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October 30, 2020

World Best, All In One Spot

Truth Or Dare Episode 1

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💄{It started With a game}💄
🔥Chapter One🔥
💕Kyla’s Pov💕

“Hi am Kyla Malik, seventeen years of age and I go to Lockwood high. ” I said in front of the camera putting on my best fake smile.

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“Cut!” Riley yelled with a massive glare.

“What did I do wrong this time? We’ve shot it almost ten times. I’m hungry Riley.” I whined.

“We’re going to do it over and over again until you sound convincing.”

“Ugh…..” I groaned and she chuckled.

Okay , like I said I’m Kyla Malik and the annoying girl in front of me is my best friend Riley. We’ve been friends since kindergarten when she stole my lunch. Funny right.

We’re currently shooting a reality video as she called it and apparently I’m not being real enough. I told her before hand that I’m a very boring person. She picked the wrong gal for the job. I can’t sound “real” over a camera or say fun things to get people hyped. It’s just not me

“I’m coming over to your place tonight. We’re going over it again until. ..” She stopped talking, her mouth fell open, her gaze was fixed on something, someone.

“Hey Juliet. You’re gaping.” I snapped my fingers teasing her.

“Can you blame me, he’s so dreamy.” She cooed playing her hands on both sides of her face.

The dreamy guy is Stein. He goes to our school but he’s a fuck boy by nature. It’s rumoured that he’s slept with at least ten girls in Lockwood high. I dont blame him or them.

Him because they practically throw themselves at his feet and them because he’s really cute. Too bad I don’t do boys unlike Riley she’s had a crush on him since forever and I wonder when it’ll end

“There’s a party later today, we’re going.”

“You know my answer every week, I’m not. I would rather Lay in bed and watch Netflix all night than watch young teens drink themselves to stupor.”

“That’s why this week I’m not asking. I’ll be at your house by 8pm. We’re going.”

“Yeah , goodluck with that.” I rolled my eyes and we went back to our food or at least I did, Riley was still gushing over Stein and giving me the creeps.


After lunch, we each went back to our separate classes with small talks until the closing bell sounded. I didn’t have a car yet, my dad always said I was too young. Riley takes me to school and back and it’s fun riding with him.

She dropped me off at my house and her lasts words were…

“I’ll be back by 8pm. Look pretty.” I rolled my eyes making a mental list of all the movies I would watch before falling as sleep. I’m not going to a party and even Riley can’t convince me otherwise.

I found the hidden key under the door mat gaining access to my house.

I lived with my relatives here in California as my parents were way up in Texas. My aunt and uncle treated me like their own child maybe it’s because they didn’t have any.

I locked the door behind me, placed the keys on the counter and walked to my room for a refreshing bath.

When I was done, I picked up my phone and scrolled through my watch lists.

The moment the clock struck 8pm, my phone rang and Riley was calling.

📞 Hey babe. I chirped eager to go back to watching “The kissing booth.”

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📞 I’ll be at your house in ten minutes. Be ready before then. I snorted as she hung up going back to my movie.

True to her words, she arrived shortly after ten minutes.

“You’re not dressed!” She exclaimed staring at her. Riley looked really pretty, I mean she doesn’t even have to try her skin is flawless.

“Why aren’t you dressed!” She added in a high pitched tone.

“Because am not going. I told I don’t want to.”

“Kyla you can’t keep doing this. This is highschool where we’ll have the best years of our lives. You have to live it to the fullest. Yes you’re scared of being judged but that shouldn’t stop you from doing things. You might be a bookworm but as your friend I can tell you I love Being around you. But since you want to drown yourself in movies, I hope you have fun. I’m off. ”

Guilt stabs me straight in my heart.

“Wait…” I said sucking in a harsh breath.

“Come help me pick out my clothes…”

She dashed inside hugging me tightly.

“Let’s do this.”

“Don’t go over board please.”

“I’ll try my best.” She grinned flashing her white teeth.


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