November 26, 2020

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My Bodyguard And I Episode 2

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I switched gazes when my dad walked downstairs.

“Morning Sir.” He says showing courtesy and even his voice is hot.

“Shut up Ariel. You don’t want a bodyguard, you can take care of yourself!” I caution myself forcing a frown of my face.

“You must be the new bodyguard. You came on time, that speaks well of you.”

Dad says making me roll my eyes a little.

“I would like to speak with you for a moment. In my office so we can finalize everything.” He says and they move towards the study.

As always, I quietly follow them to Eve’s drop on the conversation.

“So. Firstly, are you okay with your salary? If you’re not, we could work with something.”

“No sir, it’s fine by me.” He says.

“Mm’mm modest….” I thought putting an ear down.

“My daughter’s life is the most important thing to me so I want you to close to her at all times…”

“I’m sorry Sir, your daughter? I’m going to be guarding your daughter?”


“I just assumed that it’ll be you.”

“Definately not. I can handle myself, it’s my jewel who needs protection.” I groan internally wishing he would stop speaking about me like I’m so frail child.

“Would that change anything?” There’s silence for a second or two before speaks up.

“Definately not.” He responds and they’re back to talking.

Minutes later, everything is finalize and he’s going to move into the house, follow me around and Well guard me.

“One last thing Mr Oliver…” Dad says making him stop for a second.

“Oliver… Sexy. I wonder what his first name would be..”

“On no occasion should you and I my daughter have any relationship outside of a professional. I’m sure you understand.” He states and my eyes pops out.

“Seriously dad!”

“Definately Sir. On that aspect there’s no problem, I’m a married man.” He says making my face falls.

“Such a turn off. That woman must be very lucky.

“Oh really, that’s perfect then though it didn’t reflect on your file.”

“We liked to keep it low key.” He responds making me snort.

“Definately turned off. Definately back to kicking him out. Ariel Carter needs no man.” I mumbled before walking away.

“Ariel!” Dad calls out. I act like I didn’t just listen to their conversation and walk up to him.

“This is your new bodyguard. Daniel Oliver.”

“Fuck his name is Daniel. That’s super super.” I thought forcing myself to act nonchalant.

“You’re not allowed to go anywhere without him. His room is right next to yours so getting his attention shouldn’t be too hard.”

“If he wasn’t married…” I thought to myself nodding my head like a lost puppy.

“But Dad, you know I don’t need nor want a bodyguard!”

“I don’t care Ariel. Mr Oliver is great at what he does. He’ll protect you.”

“Yeah right, you said that about the last five or so” I roll my eyes and he sighs.

“Just give him a try.”

“No!” I said firmly and walked away.

“You should go get your stuff and move in. You can still see your wife but I hope you understand that it’s best we have you close.” Dad says making me scoff before running up the stairs.


After taking a bath, I strode downstairs and he was watching a movie. He’s making himself quiet comfortable, I heard him move in and our rooms aren’t far apart at all. We could literally speak through the walls. It begins now. If my dad won’t fire him, I’ll just have to frustrate him so he’ll quit.

That’s shouldn’t hard at all, I’m rude and most people even consider me unbearable.

“Game on…” I thought to myself. I walked towards the TV and switched it off folding my arms and standing in front of him. His eyes twinkled in confusion.

“Apparently I’m not allowed to go anywhere if you’re not there. I need to go see someone.” I said as rudely as possible and he sighs. I couldn’t help but ogle at him I mean can you blame me?.

He’s hot definately but he’s married so there’s no reason to keep him around. Plus he’s definately not even good at what he does just like the rest of them so why bother. He should be out of here in not less than one week.

He shakes his head lightly before standing up.

“I hope you can drive? Death by accident wouldn’t be a good look on me.” I say flipping my hair.

He ignores me and gets into the car making me annoyed.

“No one ignores me! Ever!” I thought in anger. This is just the beginning.


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