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Just Us Episode 25

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(Do you believe?)
Bella. –

“C’mon Bella, don’t leave.” Fynn said as I walked away from my seat….
“No.” I mouthed as I grabbed my bag too.
“I can’t believe you’re going to leave just because I’m talking about how we kissed last night, seriously Bella.” Fynn yelled and the whole class turned to us.
I’m doomed.

I turned to Fynn and gave him the glare of his life as everyone starts to giggle and murmur about us.
My eyes caught Sophie on the other hand and the look she gave me showed a lot more than jealousy.
I turned back to Fynn and he looked innocent and clueless like always, acting like he wasn’t the one who stirred the whole class.

“Okay everyone.” we all suddenly heard a familiar voice and our biology teacher walked in the class.
“Seriously?” someone grumbled from behind and the whole class giggled.
“Yes I know you all hate me but you all have no choice. Now everyone standing up. Please sit down.” the biology teacher instructed and I had no choice but to take back my seat.

“Welcome back!” Fynn smiled at me.
“Don’t talk to me.” I rolled my eyes…
I heard his light chuckle when I nudged him as he tried to touch my hand.
School was finally over and everyone became happier when they all heard the school’s bell.

“Let’s go home. Come on, I’ll carry your bag for you” Fynn said as I shoved my books inside my bag.
“Thank you, but you can leave without me.!” I sighed.
“I certainly can’t.” he said.
I stood up from my seat and threw my backpack behind my back.
I start to walk towards the door and Fynn followed me.
We walked through the hallway together but I didn’t talk to him, but he wouldn’t stop talking and I wasn’t listening to what he was saying.

The car the twin and I brought to school this morning, I had to go over to Jane’s class to hand her the keys so she and Jennifer would come home together and I’d just take the bus with Fynn. She protested about not being able to drive well until a boy from her class said he’d drive her home if she want to and she agreed and took the keys from me.

Fynn and i made it to the bus stop and got in the bus.
And then an argument started. He said I get angry too quickly and I had to defend myself and it led us to an argument.

We got down from the bus and walked on the Lonley road together.
Our argument has ended and now we were both quiet. We both walked simultaneously down the quiet road without saying a word.
Until I felt fynn’s hand circled around my shoulder.
I stopped walking and my head snapped at him making him stop and slid his hand away from my shoulder…
“What do you think you’re doing?” I primped.
“I don’t know people usually do that at school I wanted to try it out.” Fynn smiled.
And he’s always acting so innocent.
Those stupid eyes.

“People usually do that when they’re dating. When they’re in a relationship Okay!” I made it clear to him.
“So…? I thought we were in some kind of relationship!” He said.
“You wish.” I scoffed.
“Of course, it’s what I wish for everyday.” he grinned.
He doesn’t mean it!

“I don’t go kidding around. You shouldn’t. You have connections with most of the… Oh Correction all of the cheerleaders in school, so you clearly have tons of girls you can place your hand on their shoulder. Mine is too weak and fragile. They can flip their body and carry their teammates on their shoulders so they probably have better shoulders. ” I rolled my eyes.
“Oh Bella. You’re impossible.” Fynn laughed as we start to walk again.
“No I’m just saying the truth.” I shrugged.
He’s like the school’s fairy.
Yeah I admit he’s charming, he can get girls whenever he wants to.
But… Wait why me.
I clearly remember Jane telling me Fynn likes me. And then we kissed last night, cause he started the kiss scene and I reciprocated.
So does he really like me. Cause he can’t possibly kiss me if he doesn’t like me.
But some boys tend to kiss girls they don’t like just to know whose lips they like best. But I don’t think fynn’s like that.
I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.
But Fynn looks so innocent and I believe he’s innocent.
Cause he acts innocent too.
Cause he barely some things too.

“What are you thinking about that you’ve passed even your own house.” fynn’s voice said snapping me out of my reverie.
“Huh?” I said and looked up to see another house in front of me and I turned back to see mine behind me.
“Oh silly me.” I laughed nervously as I said goodbye to Fynn and made it to my house.
I got inside the house and made it to my room, my aunt isn’t home neither is her husband and I’m Incharge.
That word. “incharge” always brings a smile to my face.
I took my bath, and changed into one of my comfy clothes. I took my phone and texted Jane I’ll be making dinner and she replied with.
*Looks like I’ll be coming home late today… You can keep mine but eat without me, sorry sis xoxo*
The word sis made me blush and as i dropped my phone.
I prepared dinner and ate alone. Didn’t bother texting Jennifer. Cause one she would ignore me and plus, I don’t have her phone number.
Their mom isn’t home and looks like they’re going to be out all day.
I sighed after gulping down a whole glass of water. I made sure I finished my food as I passed my plates to the sink and did the dishes immediately.
I retired to my room. My bed actually and just like that I stared at the ceiling.
The first person that came to my head was Fynn and I smiled.
“You must be crazy” I whispered to myself and laugh lightly.

“What’s so funny?” I heard fynn’s beside me and I screamed in shock and quickly sat up.
I looked around and saw Fynn beside me. Looking surprised by the way I screamed.
“What’s wrong why do you look so shocked.?” he asked.
“How… How.. How did you get in here. When did you get in here.” I was still shocked that I stuttered a lot.
“I came through the balcony” he replied…
“When?” my eyes widen at him.
“Just now!”.
“Then how come, I didn’t hear the doors opening or your footsteps and I thought you only come at night, it’s just 5:30pm, what are you actually doing here.” I questioned with a quizzical brow.
“Well alone with Jojo, I revieved the most painful eye ache ever and I decided to come check on the necklace, it’s wearing off and I think there’s another than for you to give it your life again.” Fynn said that in most frightening way ever.
“What?” I half yelled.
“You have to spill your blood on it again.” Fynn ordered.
“Don’t worry I’ll look for a way to stop this. But please just do what I ask now” Fynn added and looking at him. I didn’t know when I moved around my room, rummage through my drawer and brought out a sharp razor blade.
I breathed in heavily as I cut my thumb a little and thick red blood rushed its way out of the small cut.
I placed my thumb over the necklace letting the drop blood fall against the crystal pendant of the necklace and immediately it touched the necklace.
My cut healed and my heart skipped a beat and suddenly I felt. Alive. Open. And I just felt different and suddenly I wanted to have more.
What more do I want. I did not know, but I wanted more.
More of what? I questioned myself.

I turned to Fynn and he smiled at me.

We both remained quiet, not saying anything, as he sat on the concrete floor quietly while I sat on my bed quietly, my blood was being hyperactive, my mind, my body wanted to run around and scream in the wind. I couldn’t decipher what was happening with my body, but if there was another word for happiness, beatitude, blissfulness or warm fuzzies. I was trying to be self composed as I sat alone but I couldn’t. My body kept yelling. ‘Bella let’s run in the wind’.

“Bella” Fynn called and I answered immediately like I was waiting for him to call me.
“Yeah.” I replied hungrily.

“About that game.” Fynn started. “should we play that game.? The truth or dare game.” he asked his glossy eyes begging me to say yes.
Part of me wanted to say no. But all of me said “why not”
I made him understand the rule of the game. And made him pick one of the consequences himself.
If one person should lose to tell the truth or do the dare. What should the person pay with. Take off whatever he or she is wearing or pay with cash and Fynn chose the first option.
He’s innocent but. He’s naughty.
I don’t understand this girl.
My hyperactive body took me to the floor opposite Fynn and we had to use the online truth or dare since there was no card and instead of rolling a bottle or whatsoever. We just decided to take turns since it was just the two of us.
We did the paper rock and scissors to decided who would go first and I couldn’t believe I had to teach him that too.
Well we did it and I won. Well since he’s just a beginner at paper rock and scissors too.
“Okay then truth or dare?” I asked.
“Truth… UhnUhm. No dare…
” Can you just pick one. ” I said picking my phone up to see what the truth has to reveal or what the dare had to reveal.
“Okay fine dare.” Fynn sighed and I unlocked the dare to see what it says.
T. B. C
BY RUTHIE LEE 🌸 🌸 lemme go and sleep tomorrow we’ll continue our truth or dare 😂

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