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Treasure Episode 53

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(🌹Tale of two brothers🌹)



I walk away from the hallway and start walking down the one that leads to the classes.
I need to get to class at least.
I keep walking and murmuring to myself until I bump into someone.

When I raise my head, a gasp slides through my mouth immediately.
It’s that Treasure guy. The one Sean told me to stay away from.

“We meet again. ”
He smiles and I remember Sean’s words from earlier.

Whenever you see him. You turn the other side and run candy. Run.

Without thinking, I turn back immediately and then take to my heels, not even for once turning back to look at him.
I run and keep running until I make sure I am not anywhere near him again.

I sigh before taking the stairs from where I am and taking it down the hallway.
God. One could get lost in this school.
There are so many places I didn’t come to even when I clean here.
The school is just so big and beautiful.

I sigh and start walking down the hallway and that when I see some classes but this isn’t like our classes.
It’s designed for five to six people and it’s very beautiful.

I bow my head as I pass by and that’s when I come across a class.
Everything made of glass and there are less than ten seats in here.

I gasp as I tiptop to the window and take a peek.
I smile and there’s a lecturer in there, teaching them about music. I guess.
I turn to look around and that’s when my eyes caught him.
He isn’t even listening to what the teacher is saying. He has headphones over his head and his eyes are glued to his phone.
The teacher didn’t complain either. I guess he must be really popular.
Now, that I have a phone. I should look up his songs. I smile as I watch him from afar.
He looks really beautiful even from here.
I was about to leave and that’s when my eyes caught Sean.
I smile as I try waving at him but he isn’t looking at me. He’s staring at the teacher and he also has headphone around his head.

I was about to quietly leave when my head hits against the glass and I wince at I quickly move away from there.

You’re really stupid candy.
Thankfully for me, they didn’t even notice me and I sigh before walking back to to where my class leads.

I walk to my seat which is beside Zara and she turns to the other side without looking at me.
She mist be really angry about earlier.

“Zara… ”
I start to say when the teacher comes in and I sigh. I will just talk to her later.

I turn to my other side and Zoe is smiling at me. Reminding me not to mess this up probably.

I sigh before looking at the front to the teacher that’s came in.

“Okay guys. We will be trying some new lyrics and I will see if you guys can get the tone. ”
I bring out my book and pen before staring up at the board.

“So someone should try this new lyrics.
Ah! New student… ”
She says while I copy down the lyrics and Zara nudges me.

I turn to look at her and she nods her head towards the front.
I turn and raise my head to see the entire class staring at me, including the teacher.

“Would you mind trying these new lyrics, new student? ”
The teacher says and I slowly rise from my seat as I stare at the teacher, the students and finally Zoe.

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3 min read
3 min read
3 min read

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