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October 31, 2020

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Treasure Episode 1

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(🌹Tale of two brothers🌹)

By: Agu Ugochukwu

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💜💙 CHAPTER 01💜💙


I sigh as I go home with 70 rupees only.

If only god knows what I am going to buy with this amount of money.

I had better get something for mom before the shops closes.

I say, bowing my head in respect to Mr Jakarta, the owner of the shop.

“Namaste,how may I help you today?”
He asks smiling at me.

He is the only person who smiles at me in the village cause of my mother.

“I would like some fried rice please”
I say taking out the money from my pocket and stretching it forward to him with a smile plastered across my face.

“Here you go. ”
He smiles at me, giving me the rice which was wrapped up in a nylon.

I take it from him with a smile and head home to find mom sleeping while the house looked like a jungle.

I lock the door gently and sigh as I look around the house that was cleaned up before I left which now look like some animals invades it.
Damn! She really knows how to make a mess

I lock her in the house cause if she gets out, people will come to give me many complaints.

As much as it always pain me to say it, my mother is mentally unstable and I don’t have enough money to get her to the hospital.
The money I have been able to earn are all used for foods and some drugs to keep her a little calm.

I started tiding up the house while humming a song.
I really like singing a lot.

After what felt like forever ,I was done and I prepare the  fried rice into the plates before going to bath.

Soon I am done bathing and I go to the small living room to find everything a mess again while mom was eating food like an hungry woman.

I call rushing to where she is.

“Pa pu pi”
She starts saying words like that.

“Mom please stop”
I cry as tears threatened to fall from my eyes.

She takes the plate by force and it spills on the floor causing her to start licking the food on the ground like she was some kind of an animal.

Immediately i break down.I couldn’t take it anymore.
It’s too painful. Why does my mother have to be like this?

Seeing my mom like this was like something is been stabbed in my skin.

Oh where are my manners?
My name is Candy jha, a 22 years old girl who lives with her mentally derailed mother.
My father is dead and the accident leading to this situation is something I would rather not talk about.

I have dreams of becoming a musician though none of that came true but I am not ready to give up.

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I work many jobs per day trying to get food on the table.
It’s me and my mother versus the world.
I really miss the days when everything was alright.

If I don’t get tips per day then that means there is no food for us.

I slowly wipe the tears that managed to fall and clean all the dirty fried rice.

I take the one that was supposed to be mine and start to feed my mom like she was a two year old.


“You are both going to India tomorrow”
My dad drops the news and my eyes widens as I turn to look at Danny who looks just as shocked as I am.

Me and my brother (Danny) shouts at the same time.

“Don’t what me”
He said.”You are both going to a musical school and you will both behave like other learners there, start preparing immediately.
Your popularity and fame will grow more through this, this is a great opportunity so don’t you mess it up. ”
He said sternly and walk out.

I look at Danny and he takes his red lips inside his mouth cutely.

He hates people and  this is really annoying to him.

He walk out tracing his steps slowly like some kind of a god.

I just shake my head and  walk up to my room.

No one dares to deny my dad when he talks which is why we have no choice but to go there.

So I guess we are going to India.That country that is full of many artists.
I still have no idea why we have to go, I mean we are already good at our job and we earn tons of money. What’s the essence of going to some musical school?
I really don’t get father at times.

Fuck!I really thought right now we are going to focus on our music not this kind of silly thing.

I sigh and start to pack.

Pardon my manners.
My name is Alex Treasure, a 25 year old musician.

Me and my brother are famous musicians known as TREASURE.

We started singing and dancing when we were still young till we got so good at it.
Danny really got the talent but I don’t care much about it.
Danny had told father he wanted to be a musician and I had thought it’s nonsense but during his first single dubet, he got lots of fans and got so popular. This is what interests me and made me join her and I have only one mission. To surpass him in this.

#The__ next __day

We just got out of my father’s private jet and our fans are busy taking pictures of us.
Danny didn’t pay much attention to them and keeps walking ahead oblivious of what’s happening around him while I try my possible best to sign autographs.

“Try to smile”
I whispered to Danny who just shrugs and carries on walking.

He has got some kind of attitude I don’t understand.

And worst of all people like him most despite the fact that he is rude and quite proud which really irritates me to the gut.


I wake up early in the morning and bath before going to work not forgetting to lock the door and giving my sleeping mother a kiss on her forehead.
No matter how she is, she’s my mother and I love her so much.

When I arrive at Blitz musical school where I work as a cleaner, learners were outside.

That is so unusual of them. I shrug and ignore them.

I was busy cleaning the toilets when I hear people screaming.

I rush outside to see a black limo and two guys coming out.

To tell the truth the other one had the swag and he looks like he doesn’t even care.

🔰OMG! It’s treasure.

🔰I can’t believe treasure is in our school, we love you so much treasure.

🔰Did you see Danny? Oh my gawd, he’s so hot!

🔰I love you my Danny!

🔰Damn! Danny looks like a god. Look at his walking style.

🔰Look at Danny’s finger, he got another ring!

people start screaming while taking  pictures especially the girls.

The name rings a bell in my mind but I just shove it off.
Where could I possibly know such people from?

They start cat walking while the other one was waving.

I couldn’t see them clearly anymore because of the security that covers them.

I look at them till they disappeared.

Then I remembered I still have lots of cleaning to do. Oh Geez, how could I have leave cleaning to poke nose into matter that isn’t my business, I actually forget what I’m here to do.

I sigh and turn around to go back to cleaning.

I bump into someone on the way and his phone falls to the floor and shatter into pieces.

Geez!I quickly hold my mouth and looked up.
My breathing hitches instantly.


What do you think guys?

Should I proceed or 🚶🚶

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