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Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

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The Rift Between Us Episode 3

2 min read


Written by Dominic Blessing



“So princess you’re welcome to my home.”

“Thank you Eric..”

“So what can I get you?”

“Trust me Eric I didn’t come here to drink I came here because I need your help.”

“Wow! Princess you didn’t even allow me to thank you for saving my life. I’ve been searching everywhere for you I even thought maybe you were a ghost or something..”

The princess murmured something under her breath “something.”

“Sorry what did you say?”

“Nothing Eric please listen you can thank me later but right now my kingdom is in trouble and as the princess am tasked with bring back the only thing that could save my people.”

“Alright princess am at your service. What can I do?”

“You can help me by finding the ORB of life.”

“Excuse me the what?”

“The ORB of life it has the power to bring life to my people and without it my species will go extinct.”

Eric wasn’t understanding at all what Shelia was driving at but still he wants to be the prince that saves the damsel in distress.

“Alright princess let’s pretend for one sec that I believe you how are am supposed to help you? Cause believe me when I say I have no clue about this ORB of a thing.”

Eric was right even if he is to help her he has no clue on how to go about it or where to begin in the first place.
While Shelia on the other hand knows exactly what it looks like but how will she show it to the human in front of her who looked very much confused than ever.

Will telling him the truth about herself help! Is she right in trusting the human! These where the thoughts going through her head all at the same time.

“You know what Eric am sorry I shouldn’t have come here it’s all a mistake. I’ll take my leave now.”

Immediately she got up and started walking down to the door.

“Wait Shelia please am sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable am sorry alright if you need my help then am here. But you must understand for me to help you I really need to understand what it is you’re looking for. So please tell me what this ORB of life looks like or rather if you have a sample you can better still show me.”

Shelia was about saying something when Eric’s parents walked into the house holding hands and surprised to see a stranger or better still a beautiful woman with their son.


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