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Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

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The Players Episode Six

7 min read

The Players🌹🌹
Playboy meets Playgirl😎
Written by📜
Adelegan ilerioluwa💞
Now enjoy😘

👒Episode six👒

🌹 Ariel’s POV 🌹
My eyes beemed immediately I saw a trending new online. It’s about Kyle Austin

Breaking news:

Hot tears rollwed down my cheeks

Why am I even crying? I asked myself and cleaned my eyes. He has got nothing to do with me just that I didn’t have the chance to revenge. I have to take my money

I can’t let him use me like that. If he says he is smart, then I’m smarter.
It’s time to get things done Ariel. I said to myself

I took my bag

Argh! I screamed all of a sudden, it’s a rat again.
When will I be free from this.
Okay, Ariel you can do this. I need to take my money.I said to myself
I got to the door and my phone rung. I picked it immediately, it was Rosella

Hey babe. She said squeekingly over the phone
Hi. I responded
You coming over tonight? She asked

Oh, I almost forgot about that. Yeah, I will be coming. I will..I will go and get ready. I said
Okay. Our usual club, don’t forget. She said and dropped the call
Bella’s club. I muttered
I need to go and get my money from Kyle. Even though he is on a sick bed, I ‘am gonna get it!
I won’t let him fool me
Never, I’m gonna let him go

Everywhere was occupied. Some were with flowers
Has he recovered already? I asked myself
Well I don’t care, all that matters now is my money.
I caught someone’s sight. He looks familiar to me
Oh my God! Mathwie!
I covered my mouth and hid myself before he sees me

What is he doing here, I mean…..he told me he doesn’t stay in Taxas and…..
Does he knows Kyle?
Thank God I saw him first, I would have been arrested if he sees me
He walked away from where he was staying. I got relieved.
I went out of where I was hiding, I caught the sight of a nurse
Excuse me nurse. I called and she turned to me
How may I help you ma’am. She requested
Actually…i…I’m here to see Kyle Austin. I said
Oh, Mr Kyle? She asked and I nodded
He’s gonna be discharged today. She said and my eyes widened. I thought I read it, he was shot and he’s okay now????
You just take a corner and then by your left, you’re gonna see his name inscribed on the Ward’s door. Thanks you. She said and left.

Slowly, I did as she directed. I got to his ward
Some people were with him
A old man, a woman and two ladies.
I wanted to go in but held back. I don’t have to disgrace myself. I will get back at him. I said to myself and left

🌹 Kyle’s POV 🌹
I saw someone standing by the door, her face looks familiar.

Matilda, can you please check who is at the door. I ordered
Okay. She said and went to the door.
Kyle, no one is here. She said and laughed

Brother, are you dreaming? Evelyn asked and also laughed

Will you keep quiet Evelyn. My mum scolded and she kept mute immediately
Can you remember who those culprit were? My dad asked
Lucas, at least let him have some rest. She mum said back to him

You are going home today and you will be staying at our mansion. Mum said to me and I flinched

Momma, I told you I’m okay. I can stay alone, please. I replied

Okay okay. If you insist. She said
But would you mind if I stay with you tonight. Matilda said

No, I have a girlfriend! I bursted and why did I say that
I have just added to my problems. I don’t even have one

Wow! What type of girlfriend do you have, a girlfriend who doesn’t care about your welfare? Matilda said and crossed her arms

Gosh! Matilda your talks sucks! Yuck!
Okay, I will stop talking. She said and raised her two hands in the air

Mathwie came in

Hey bro, I will be going. I will go and attend the meeting on your behalf. He said
Okay, thanks bro. I said and he nodded
He left
My mind drafted to to Ariel, i’m sure she would be mad when she finds out I gave her an invalid card which could land her to prison
Well, that serves her right. She thinks she’s smart right? I said within myself and chuckled. I think my sister noticed
What’s funny? Evelyn asked
I told you to let him have some rest! My mum shouted at her
But mum….
No but, keep quiet for the rest of the day! She fired back at her

Mum has been harsh with Evelyn since she turned eighteen. I don’t know why but she said she always gets on her nerve
She’s my sister and…
Whatever. I’m not ready to rack my brain

I got home all by myself. It was stressful.
The culprit thought they shot me in my chest not knowing it was they had a wrong target. It just painful that I can’t remember their faces clearly but i know it was a lady and a man

Welcome home sir. My maids greeted.
Why are my guards. I asked as I plonked myself on a couch
Umm..they went in search of the culprit. Amella said and I mouthed an’O’

I went to room and changed into something casual. I took my car key and headed out
I need to something to wipe away my sorrows

🌹 Ariel’s POV🌹
I got out of my room all dressed but not like a sex worker like I used to. I feel like wearing something casual today.
I met parents andy siblings at the passage having a discussion about Kyle Austin.
Kyle Austin, I hope he’s fine. I said and walked away.

I got in and met everyone having fun. I saw Rosella coming to me
Hey girlfriend. She said sqeakingly
Hi. I responded
Why are you in this? She asked and pointed to my dress
Just wished to. I said and grabbed a drink.
Geez, Ariel, a jean trousers and a jacket? Don’t you wanna make money. She said and also took a drink
I smiled at her. You know I have my.ways Rosella. I said
So…. She said
So what? I asked
Kyle Austin. She said
What about him? I asked
What do you mean by that. He called you right and…..
He dumped me. I said cutting her off
Yes, he duped and dumped me. I said
How…how did he do that? She asked
Don’t worry Rosella, I’m gonna get back at him. I said with a smirk

Oops,sorry about that. She said
Kyle. I muttered and chuckled
Hey, isn’t that Kyle sitting over there. She said and pointed to a direction which my eyes followed
What is he doing here. I asked myself
Ariel, this is the perfect time for you to get back at him. She said and pushed me forward
I stared at Kyle. He stood up and all of a sudden,he fell.
Seems he is drunk.

Go and help him Ariel. She said
Okay, fine I will. I said and left for his place
Hi. I said and waved at him. He is really drunk
Are you okay? I asked and he took another drink.
It’s alcoholic, I don’t even take this.
I collected it from him
Someone that was just discharged today drinking like this. He’s gonna hurt himself
Well, I am helping him so that I would be able to to get my money from him. Nothing more
I want to go home. He said and stood up. He wasn’t standing well
Hey, just sit. I will help you home. I said
Wow, are you my girlfriend? He asked and I was bemused
Everyone attention was in us. It is every lady’s dream to be seen with Kyle Austin.
Apart from the fact that he is super rich
He’s also handsome and cute!
Is he joking? I asked myself
You are so pretty and I feel like kissing you right now. He said and cupped my cheeks in his hands
You are so beautiful. He said again
I know you are my girlfriend
Oh, Kyle. I need to get you home. I said and brought his hands down from my cheeks.
Geez! I hate this guy.
I help him up .
He stared at my face and smiled
Hey, what are you looking at? I asked and frowned
And then all of a sudden he shouted
She’s my girlfriend!!!!!!!!
Kyle sha


Love y’all💕

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