November 26, 2020

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My Bodyguard And I Prologue

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🚫{Accidentally In Love}🚫

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Thriller.


He came from a poor family, doing all he can to make ends meet.

She’s rich and classy, gets anything she wants at the snap of her fingers.

She’s also the daughter of a rich business tycoon allowing her to have a target on her back.

He has no other option than to be her bodyguard, the money is just too big of an offer to pass on but one thing is for sure, he hates her entire existence because of her behavior.

But can he hate her forever?


Daniel Oliver, the cute fighter. He gets into fights for money and is picked up to be the bodyguard of one of the most important woman into the country.

Ariel Carter is rude and believes she doesn’t need a bodyguard so she does everything in her power to make him go away.

He hates her, she feels exactly the same but they have no other choice than to be together.

What happens when this hate-hate relationship blooms into something more?

Something they both can’t resist.

He’s poor so will her father let her be with someone like that after he planned her line of rich suitors?

What does Ariel do about it? Will she choose love over family and what are the consequence that goes with her choice on both side…….

Read on and find out. Unlock chapter one with  likes.

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