January 25, 2021


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His Popular Demand Season 2 Episode 1

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💍His Popular
(Just us against the world)

©Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Episode 1

Ruby’s pov:
The door burst open and Michael stormed in. Strangely, he was alone with no guards…
I was damn afraid. Winter wasn’t home.

“You disgusting b**ch!” He rapsed and I just stared at him trying not to panick yet.

“What’s wrong with you? Why the insult?” I asked slowly stepping back. I got hold of a knife and hid it behind me.

“Don’t play dumb with me! Where did you say Prudence was? Why the f•°k did I just find out she’s married?

“What sort of news is that, huh?!!” He yelled anger visible in his eyes.

“I don’t owe you any f•°king explanation. Prudence fell Inlove and I gave her a go ahead, why do you want to start an argument right now?”

He chuckled.

“You blood sucking b**ch!” He yelled and held me by my neck literally trying to strangle me.

“You dare marry Prudence off without my consent more over to the son of that devil Carlson???” He groused.

I chuckled.
Where is all this boldness coming from?

“Carlson is not the devil, you are!” I rapsed and used the knife on him.

He winced in pain as blood starts to soak his shirt.
He stuttered backwards and fell on the couch.

“I’ve put up with your crap for a long time now Michael. You ruined my life the moment you put your f•°king wedding ring on my finger. I had to live like I was your slave but not anymore.

“You have no say in Prudence’s life cause you lost the title of being her father the moment you left us,. sending us money like we were a burden. You think all we needed was your filthy money?? Look at Winter, she’s a mess!

“She can’t spend a day without feeling her systems with cracks and cocaines! Next time you step into this house, I won’t miss again. I’ll drive this same knife deep into your chest and trust me, I’ll make sure your death is going to be so painful that after you’re down in hell, you’ll still be in pain. Now get out you Motherf°°°er!”

He stood up quickly and rushed out of the house.
I took a deep breath and dropped the knife.
I should have done this from day one. Am sure he won’t dare to trespass again.

Prudence’s pov:
I stood still and soon Rodney joined me in the bathroom.
“Cupcake, what’s wrong? Are you falling ill?” He asked and felt my temperature with his palm on my forehead.

I sighed.

“Just threw up” I muttered and flushed the disgusting stuff in the water closet.

“Come here” he said taking my hand. I came close and he hugged me.

“Are you feeling dizzy?” He asked softly.

I nodded.

I’m really loosing some pulse.

“Could it be am pregnant?” I asked breaking the silence.

Rodney smiled and his expression changed. He’s happy.
“Let’s find out soon” he said leading me out of the bathroom.

I smiled.

Lexi’s pov:
When you’re Inlove,
I swear it’s no longer you!
You find your best moment to be happy and you’re cheerful all of a sudden.

The maids noticed it too.
I was full of smiles this morning.
Asking everyone how there night was and what not.

All I could think of was Rodney and when I see his image in my mind
.. I’d smile!

If only he can actually be mine…
He can, can’t he?

My phone rang and I took a pause and picked it up. My boss was calling.

“Lexi” he called out.

“Yes sir” I said with an eye roll.

“I want to see you, now” he stated and I flinched.

He wants to see me?

When I began working for him, I’ve never seen him face to face and now, he f•°king wants to see me!

“You mean like,…right now?” I asked speechless.

“Yes. When you step outside the mansion, a black jeep is waiting for you there. Get in and he’ll bring you to me. And make sure NO one follows you” he said making me quite eager.

“Okay sir. I’ll do as you say” I mumbled removing my apron.
He hung up.
I rushed to my room and found something nice to wear.

What does Michael want to see Lexi for?

Could prudence be pregnant?

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