Amazing Bad Guy Episode 1


Hephaestus (god of fire) and the bad lady

Genre : Fantasy, love, romance

Written by divine purpose 😍😍✌

Episode one πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

Settings : Korea

July 6, 2005

“When he was born, the thunder roared, birds and other animals shiver, the waters became troubled, why did you think the waters were troubled? Because their greatest enemy was born ” Ms Lee sat beside her daughter telling her a story

“Mom, are you saying that Water and fire are enemies” Little Ava said, and her mom caressed her hair

“That’s right my daughter, Hephaestus is the god of fire, Poseidon is the god of water, however a terrible incident happened between those two ”

“What incident? ”

“They loved the same woman, the woman they loved was an human being but they were both immortal, Hephaestus got the lady and married her, she became pregnant and gave birth, this made Poseidon angry and brought war to Hephaestus”

“So what happened to the mother and the child? ”

“When the war began, Hephaestus told the woman to run away to a place where Poseidon can never find them, he also told her that he will come for both her and the child when he is ready ”

“So are you saying that Hephaestus child is here in the human world? ”

“Yes ”

“What do he look like? ” Ava asked and her mom smiled

“I don’t know, I have never seen him before however this incident happened a year after you were born so maybe the child is a student in your school ”

Ava suddenly started laughing

“A year after i was born? Mom, did you form this story yourself? It’s so interesting ” she said still laughing

“Why are you laughing? The story is real, it happened 7 years ago ” Ava started to laugh again

“So are you saying that the child is 7 years old? I’m 8 and that makes me older and stronger than him ” Ava whined as her mom slowly hug her

“In case you meet Hephaestus son one day, run away from him, he is a fire that can hurt you, I’m sure you don’t like playing with fire ” Her mom said and she nod

“Yes, I don’t like playing with fire ”

“Be careful, don’t move near fire ” she said and disengage the hug

“So mom, what happened to Hephaestus??” Ava asked

“I don’t know, but since it’s 7 years and he has not come for his child, maybe he is dead ”

“But you said Hephaestus is immortal ”

“The only person that can kill Hephaestus is Poseidon and the only person that can kill Poseidon is Hephaestus, maybe Hephaestus died during the war ” her mom said and Ava nod

“Just like Poseidon has the power to control water, so do Hephaestus have power to control fire ”

“When are we going back to America? What are we doing in Korea? ” She asked her mother

“You have to start learning how to speak Korea cos we will be here for some time, you know my workplace is here ” her mother said and stood up

“What are we eating for dinner? ”

“I want dumplings ” Ava yelled happily

“Dumplings? I can’t make dumplings this night, you should go to that restaurant to buy some, I will be at home doing the dishes ” Her mom said and handed her some money as she ran outside


Ava was coming back from the restaurant when she noticed that the flat she lives in caught fire

“Fire! Fire! ” The tenants yelled as they all ran outside

She stood waiting to see her mom among those people running out but her mom wasn’t among them

“Mom! ” she yelled and wanted to run inside but other tenants kept dragging her back

“my mom is inside! Bring my mom! ” she yelled as they kept dragging her back

Some minutes later, the fire fighters came and stopped the fire but when they brought her mom out, she was dead

Ava held her mom’s hand with tears

“Mom, who caused the fire? Was it Hephaestus ? If it’s Hephaestus, I’m going to look for his child and kill him ” she said as tears rolled her cheek

15 years later…………… 🌸🌻❣️

“Who cares if he is a star, bring him here while I’m speaking nice!!! ” The producer yelled at his manager

Manager took his phone and dialled his number but he wasn’t picking up

“He is not picking up? You had better find a way to bring him here now! His concert is 9:00pm and he hasn’t even rehears, do you both want to die?! Bring him here in 25 minutes or you are both dead!!” the producer yelled and walked away angrily

🌹Rocky 🌹

The sound of my phone woke me up as i picked up the call

“What? ”
“Rocky, where are you? The producer is so angry, fire is shooting out of his ear, I will come to where you are so dress up before I come ” my manager said and hang up

I dressed up and laid back on the bed as i put on my hand gloves

My name is Rocky
Or should I say my name is park min hyuk, my stage name is Rocky and that’s what I’m known as by everyone

I’m 22 years old

A Korea idol, Rapper, singer, dancer

I’m popular every where i go not only in Korea but some other countries

For some reasons, My mom always tells me to put on hand gloves but she won’t tell me the reason

But the strange part is that whenever I touch someone with my bare hands, they start complaining that my hand is hot

I have a little brother but we are from different father, My mom refused to tell me who my real father is

I can see invisible things like Ghost and all but I can’t tell anyone

There was a day i was performing on stage and a ghost appeared

I was so scared and started to cry, in some minutes, it was uploaded everywhere

“Rocky, Why are you at this hotel? We have to be fast, we have less than 45 minutes before the concert ” my manager said as he walked in with hurry and drag me away from the bed

“45 minutes? What of my makeup? ” I asked and he dialled a number and called a makeup artist

πŸ’–Ava πŸ’–

“Ava, I’m begging you, please this is the last time I will request for a favor ” Yu na said on her knees

I was sitting on the bed painting my nails

“What’s the favor? ”

“Follow me to Rocky’s concert ” she pouted

“Rocky? That purple hair jerk? ” I said and she shot me a glare

“Hey, I told you to stop calling my baby a purple hair jerk, do you have a death wish !”

“I have no option, you should tell your baby to change the color of his hair ”

” I love the color, the hair is just for his comeback, stop acting weird ” she said and I grinned

“You are going to follow me right? ” she asked but I didn’t reply her

“Ava! ”

“What?! ”

“Goodness, I wonder why half cast are always stubborn ” she grumbled and I shook my head

23 years old
I’m an half cast
My mom is a Korean while my dad is American but i grew up in America

I came to Korea with my mom some years ago because of her job

When she died, I started living with this fool, Yu na

Her mom is the owner of the house while I’m just a tenant but we share the same room, I still have to pay for the house rent

“you had better get a life and stop crushing on Rocky, I’m sure he is secretly dating Lisa or Jennie ” I said and she grab my cloth

“you would be surprised that day when I and Rocky fall in love ” she squealed and I shook my head

“By the way, the tattoo on your body, did you get another one drawn yesterday ?”she asked starring at the tattoos on my arms

“I got that a week ago ”

“Whatever, let’s go to the concert ” she said dragging me away from bed

“but I don’t have a ticket ” I protested

“Do you think I’m dumb, that was the first thing I got, and besides, I have to get his autograph today ”

Suddenly, she stopped and looked at me

“You are Ava and there is nothing you can’t do ” she said In an encouraging tone which i didn’t understand

“Yeah…….” I rolled my eyes

“Then can you get me Rocky’s autograph? ” she asked and I sat back on the bed

“No ”

“Oh please, if you can get me his autograph, I will tell my mom to allow you pay 10 Percent of the house rent ” she said and I quickly stood up

“Which hotel does he stay after the concert? ”


I sneaked into his hotel room through the window

I sat on the chair and light my cigarette waiting patiently for him to come

After some minutes, the door opened and there came the almighty Rocky looking cool with his manager behind him
“You did well Rocky ” Said the manager as Rocky took off his jacket, I bet they didn’t notice i was there not until the manager turned and saw me

“Ugh? Who is this? ” He asked and Rocky turned and saw me too

“who are you?” the manager asked

“I’m not here you ” I replied and looked at Rocky

I moved closer to him and he started to cough because of the smell of the cigarette with me

“Manager, call the security, she is one of those crazy fans” he said and the manager ran outside
“I’m not a fan ”
I moved more closer to him and stared at him for so long

“Gosh, who is this mad woman ” he said and I smiled and brought out a book and a pen

“your autograph ” I said and he started laughing

“I thought you were not a fan, why do you need my autograph ” He asked

I threw the cigarette away and pulled him closer to myself

“What are you doing? ” he asked and I ran my finger from his hair down to his lips

“I’m trying to seduce you, maybe you will sign the autograph if I do that ”

We heard a loud boom as we turned and saw that the corner where i threw the cigarette caught fire

I stumbled back as the memories of when mom died kept flashing back in my head

“What have you done! ” Rocky yelled as he moved closer to the fire and started blowing but the fire kept going up

“Don’t just stay there and do something ” he yelled at me

But something happened, the fire became more tougher and caught his clothes

“Oh my goodness ” I moved closer and tried to put out the fire on his clothes

But, the fire was not going off and it was not burning him either

I took a step back with shock

“What are you? Are you perhaps the god of fire ”