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His Signature Season 2 Episode 1

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………..Season 2 Episode 1……

By:Faith Lucky
πŸ’«Rachel’s POV πŸ’«
I sat beside Alex as Mona and Stanley played a karaoke song game.
Mona sang beautifully much more than Stanley and I guess it’s because Stanley was awfully drunk.

It was crazy but fun.

I felt a tap on my arm and I turned.
It was the weird Fraser guy squatting down beside my seat.
Alex couldn’t see him.
It was as if he was hiding.

“What do you want from me? “I asked.

“There is something I need to tell you about your sweetheart Alex. Like they say, to before warned is to before armed. “He said before standing up and walking to some place.

He wants to tell me something about Alex.
The man am about to marry.
I was perplexed on if I should follow him.

I turned to Alex who was quiet as he videoed Mona and Stanley singing with his phone.

“Give me 5 minutes, I’ll be back. “I told him.

I followed the Fraser guy to where he stood. He walked into the restroom. I hesitated a bit before following him in.

“What is it that you wanted to tell me about Alex? “I asked curiously.

He scoffed and smirked.
“I’ll tell you everything you want to know… If only you comply. “He said sounding hoarse.

Before i could intervene, He sent his hands to my waist and pulled my close to him.
I flinched and tried to pushing him off.
My efforts were going down the drain cause he was huge.

I hated this guy from the first especially his beard.

I kicked him with my knee but he held me tighter.
Oh God!
What are his intentions?

I freaked out and began panicking when he leaned on me for a kiss.

He forcefully kissed me and I bit the hell out of his lips. He was bleeding. his eyes popped as he saw his own blood coming out bit by bit.

Anger and hotness filled his face in and out. He raised his hand to slap me but was overthrown by a punch that landed right on his face.
I couldn’t tell where cause he let go off me and i crashed on the floor scratching some part of my skin.

I looked up in fright to see Alex throwing countless blows at Fraser whose face was washed red and blood allover.

Though he was huge and broad alot more than Alex, Alex still was able to beat him to a pulp. I was afraid he was going to beat him to death but what could I do?
Alex was flaming In anger as he lifted Fraser to kneel by his collar.

“Now listen to me, d*ckhead, am no longer Alexander Owens, am now Mr Alex Owens and you have no damn right to lift a finger on what’s mine under any circumstance.

“Am gonna spare you cause we are cousins, if not for that, you’d be on your way back to your ancestors! “Alex said between grit teeth.

He Violently let go off Fraser and he slumped on the floor panting. His stare drifted to me and he turned his back walking away.

I stood up overwhelmed and gobsmacked with what just happened.
My curiosity has put me in a whole lot of trouble.
thank God Alex came.

But would he talk to me again?
He looked very angry, even with me.
Oh Heavens!

I left the bathroom with my whole body shaking.my eyes were squinty as the blue disco lights flashed brightly.

June stood right by grinning.
“You’re yet to see anything Rachel. More is on it’s way you boyfriend snatcher! “She threatened fuming.

I scoffed.
“And who say’s am not ready to face them? “I jibed with a smirk before leaving her side.

I had barely taken 5 steps when, I looked over at the table we were on. Everyone had left and I think I saw Lucy at the dance floor.

I left the bar heading to where our cars where parked.

There was just one… We came with two Rovers.
I asked the driver curiously what happened to the other car.

He shrugged.
“Sir Alex drove it back to the suite. “He said.

I gasped.
Alex is drunk. How can he drive in that state?
I was scared and through out the ride back to the suite, I felt uneasy and distressed.

I messed up big time!
I didn’t want to call Alex cause I knew he was going to ignore my calls.
He once said it.
‘I might be a second June. I might deceive him just like June did.

I sniffed hard and that was when I felt the hot tears on my cheek. I was restless.

We arrived at the hotel and the car stopped before the entrance.
“Go ahead ma’am. We’ll look for his car to see if he got home safe. “One of the drivers said and I nodded.

I got down from the car quickly took the elevator. I got to our suite and opened the door.
Everything was in order.
I went to the bedroom to find Alex on the bed putting on his top. He looked like he had just stepped out of the shower.

He shot me a stare. His eyes were dark and red. His lips natural pinkness surfaced. He quickly looked away And took his phone and began operating it as he laid back on the bed.
I went straight into the bathroom and pulled my clothes off.

I had a shower before stepping out. I took out my favorite pajamas and wore them.

I came to the bed and laid down covering myself half way with the duvet.

The silence was creepy.

“Am sorry about what happened. Forgive me Alex. “I said sounding apologetic.

He sighed.
“Forget about it. Its Not entirely your fault.” He said icily.

He threw his phone to the center between both of us and turned to his side. He turned off the lights.

Am so glad he spoke to me and wasn’t angry with me.

I slowly shifted to closer to him and hugged him from behind. He had his back on me. He suddenly turned and pulled me closer taking my lips into his.

The kiss was intense and so passionate. He didn’t want to let go. After the kiss, we slept in each other’s arms cuddling.


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  1. Better be careful next time and you should know your adversary June is going about to pull you down,

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