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Gold Blusters – Episode 11

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“Hmmnn.. thick tock… Thick tock..”she said gesturing at the time and walked back to her seat..


Immediately the judge arrived..


My brother In-law, his wife and his children were smiling deviously at me..


I stood transfigured as the judge walked majestically to his seat..


This was my final chance and my daughter didn’t show up..


The judge will surely dismiss the case..


I sat down depressed..


As he called on my daughter but silence answered him…


The silence that I’ll bring defeat to me and my family..


I hate this silence..


Then he called for the last time and I heard my heart throbbing in response…


I closed my eyes…


Hoping this was all a dream…




I walked away with the nurse avoiding Ted’s angry stare at me..


I know he’s concerned about me but I’m also being considerate..


I can’t go to court and make a fool of myself because my heart will always be in boundage and engraved in pain..


Instead of being disgraced.. I chose to be a coward because I wanna believe that he who runs from a fight lives to fight another day.. But shoving yourself into an enemy’s camp is like committing sucide…


The nurse closed the door quietly behind me as I walked closer to my heart..


“Lisy!!!”he whimpered in pain..


“How are you feeling???”I asked sounding unaffected..


Like hell, I’m fucking affected..


“It was you!!”he choked and I rushed to him giving him a glass of water..


There’s no use lieing..


He just sniffed me…


“Yeah!!!”I agreed..


No one knew I sneaked into his room and begged God to heal him..


After my breakdown in the hallway…


“I heard you crying.. it broke my heart over again, lisy”he whispered


“You broke my heart too Stan.. You left without a goodbye.. only to be called that you met with an accident”I spoke up


“I did say goodbye.. I kissed you remember”he forced a smile..


“That doesn’t justify anything..”


“It does lisy.. I had to leave and you know it’s what best for us.. I don’t want to leave but I had to do it because of you.. because I care about you and your feelings.. because I care about your relationship with my brother… Because you mean the world to my brother”he coughed and I rubbed his chest..


I stopped as his stare bore into my heart.. I raised my head up, meeting his gaze as I felt a magnetic pull to his lips..


I crashed my lips on his without a second thought..


I devoured his lips as he willingly let me dominate him..


I pull away as he whined in pain..


“Ooohh… Sorry!!!”I panted…


I moved away from his body..


When the hell did I climbed on him…??


“It’s okay!!!”he whimpered…


“Listen to me Lisy!!! It wasn’t just an accident… It was a hit and run case”


And I gasped loudly…


“Hit and run???”I questioned and he nodded


“I can’t remember the van’s plate number but it’s a black van..”he said…


“I also took a photo of the van”he chipped in..


I quickly searched his belongings and retrieved his phone…


“Password!!!??”I asked


“Lisy”he replied and I unlocked the phone..


I checked his images and saw the photos he took…


This van belongs to my uncle..


The plate number I can never forget..


He used this van to knock me down before..


“It’s my uncle’s van”I whispered


“Zak????”he questioned and I nodded my head…


“He wanted to distract me from going to the court today”I muttered out loud


“What time is your case???”he asked…


“By 2″I replied…


“You have to go…”he beckoned…


“I’ll send the cops for your statement.. meanwhile I’ll Transfer a copy of this


picture to my phone…”


I kissed him after sending all the photos to my phone…


“Thank you”I said


“Hurry Lisy.. Break a leg”he murmured and I smiled… His all I need to break a




I rushed to the waiting area…


“Ted… Call the police here… Send them in to record Stanley’s statement”I shouted


“Why cops???”his mom asked


“Because it wasn’t an accident.. it was a planned murder..”I replied her..


Finn rushed to me as my bodyguard ran towards me…


“Jasper my keys..!!!”I requested


“You can’t drive in this state”Finn said worriedly..


“I can do anything Finn… Never underestimate me..”I replied him..



“I’ve called them… I’m coming with you”Ted said and I know too well not to argue with him right now..


“Ma!!! I can drive”Jasper requested


“I want to drive myself… Send some men to guard his room… Inspect every nurse and doctor that goes in.. infact, someone should always escort them inside… Even if it’s a family member except the elders.. I mean only his mom and dad”I ordered.. “We have 30 minutes left.. The court drive is 35minutes plus heavy traffic jam today because of his accident”Ted spoke up “I’ll come with you”Finn volunteered..


“I’m only going with Ted.. You should stay here, please… My driving will be very rough… He needs a friend to be by his side… Stay with him please….”I said and he hugged me briefly…


I rushed downstairs with Ted storming down beside me…


I followed through narrow path as I drove like a mainac to the court house..


“10minutes left”Ted my refree spoke up


And I increased the speed and zoomed off to the court… Following narrow path


with several heavy bumps on the way.. and Sandy area leading to the court…


It’s been long I passed this route…


“3minutes left”Ted breathed out as the car came to an halt…


Thank God I did not miss my way…


I carried my briefcase from the trunk of my car and ran inside the court with my


high heels…. with Ted storming after me…


“10seconds left”he yelled as the court room came in view..


“Time over”Ted breathed ..


I halted on the door and wiped off the sweat as I entered inside the court..


I caught a glimpse of my mom, she had her eyes closed murmuring to herself…


Probably meditating…


“I’m here your honour”I answered taking a bow…


My uncle and his family looked shocked as I walked majestically to my stand…


“Pardon my late arrival your honour… Due to an accident, the cops blocked most


of the path here”I spoke up


“Okay, present your case”Judge Marshall replied as he gestured to the defending


lawyer and I smiled and take my sit…


“Thank you your honour, my client has being falsely accused for laying claims on


his father’s property which was willed to him by his late father, the great Ortiz El



Toro.. And I would like this honourable court to justify the accused with the law”The defending attorney spoke up.. Taking a bow and walking back to his sit..


“Thank you your honour… I’m thrilled by the accused attorney’s introductive speech… for the court to justify the accused with the law.. indeed that’s what I hope to happen”I flashed my uncle a consoling smile.. I walked up and handover the power of attorney and legal documents of my golden land as they shared it around the members of the jury and I handed the judge his copy…


“Your honour that’s a legal document of the land the accused laid claim on.. That document as you can see it’s clearly willed to me by my grandfather late Ortiz El Toro… And also attached to it clearly states that all the companies and estates and several plots of land which includes the mansion which my uncle reside in was legally owned by my late father Todd El Toro and willed to me as his next of kin…”


“Objection your honour”the defending lawyer spoke up..


“Objection sustained”and I backed away because I know the lawyer will bring his fordged documents


“Your honour, money can fordge any documents these days.. Here is a copy of the real documents showing the legal owner of those properties and companies…”The defending lawyer said just like I expected…


“Your honour I appeal to you that you have those documents cross checked…




“Objection your honour”The attorney spoke up interrupting me..


“Objection overruled”judge Marshall shunned him


“Thank you your honour, For several years after my father passed away my mother and I struggled to find shelter, she worked hard to earn money and we used that money to travel back here.. The accused here snatched away my father’s wealth.. He left his brother’s wife and child out on the street without a penny… I only wanna appeal to this honourable court to cross check both documents and signatures and prove the valid one.. I want the court to give back what rightfully belong to ceaser to ceaser … And if the accused’s documents are truly valid, his lawyer wouldn’t wanna mislead the court.. But instead just like he said he will let this honourable court to justify and vindicate the just…”


“Objection your honour”the foolish attorney barked “Objection overruled”judge Marshall shunned him again


“Thank you your honour… I would like to call on the accused as the court jury cross checks on the valid documents”I requested and the judge agreed..


Zak placed his hand on the Bible and swore an oath..


Even after swearing the oath, I’m confident he’ll lie..


“I would like to you tell the court the day, month and year the land was willed to you”I asked


“Objection your honour”his lawyer barked again..


“Objection sustained”


“Thank you your honour, I believe those questions are irrelevant to this case… The prosecutor is just wasting this courts time with unnecessary question” “Objection your honour”I spoke up


“Objection overruled”


“I’m sorry your honour.. My next question.. If you claim this land belonged to you, then how was I able to access the land for many years”I asked


“It’s because I lend you the land to harvest on, so you’ll be able to fend for yourself


and your mother”he said


“Thank you”I answered


“Your honour.. I used this land with my documents as a collateral years ago to borrow money from the bank.. Here is a copy of the bank statement and the contract paper with my late family lawyers signature as a witness”I said handing over a copy of the documents to him…


“Your honour if this document weren’t valid.. I could have been arrested.. the bank


wouldn’t have loan me the money.. Your honour the accused swore an oath to this


court.. Yet he lied to this court that he lend me the land, how can we believe any


words that comes out of his mouth”


“Objection your honour”


“Objection overruled”


“Thanks you your honour, your honour all I want is legal action for theft… Your honour with one final question..


I would like to ask the accused to provide his witness and legal documents where he transferred the land to me if he has any and if not the court should punish him for fraud, theft and misleading this jury with fake documents and legal actions should be given to his attorney who pledged to be a defender of the law.. I rest my case your honour”I bowed and take my seat…


“Mr Zak El Toro do you have any sort of documents to back up your claims???”the judge inquired


“No your honour but”Zak replied…


“Your honour but if given us some time we will be able to bring some documents”his lawyer pleaded



“Objection your honour”I spoke up standing up “Objection sustained”


“That’ll be a waste of the courts time.. Why don’t you first receive the validation report before considering his request…”I said


“The report are here your honour”one lawyer spoke up handing over the documents to the judge…


And the judge stared blankly at us…


“After a cross examination.. Miss Eliska El Toro’s documents have been proven to be valid…


With all the investigation and facts..


I pronounce Eliska El Toro the legal owner of Late El Toro’s land and all his property which he willed to her..


I want you to return every property that belonged to her late father to her which you falsely claim…”


“Thank you my honour… I appeal that he evacuate my grandfather’s Mansion which my father built for him”I requested


“The court is in support of your decision… As long as you follow legal right… And the accused lawyer has been suspended for six months for breaking his oath he swore to defend and protect the law….. Court dismiss….”


I smiled triumphantly as the judge walked out of the court and mom rushed to embrace me…


“I’m glad you came… I thought we lost”mom said


“We won mom… Your years of pain and hard labour are over..”I replied and she chuckled happily…


But the storm isn’t over…


Infact the storm is only just beginning…


I walked up to my uncle who looked like he was about to collapse with a bright smile…


“99 days for the thief 1 day for the owner”I spoke up…


“Don’t freak out because this is just the beginning Zak… I’ll expose your dirty


secret.. I just drove you out of my father’s house into the street, soon I’ll drag you


into a mud exposing you dirty secret and sending to a place where you’ll never see


the sun again”I spat and walked away…


“Eliska!!!!”Mom spoke up..


“Hmmmm!!!”I responded…


“What do you mean by a place where he’ll never see the sun again… I hope you don’t plan on killing him????”mom questioned


“I won’t stoop so low to stain my hands with his dirty blood… I plan to give him


something worse than death!!!”I replied


“Relax Rocky, His Nemesis will catch up with him very soon”Ted spoke up…


“I’m going back to the hospital…”mom said and we nod..


We accompanied her as she entered her car and Mark drove off….


“Ted I need your help”I said when we entered my car


“I want to build a big hospital with all the facility both for major operation, I need


the hospital ready in one week…”


“Hospital???”he questioned


“Yes… For the poor who can’t afford to pay hospital bill.. And also send my donation to my grandfather’s orphanage home..”I requested


“Okay… Which land do you want me to use???”he asked….


“My father’s land…”


“The land is huge and wide”


“I also want to rename all his companies and mansion after him… I’ll run his companies now”


“That’s good… I’m proud of you”he pecked me…


“I can’t wait to see his name written on his properties and his companies… I want


this new project to be a surprise to Rocky… We’ll name it Rocky’s Foundation… I


can’t wait to see the smile on her face”


“Me too…”


I switched on the engine and speed off..


Taking a different route to my house..


“Where are we going to????”he asked


“It’s a surprise… We are going home… I have a surprise waiting for you before we head back to the hospital”


“I hope it’s worth all this tension and suspense Lily”he whispered “You’ll love it…”I replied him…


“Ooh come on, give me a hunch”he requested…


“We can use this surprise for anything.. Anything you and I wish for..” “I can’t think of anything… Just drive fast”he muttered happily….


When we arrived home we went to the fifth floor… I changed my shoes and clothes into something comfy a pair of jeans and tank top and wore a flat easy sandals… “Oh come on where are we going??”Ted asked and I ignored him…


“To get the surprise”I said and used my handkerchief to blindfold him….


He staggered and followed me as I led him inside the elevator…


When we got to the first floor…


I entered a passage door through the kitchen storage room into another room which


led us outside the mansion… dragging Ted behind me…


“Remove the blindfold please… You know I know every nook and crannies of this


mansion”he said and I chuckled…


“You don’t”I said and removed the blindfold…


“I readjust this mansion building project before handing it over to you”I confessed..


“Even though I know there’s an underground somewhere in this mansion” he




“Yeah!!! You do but you don’t know where”I replied and he nodded his head..


I lead him to the land where I found gold..


“This is the land where I found the gold”I spoke up..


“This land is huge”Ted exclaimed…


“I know!!!…”


“I want to use it for mining… I want to transfer quarter of the gold to the


Mansion…”I said…


“But I don’t see any gold here”Ted murmured


“There’s a cave here.. I blocked the path with stones and planted flowers on top”I


explained leading him to the cave..


I uprooted all the flowers, Ted assisted me as moved the stones away…


Revealing a dark cave!!!


“Wow!!!!”Ted exclaimed as we entered inside…


“Is this all the gold????”He asked


“Yes”I replied him…


“It’ll take months to Ship it all by ourselves…


“Not us!!! My bodyguards will do it.. They will ship quarter of the gold to the




We’ll use them to build the hospital, use some for accessories..”


“Why don’t will also build a mall here.. To sell the accessories, we can also rent


some space for others to trade business”Ted suggested


“That’s good.. but I have a better place for a mall… It’s just twenty minutes drive”


“But you know it’ll draw more attention to you… You can be attacked for this


Gold”Ted said


“I know… I want them to attack me, so my children will be spared from their


wrath.. I’m ready to defend my properties”I said and he smiled…



“But the shipment of these Gold should be done as soon as possible.. Because after I’m done with my uncle, the bank manager and governor is next… I don’t wanna be caught off guard”


“We need a good mine and someone trustable”I added


“Only person I know is my brother… He’s into mining business”Ted said…


“I’ll ask him after everything he needs is available.. Employ as many contractors as possible… We will use this place for mining… Plantation can be done in another land… There’s alot of space available… I’ll give it out as an open space to the people for plantation…


Raining season is approaching”I said and he nods…


“You should forsake your revenge for a while, while we start these multiple projects”Ted suggested


“You are right!!! They will attack the people and I can’t risk losing a live for my


personal battle…”I replied..


“Thank you”Ted whispered


“For what???”I asked


“For the surprise” he responded


“This is just the first … Come on let’s get back to the mansion”I said…


When we entered into the mansion..


I finally showed him the underground room…


He was extremely happy…


“We should hide the gold here”He suggested


“Of course!!! No body can dictate this place”I confirmed


“You’re amazing…”


“I believe you… That storage we pass outside will be used to store our guns”


“That’s awesome”he said…


“Let’s go to the final and most important surprise for you”


I led him back upstairs to the fourth floor..


“The password is Teddy bear.. you can change it to whatever you like”I spoke up


as we stood outside a silver door…


He typed the password and the opened up …


He gasped loudly as he took in the picture of the room…


He lifted me off the ground and shouted happily…


“My personal studio”He shouted happily…


“And make sure you have a space in the mall to sell your paintings”I warned him


“Of course…”he replied…


I’m glad I was able to make him smile even after the tragedy that happened to his


beloved brother..


“You made me smile… I owe you for this”he said


“Nah!!! Teddy bear you owe me nothing.. We are besties remember… My


happiness lies in yours”I replied him…


“Can’t we be more than besties… This thing between us…”he paused and I left like


I couldn’t breathe…


“The bound???”I questioned but my voice only came out as a whisper….


“Yes!!! This bound is stronger than you think.. I need you more than I’ve ever


needed anyone in my life..”He confessed and I gasped out loudly


“Like friends with benefits???”I murmured to myself in shock…


I cannot risk having two Koppels as rival…


When did I go wrong???


How the hell did I lead them on???


How can I escape this love war???


Ted was not supposed to have feelings for me???




© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved






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