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Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

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Baddest Girl (Innocent Strippers) Episode 55

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(All I ever wanted)



Episode 55

Danny’s POV

I lead her to the table and help her sit down on her seat.
“Thank you.” She said and I give her a tight smile.

I sat down on my chair and pick up my fork,I look over at Kierra and she was also looking at me.
Why did I get so lucky?
She just love me unconditionally, I know that this past few days i have been distance from her but I was just busy.

I know that she feel like I’m neglecting her but I ain’t. I need her to know this but I’ll never neglect her nor her feelings.

“Why ain’t you eating? I heard her ask and I look at her.

“Just thinking about how beautiful you are.” I said and she blushed.
“Come on, eat up.” I said as I put some steaks on her plate.
She mouthed a thank you and bite on her steak.

I continue my meal while stealing glances at her.
I just can’t help to look at her.

After eating I took her hand and we walk towards sea. We sat down on the sand and let her sit inside my lap.

“This place is so cool and quiet, I love it.” She said and I smile while sniffing her hair.

“I’m glad you love it babe.” I said and wrapped my hands on her waist.

I kissed on her neck and she tilted it aside for a better view.
I kiss and bite on her neck making sure my bite shows on her neck.

She grab my hand and place it on her shoulder.

“I love you.” I muttered on her ear and she giggle.

“I love you too….Danny.” She said and lean on my chest.

I don’t know what I would have done without this woman, she bring back the light that I lost.

“Danny, I don’t know what I would have done without you.” She whispers.
“I don’t know what I would have done too.” I said and smile.

I help her up and kneel down in front of her.

“What are you doing? She ask.

“Ever since I met you Kierra my heart was on conflict with myself.
I haven’t been myself ever since then, when I later realize myself I couldn’t take my mind off you and my heart have been on fire since then. I love you Kierra Brown and I want to make you my wife, will you marry me Kierra? I asked and she was already crying.

“I will….I will marry you Danny.” She said and I slip the ring on her finger and kiss it before standing up and hug her.

“Thank you babe, you don’t know how happy I am.” I said to her.
I am so happy like never before.

She tip toed and kiss my lip softly.
Her soft lip fight for dominance with mine and I let her.
I love this woman.

Kierra’s POV

“Oh my gosh, welcome to the Marvin family baby.” Sierra said and she held my hand happily checking out the ring.

I can’t deny it I’m the happiest woman on earth today.
I can’t believe that Danny is already my fiance.
I don’t really want a big wedding so I decided on a low key legal marriage where we just sign the documents and problem solved.

I haven’t heard of Killian for a while now and ain’t planning to hear from him.

“So… When is the wedding? Sierra asked as she lead me to sit down on a two seater couch.

“Just a legal marriage sister, I’m not in for big wedding anymore.” I said as I remember my married life with Killian.
Anyone who same for our wedding will think that we will be the happiest couple forever but I guess things don’t go as planned sometimes.

“Okay, whatever, we’re still gonna have a little reception here at home.” She said happily and I can’t help but nod my head.

She is the best sister ever, now we switched sides.
I think having Zach in her life improve her experience sexually.

“So you’re ready for shopping? We need to get some lingeries for your first night together as husband and wife, oh my gosh and I need to take you to the skin Care store too.” She said and I giggle.

She is crazy!


Sorry it’s short!!

Good night fellas

Promzy Davis💋💋💋

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