January 13, 2021


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My Bodyguard And I Episode 41

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I formulated a plan in my head going through all the possible loopholes. Ariel knows about it so she’ll be on the lookout too. This is great. Her reaction to me wanting to kiss her was like a spear in my chest. It made me feel even more guilty.

Guilty for lying to her and toying with her emotions. The singular action she vaguely explained is what sets her off. I tried running like that would solve it but somehow the universe found a way to bring us together. Now, I understand her feelings anytime we’re close.

She feels dirty and stupid thinking I’m a married man and these things are forbidden. I so badly want to tell her but I can’t face the hate that follows. The look in her eyes when she finds out I lied to her. I can’t take it.

“I’m sorry Ariel.”

I apologized sincerely.

“No, it’s okay.”

She responded still avoiding eye contact.

If she only knew why I was apologizing.

“I’ll tell the guys to take you home. For your safety, you can’t know the location of this place.”


She complied and our eyes met.

“I’ll find a way to contact you soon. Stay safe Ariel.”

“I will. Thank you Daniel.”

I nodded my head and she turned around walking away. I looked at the other direction falling deep in my thoughts. Suddenly, I felt a warm pair of hands wrap around my torso.

“Thank you.”

She whispered making my breath fan my skin before pulling away. I nodded my head for the second time unable to fully respond.



As weird as it was, I didn’t freak out when they placed a bag over my head. I felt safe knowing I wasn’t in any danger. That’s how much I trust Daniel I guess.

I trailed my fingertips over my lips remembering the sensation I got when he tried to kiss me. It took everything in me to curve that kiss because I wanted it so badly. Just a taste of his lips. Then, it struck me that this was a married man and I just couldn’t. I’ve done more than enough with him already.

The hug was just a “thank you hug” and nothing more.


My subconscious teased with a low giggle. I rolled my eyes before waving her off. I really need to practice control when I’m with Daniel. I can’t afford to slip up or make a mistake with him.

As for the person trying to hurt me or my dad, he or she picked the wrong family to mess with. I’m going to make sure I make their life a living hell for daring to cause harm to anyone I care about. That’s a promise.

They dropped me off at the same location before driving off quickly.

I continued my jog back home knowing fully well the punishment that awaits.


As expected, my dad was lashing out at Tim for letting me out of his sight. I felt pity for my bodyguard though. Although it concerned my dad, I didn’t tell him about the threat. He did the same thing to me anyways.

Coming up with the quickest lie and putting on my best pouty face, I convinced my old man that I was in no danger at all before rushing up the stairs to have a proper bath.

When I got out, a message came up in my phone. I opened it up excitedly thinking it was Daniel.

*I miss you. Let’s meet up.*

I tossed my phone back on the bed exhaling. There’s no way I’m “meeting” up with him. I’m not his call girl or something.

I closed my eyes for some peace and quiet and the next minute my phone began ringing.


I sighed deliberating whether I should answer or not.

📞 Hi. I finally picked up.

📞 Did you get my text? I really, really missed you babe. I know I don’t treat you as well as you deserve so please let me make it up to you. Please babe. I swear I’ll be good. Please.

I heard a low sniffle at the end. My heart sank and I knew he got me.

📞 Alright. Pick me up in one hour.

I gave in and hung up thinking of what to wear.

A small voice at the back of my head creeped in reminding me to be careful but I waved it off.
It’s just Shawn after all.



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