January 13, 2021


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My Bodyguard And I Episode 38

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I probably should’ve held onto the little dignity I had left. Maybe even pretend I didn’t miss him or feel his departure. I know I should’ve but was it worth it?

I missed him. That’s the simple truth. I wish he never left and was here with me instead of Tim. My wish came to pass so what’s the need of acting like I’m not fucking elated.

I missed his shallow breathing and the way his arms wraps around my waist. I clung to him tightly nearly slipping to the ground. He made sure to keep a firm grip on my waist to avoid that happening.

After what seemed like two seconds but it was way longer, he nuzzled his lips against his crook of my neck, I could feel his breath fan my neck leaving goosebumps in their wake, he pulled away gently and the feeling disappeared almost immediately. I left out a low groan from the loss of contact finding the courage to look right at him. Since there was no emotional contact, I felt my anger slowly returning but I’m doing my best to keep it at Bay. Daniel came back to me and that’s all that matters.

“No, not the mask.”

He says firmly when I try to help him take the mask off. I removed mine in the process of hugging him but had to put it back on. He seemed to be hell bent on covering our faces. There’s something different about him. He worked as a bodyguard but he seemed more cautious than before.

“What’s wrong Daniel?”

I said casually. There’s no need to be formal since technically he doesn’t work for my father anymore. I tried to act carefree and nonchalant but something was brewing in the pit of my stomach.

“You’re in danger. I can’t give full details here. It’s too dangerous. I just wanted to inform you so you’ll be careful. I’ll find a way to contact you soon Ariel.”

His words sounded rushed out like he was really out of breath and running from someone. I knew I www in danger. I’m always in danger that’s why I have freaking bodyguards.

“I know. My dad is a business tycoon. I’m always in danger daniel. That’s why I have…”

I cleared my throat and ran my hands through my hair.

“Had you. That’s why I had you.”

I correct myself before saying something utterly stupid.

“How’s your wife.”

I blurted out unable to control myself. He’s telling me about an imminent threat and all I can do is get semi jealous or something. Ariel you’re stupid. An unreadable expression crossed his face for a split second but he said something.

“She’s fine.”

He finally mumbled under his breath. I looked away surprised at the pagn of pain that erupted on my chest. I had no idea what I wanted to hear but it certainly wasn’t this. I could take anything except the actual recognition that he’s still married.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t hoping he’ll dirvoice her or something. I rubbed my temples feeling a huge headache coming up.

“I’ll text you where to meet. We really need because this isn’t like your usual threat. Just be careful Ariel. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He says and surprises me by tenderly reaching up to caress my cheeks. I almost flinched at the sudden contact. Our eyes met through the mask and I’ve missed them. Extremely weird. And those lips. I took two steps further standing in front of him. Tentatively, I stroked his cheeks. I swear I could hear him sigh.

“I need to go.”

He murmured huskily.


I said with my voice barely a whisper. He leaned it to peck my cheeks lingering for more than a second. I wish I was strong enough to move my face so he could kiss me properly. Like he read my thoughts, he titled my face slightly and claimed my lips.

I froze for a second but quickly recovered kissing him with everything in me.



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