November 26, 2020

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My Bodyguard And I Episode 1

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“Miss Carter! Get down!” My bodyguard yells, I bow my head as gunshots flew.

The useless bodyguard tries his best to defend me but it’s of no use.

Seconds later, he’s shot dead on the floor.

“Ariel… Come out, come out wherever you are…” One of the mafia’s goons says in a sing-song voice.

I knew he wouldn’t shoot me, I’m worth more alive so I gently come out with my hands in the air.

“Good girl… Come closer.”

“Please don’t hurt me.” I beg sniffling walking towards him.

He lets his guard down staring at me, I used that opportunity to kick the gun from his grip punching him in the face as hard as I can down.

“You bitch!” He yells but I’m already on top of him hitting him as hard as I can.

I hear the sirens approaching but he’s unconscious already.

“Freeze!” Some officers yell making me raise my hands up in the air.


“Where’s my daughter” I hear my dad’s stern voice from afar.

“I’m here daddy…” I say tenderly, he rushed towards me taking me into his arms.

“Are you hurt? Did they touch you or something?”

“No daddy, I’m fine. Your last bodyguard was incompetent. It got him killed.” I spat out with no remorse.

“Well that’s okay. I’ll get you a more experienced and better bodyguard.”

“Dad, I took him on myself. I can clearly take care of myself.” I whined hating the fact he was getting me yet another one.

“You’re my jewel. I thought you self defense, you were supposed to use it in only rare cases. I’m getting you a bodyguard and that’s final.” He says making me Groan.

“Let’s get you home, you need lots of rest. I’ll have my men get on it as soon as possible. With any luck, you’ll meet him tomorrow.”

He says making me snort.

“I wonder how long this incompetent one will last.”


Am Ariel Carter, 22 years old. I’m a model but that’s not what makes me interesting. It’s the fact that my dad is a business tycoon. He has shops set up over the globe. He’s practically impenetrable so everyone takes advantage of the fact that he loves me.

When I was 8, my mom and I were kidnapped. She gave her life for me and I watched.

Ever since then, I promised myself I would never be defenseless ever again. My dad saw the need for a bodyguard so he forced me to get one although I opposed it. Every single time, they either get killed or end up dead.

Most of them aren’t competent and this new one would be no different.

💕Daniel’s Pov💕

My opponent comes crashing on the ring with a brutal force he passes out immediately.

“Winner!” The announcer says and the crowd cheers. I walk out of the ring to go my things and pay so I can leave.

I’m Daniel Oliver, my life is pretty simple. I’m carry alot of anger and hurt inside so I channel everything into fighting and the interesting part is that I get paid for it.

After getting my pay for the day, I turn around to leave before I’m approached by a strange man.

“Daniel Oliver….” He says and I nod in affirmation.

“I have a job offer for you…” He says getting me interested.


“I’m not going to be so rich brat’s bodyguard.” I said rolling my eyes.

“You get paid a hundred thousand dollars every week. That’s your pay for at least 3 months in here right?” He adds making me sigh.

“Alright, I’m in.” I said.

“Good, here’s the address. Be there by 8am tomorrow. Don’t be late.” I nod my head and he walks away. I look it up and it turns out to be the Carter mansion. I’ll be guarding bow Carter. He’s a business tycoon so it make sense that he’ll have alot of enemies.

I won’t be able to get much fights but the pay is good, I’ll just stick to this job. For now.



I roll over on my king sized bed, hitting the stop button on my alarm clock and getting out of bed. It’s 8am in the morning and I’m feeling great. My mood drops when I remember my new body guard arrives today. He’ll have to follow me around so I might as well enjoy my freedom while it lasts.

I don’t bother to change my outfit, I simply walk downstairs but stop dead in my tracks at the sight in front of me.

My eyes are stuck on his abs and when I move them upwards to his face, murder me.

“Who are you?…” I manage to ask forcing my eyes to look away.

“The new bodyguard.” He states simply making me smirk.

“Maybe this isn’t bad after all…” I thought to myself.

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