January 13, 2021


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My Bodyguard And I Episode 42

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I texted Shawn back telling him I would go to his house instead. I didn’t want him coming here and driving to his house would give me some time to collect my thoughts.


I opened at least two new shopping bags before I finally decided on an outfit. A simple yellow floral gown. Speaking of shopping, it’s been quite a while since I did that. It helps me relive stress but Tim isn’t who I want to be going shopping with. It’s Daniel. After his left, the zeal went with him. And right now is not a good time to be going shopping anyways. I’ll just make do with what I have.

I touched my face a little to try and be presentable. After that was done, I got my purse and walked out of my room.


I called out while knocking on his door as softly as possible.

“Yes ma’am.”

“I’m going out to see my….to see someone.”

I quickly corrected. He nodded and closed the door.

To be honest, I think Shawn and I are still in the “friends with benefits” stage. He hasn’t really asked me yet. Like I said, I feel like he just wants me for the sex. At first, I was odly attracted to him. But now, it’s just tiring. Really tiring.


All through the drive, I kept thinking how things would be right now if Daniel was still here. At the end of the day, I only ended up getting hurt. I remembered that night we spent in Dubai. All the places he touched me in and how far we would’ve gone if I hadn’t stopped him.

I arrived at a decision of talking to him. Giving myself a little closure to be sure I won’t end up falling back to him. It’s not fair to his wife. My body wants what I can’t have and it’s driving me crazy.

Right now, the best thing I can do is focus on Shawn and hope he can take my mind off Daniel a little. It didn’t work the last two times but third times the charm right?


My subconscious responded making me shake my head.


“Hi babe.”

Shawn greeted with a full grin. I walked in and his lips were on mine. Arms wrapped around my waist pulling me closer. Waiting for electric sparks or butterflies to come up was hopeless.


I greeted and pulled away. Instead, he pulled me back for a tight hug and like I knew it, I felt his hard-on pressing against my lower thigh.

“I really missed you babe.”

He rubbed even harder. I scoffed lightly. Immediately, his lips went straight to my neck and his hands to my back trying to unzip my gown.


I hissed lightly pushing him away slowly.

“Yes babe…”

His lips were already buried between my exposed cleavages.


I commanded and pushed him off.

“I didn’t come here to have sex with you.”

I spat out angrily. His eyes twinkled in surprise but they quickly disappeared.

“I came here because I thought maybe we could act like a couple or…”


“Couple? You think we’re a couple.”

He choked on a laugh and I moved back extremely hurt. My dignity was pained. I felt so dirty.

“Yeah. I’m sorry that I actually thought you would want something more than just sex. I’m tired of feeling like a prostitute because of you. I get it that we had that one thing before but I want more.”

“Do I want more?”

I asked myself with a gulp.

“My body isn’t up for use by you. This is the last time I’ll ever come here simply because you’re fucking horny.”

I glared straight into his eyes.


He moved closer and I shifted back.

“Stay the fuck away from me. With a hundred dollars I’m sure you can get a girl to fix that.”

I said pointing to his dick.

“Sadly, that girl isn’t me.”

I shoved him the finger and walked out.


Tim called out but I walked faster.

“Don’t fucking follow me.”

I warned sternly storming out of his house.



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