January 13, 2021


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My Bodyguard And I Episode 40

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Time froze for about a second or two before I was jump-started back into reality. Non-compliance might lead to me getting a bullet or two in the head but then again they might have orders to take me in alive. Suffice to say I’m not banking my life on a probability.

With wobbly legs, I got into the vehicle and they followed right behind me.

A bag was placed over my head which I assumed was to prevent me from knowing the location of where they were taking me to. Just great.

“What do you want? Where are you taking me to?”

I asked trying to make my voice firm. In reality, I was beyond scared. I received no response so I decided to keep shut.

After a while, the car came to a halt and I heard the door open. A firm hand grabbed me taking me out of the van. He was surprisingly gentle. I expected to be roughly pushed around but the reverse was the case.

“Let me go…”

I finally found my voice for the second time since my abduction.

I felt another pair of arms on my face and the bag was removed. I expected to be in a dark room or meet my abductor but instead I came face to face with Daniel. The shock was fully evident on my face.

“You…kidnapped me?”

I blurted out feeling a huge headache erupt.

“Yes and no. I just couldn’t risk being seen with you so I had to make it seem that way. I’m sorry. Those guys are actually my friends and I hope they didn’t treat you badly.”

He apologized quickly.

“You couldn’t send me a text or something. Did you really have to be spontaneous. I felt really scared, they pointed guns at me.”

“I’m really sorry about that. I told them not to hurt you but we had to make it look real. And yes, I do have to be spontaneous.”

A smirk was dancing on his lips. I so badly wanted to wipe it off. His mood changes in a matter of seconds. It’s one of the many things I like about him. I felt a sense of relief wash over me just by being close to him.

“You’re making me scared and worried Daniel. No stalling, tell me what’s wrong.”

I tried to make my voice sound confident. It came out better than I had intended.

“Like I said you’re life is in danger and I’m working with them.”

My eye balls popped out of my sockets. I couldn’t have heard him clearly.


I spat out sounding more confused than angry or hurt.

“Yes. But I’m not with them per se. I only agreed so I can help you take them down from the inside. They seem really hell bent.”


“I don’t know if it’s one person or a whole organization. It was using a computerized voice so I couldn’t tell.”


“Yes. I’ll use “it” ”

I furrowed my brows in confusion moving around the room.

“So what’s the next course of action?”

“You have to lay low. I’ll tell you everything I find out. I just need you to be really careful. You never can tell who it might have.”


I managed to mouth out being rendered speechless.

“It’s related to my dad I’m sure. I’d like to think he’s not involved in something shady but I don’t know anymore.”

I said burying my face in my palms wondering why my own father would be put my life in danger and still not tell me about it.


He called out softly, when I opened my eyes he was standing right in front of me. Too close to me. My eyes unconsciously moved towards his lips making me remember last night, I swiped my lips across my lower lips in an attempt to make them wet. I had no idea why I just did that.

His aura was intoxicating, almost like I was glued to the floor. I maintained eye contact with him gulping at intervals. Just like I expected, he leaned in for the second time in two days but still time something in me click. I moved backwards making his face fall.


My voice came out firm but my lips were quivering.

“Just don’t.”

I repeated trying my best at a dashing fake smile.

“I want to go home Daniel.”

I wrapped my arms around myself turning to face the other direction.


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