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October 31, 2020

World Best, All In One Spot

Dear Pepperoni Episode 1

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(just thongs and bras👙)

By: Eunice Nwodu

Episode 1

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👗👗 Pepperoni’s pov👗👗

Ohhh baby.
Do you ever learn?
Why you waste my time
Tryna smoke tryna get high
See it in my eyes….”

The song ‘pills’ by Chris Brown blast through my ears.
I was just enjoying my sleep.
Am forced to wake up and just listen to the loud hit.

My aunt Lola and Gigi are at it again!

So annoying.
They are always lousy and enjoy loud songs.

But they’re cool aside the awful features.

I got off the bed and strolled to the bathroom. I pulled off my clothes before stepping into the bathtub. I closed my eyes meditating on how far I’ve come.

I lost my parents last three months and I’ve been staying with my mom’s sisters, Lola and Gigi. We’ve been living cool and they’re nice and generous but they always goto work at night. Then return super early in the morning. I don’t care about what they do, am just glad there’s money and luxury.

The door of my bathroom burst open revealing aunt Lola.
She’s fair, has bright eyes. Tall and s**y. She’s always on make up and have a nose ring. Her nails are artificial and long just like her pink dyed hair.

“Wash up fast cause we’re going to the mall right now!!!!” She yelled cause of the loud music.

I nodded and she left slamming the door.
All day enjoyment with my loving aunties but at night, am left alone in this big house.

I was done scrubbing and I stepped out.
I dried my wet hair before going to put on some clothes. I picked a nice blue jean and pink top. I also grabbed a face cap.

I wore them with a sea blue snicker.
I met my aunties at the living room.
The music was no longer playing.
There were all dressed up in their hot outfits.

“Where’s my breakfast?” I asked.
Aunt Gigi chuckled.
“We’ll stop by a resturant and eat!” She said.

I took my phone from the table and went to them. We left the house and got into Aunt Lola’s Benz.
Believe me when I tell you they’re wealthy.

We drove off on our way to the mall.


👟👟Oscar’s pov👟👟
I stepped out of the bathroom and met the maids fixing what I’d wear.

I ordered them to leave before taking the clothes to wear..
My phone rang and I quickly picked it up.

“Tomorrow is Rachel’s birthday. Will you help me get something for her at the mall?” My younger brother – William asked..

“Am bored anyways. Meet you there in 10” I replied.

“Wear your mask too before you get strangled by girls” he said.

I scoffed and hung up.

Of course I’ll wear my mask if I want to come back alive.
Am an artist.
One of the top best in America.
I hardly go out cause am an introvert but today, I have to for my brother.
His girlfriend is quite demanding😒

I was done dressing up.
I took my phone – the most expensive one.
It’s the latest and newest model there ever is.

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I left my mansion and got into one of the cars. My driver drove off as the rest of the cars followed behind.

I plugged in my earpiece in my phone and began listing to one of my best songs.

I sank into the chair relaxing.


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