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Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

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The Rift Between Us Episode 4

2 min read


Written by Dominic Blessing



“Mom, Dad you guys are back.”

“Yeah honey we are and who do we have here?” Eric’s mother Patrice asked as she planted a kiss on her son’s cheek.

“Yeah son who is she?” Mr George asked as he gently dropped his suitcase

“Well Mom Dad meet Shelia the girl who saved me from drowning all those years ago. Shelia meet my parents.”

The couple looked at each other and then looked back at Shelia who was reading their faces

“Um.. Eric can we talk to you for a sec!” Eric’s mother asked

“Sure.. Shelia give me a minute.”

And with that the three of them stepped a little further leaving Shelia all on her own.

“Son are you sure she’s the girl? Cause it’s been years since that incident happened you can’t possibly think she’s the one will you.”

“Yeah son your mother is right are you sure she’s the one. Cause I don’t trust that girl for a minute.”

“Come on guys it’s not everything that is all about money she saved my life and am very sure we can trust her.”

Eric was aboutr saying something else when they heard the door bang closed and immediately Eric quickly went over the door.

“Great and now she’s gone I don’t even know if she’s coming back or not.”

“Maybe she left because she knew we were saying the truth..” Eric’s father said

“Whatever dad am heading to my room.”
And with that Eric headed back to his room with disappointed written all over his face

“Will she come back cause I can’t even believe I just saw her and now because of my parents she’s gone.”

The rest of the day Eric wasn’t concentrating his thoughts were all about Shelia he wanted so badly to set his eyes on her again.
But where will he even start from the girl is practically is a ghost he was still thinking about her when be fell asleep.

(In his dream)

“I know you believe me Eric and am sorry I left but your parents doesn’t believe me. But Eric I need your help I need your help or else my kingdom will fall.”

“But where are you?”

“Wake up and you’ll find me.”

Immediately Eric woke up and quickly checked the time and it was about 9:00am quickly he went outside the compound it was like he knew where he was headed with each step he took all he saw was her face. It was like she was inside his head.


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