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October 31, 2020

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Bad Boy Romance Episode 45

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🚫Bad Boy Romance🚫

Episode 45

(Camping pt 5–(Alone)
Brody’s POV

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‘I can’t believe she left,I mean she’s a totally new Payton’..Serani muttered loudly as I swatted some flies away from our path…

‘I think i should go back to go find her’..I murmured and left before they could stop me.I followed the trail of my boots backwards and that’s when i heard someone scream..

‘Help!! Help!!’..

‘Payton!!! Where the hell are you?!’..I yelled back already tensed hearing her distraught voice..

‘I…I..I’m trapped in a ditch and I don’t,I don’t know how to get out!!’..She cried out.I listened carefully and followed the sound of her voice and before I could move on further I slipped and fell into a very deep hole..

‘Ughh my bone’..I heard Payton groan and that’s when I realised that I was on her body..

‘Sorry’..i murmured and dusted my stained clothes.I looked up and measured the depth of the ditch and seeing how deep we were I groaned loudly..

‘Ughh I should have never come here!! I shouldn’t have come find you and if you hadn’t been so stubborn we wouldn’t be in this mess by now!!!’..I said aloud trying to control my temper like I always so whenever she does something stupid.Knowing the full effect of what she did she just sat down on the dirt and began sobbing..

‘I..I’m…I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me I..I don’t know why i changed..I’m so ashamed of myself..I’ve let everybody down most especially Serani..I really deserve whatever harsh treatment you give me cause I’m a terrible jerk!! what if I’m one of the hottest girls in school?? What if I’m with Chase Dumpkin?? I’m not happy in any way possible!!’..She cried.I just stood there fighting the urge to hug her and say everything’s going to be okay..

‘Hello?!!! Is somebody there?!!’..I yelled but my voice just echoed back to me.Payton kept sobbing and sobbing and the louder the sobs were the more irritated I became..

‘Just shut the hell up okay?! The last thing I need right now is being ALONE with you and your sobs are really getting on my nerves and—

‘There’s a passage!!’..She cut in rising up from the dirt..

‘Huh??’..I asked and she pointed towards the small passage way which clearly led to somewhere…

‘Nah I don’t think we should go there’..I muttered..

‘But it could be a way out so why don’t we check it out and besides no one is going to find us here’..She replied.After a moment of pondering I beckoned her to go through the little hole…

Payton’s POV

‘It’s the cave!! It’s the freaking cave which means we can go home!!!’..I squealed in excitement and jumped on Brody’s body.Seeing the amused look in his face i withdrew myself from his embrace tucking my hair behind my ear nervously..

‘Come on let’s go’..He murmured and then before we could even find our way around the cave rumbling sounds were heard..

‘Wait you don’t think it’s a..

‘A storm yeah,we can’t go back there Payton,we have to stay in this cave until the storm is over’..He interjected and I held myself from shouting at the top of my voice..

‘Does that mean that we’re going to be alone for hours??’..i asked..

‘Yeah we are,how’s that a problem anyway have you forgotten the lights out night??’..he retorted sharply.

‘Ohhh yeah I do remember it well not until you told me to forget it after sleeping close to me on the bed and kissing me senselessly which made me like you the more and…Ughhh I hated that night!! I hated that night!!’..I said crossing my arms and when I realized the part of saying ‘Like you the more’ I jerked covering my hands with my mouth..

‘So how would you like a repetition of that night??’..He said with a devilish smile on his face as he walked towards me.I moved backwards as he kept doing vice versa not until I got to a dead end and my back was against the wall..

‘B..Brody what..what are you doing??’..I stuttered as he breathed down my neck with a wicked grin on his face…

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‘I just want to…’..his voice trailed off as he nipped my bottom lip with his teeth sending chills down my spine…

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