ”

“You should be dead”

“By the way, grim reaper, I will love it if you can let my little brother back into his body ” I said and he pulled my brother to himself

“No ”
“then take me instead ” I said and San ha looked at me
“Have you lost your mind ” he said and the grim reaper released him

“Then let’s do that, I am going to take you instead of your younger brother ” he said and sent San ha’s soul back to the body

He grab my hand but released it immediately

“Your hand is hot ” he said with pain

“Who are you? What are you? ” he asked looking at me from head to toe

“I will be back ” he said and disappeared into the air

🍎Habeak (water god )🍎

“I feel sorry for you Habeak, your father gave you 30 years to look for Hephaestus son and kill him, but you have wasted 22 years with no avail ” Nala said pouring some herbs together

Nala is a shaman and she is about 258 years old

“Feel sorry for yourself Nala, I wonder why you are still alive ” I said and she threw a bowl at me

“Watch what you say ”

“Whatever, I have been looking for that boy for 22 years now, I wonder where he is hiding ” I sighed

“I wonder who is going to win the battle this time, your father Poseidon won last time” she grinned

“I’m going to kill him this time too , I hate Hephaestus more than anything ” I clenched my fist

“Water and fire are expected to hate each other ” she shrugged

“Habeak, Nala ” that was the grim reaper yelling our names as he ran inside

“What? ” we chorused

“Do you know Rocky? That K-pop idol? ” he asked and we nod

“He can see me ” he said and we looked at him with surprise

“He can see you? ” we chorused

“Yes and when I tried to touch him, his hand was hot ” he said and I arched my brow

Hot hand

“Habeak, you found him ” Nala snapped her finger

“Are you saying that, that boy is the god of fire? ” I asked and she nod
“Where is he? ” I asked the grim reaper and we both disappeared

We appeared in his room and saw him writing some things

“Are you sure he can see us? ” I asked the grim reaper

“Who are you guys? ” he asked without even looking at us

“I’m Habeak ” I introduced myself and he looked at me
I knew instantly that he was the one

His eyes was blue flame while his hand was surrounded with yellow flame

“So it’s you ” I smirked.

“Why am I seeing strange things this days, first it was a grim reaper and now it’s a water god ” he scoffed

“Be prepared, I’m going to bring a war to you cause we are enemies ” I said and he glared at me