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Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

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Baddest Girl (Innocent Strippers) Episode 54

5 min read


(All I ever wanted)


(Date night)

💅Episode 54💅

This chapter is gon’ get a little smut at the end!

💎Kierra’s POV💎

Things have been really sweet with Danny around me.
He took me to various dates, he take care of me. I really haven’t been so happy the way I’m now for a very long time.

“What are you thinking about? Sierra asked and I shrugged.

“Just some stuffs.” I said and she smiled. She sat down on the two seater couch and scroll through her phone.
She smile as she type something on her phone, I’m sure she’s typing Zach.

Zach have really been an amazing father and husband, he really surprised me the way he take care of his family.

I stood up from the couch and went inside the kitchen. I pour myself some juice and went back inside the sitting room with it.

I sat back on my previous position and sip lightly on my juice.

“Savannah still sleeping? I asked and she nods.
“Oh goodness me, I’ve got to get a dress at the mall.” She suddenly said.

“A dress?

“Yea, Zach is taking me out on a date tonight.” She said and smile. The way she said it make me feel like it is there first date together.
She look like a teenager whenever she talk about her husband.

“You want me to come along.” I asked and she shook her head.

“I’ve got to rush, it is 5pm already.” She said and rush upstairs.
I bring out my phone and debate on whether to call Danny or not.

We haven’t spoke with each other for two days now, though he told me that he’s gon’ be busy but I expected him to text at least.
I decided to call him, I dial his number and place it on my ear.

“Hey babe.” He said. His voice was husky and so manly. No I forgot to add sexy there.

He sounds tired, I wonder what he is up to this few days.
“Hey .” I simply said.

“I’m so sorry for not giving you a call all this while babe, I was just busy with work.” He said and I roll my eyes.
Yea, busy enough not to check up on me.

“Busy enough not to call or check up on me? I asked. I don’t know why but I felt neglected.
I feel like he put his work first above everything.
It’s so sad!
I feel my tears burning in my eyes.
I just needed someone to care for me, to cuddle me and kiss my hair, someone to whisper sweet words to me, someone whom will take care of me and put me first above everything else.

“No…no babe, you’re mistaken I told you before that I will be busy sweetheart, don’t think that I neglect you okay? Because I’ll never do that.” He said and I smiled.
Somehow I feel assured that he loves me more than I ever imagine.


“Be a good girl and dress up for me tonight, we’re going on a date.” He said and shiver rushed down my spine in excitement.


“Yea really, I got to go now babe.” He said.
It’s not even up to thirty minutes yet.

“I love you babe, always remember that.” He said and I picture in my head how a dirty smirk played on his lip as he said that.

“I love you Danny.” I said too.
The other line was quiet and I thought he hanged up already.

“I’ll see you @8 sweetheart, dress perfectly for me.” He said and hang up.

Butterflies rumble on my lower stomach and i bite my lower lip to suppress my blush.

“Continue blushing, I’m leaving see ya in the next thirty minutes.” Sierra said and rush out.

How long has she been there?


I left Sierra’s house immediately they left for there date, the maids are looking after Savannah.

I took my bath and wore a blue short dress that stopped at my kneels.

I put on a little makeup and stare at myself on the giant mirror in my room.
I look….different and beautiful.

The door bell ring and I quickly pick up my clutch and rush downstairs, the house was quiet since I live alone with my maid.

The only sound heard is that of my heels.
Maybe Avala is sleeping.

I opened the door and there stood the man I love in all his glory, he have got a new haircut. His blonde hair comb slightly rough.
He was wearing a black Shirt, the first two button was left undone, a black trouser and a black shoe.
He was wearing a black gang today.

His eyes were checking me out and I feel my cheek heat up.
He was eye fucking me.

“You look beautiful mhi lady.” He said in a thick British accent.

“You look cute too.”

He lead me to his car and drove off.
He drive for more than an hour and I wonder where we’re going.

Few minutes later he stopped the car and help me out of the car.
It’s a beach, but why a beach at this hour?

But I didn’t question him, we walk hand in hand deep along the sand and reach a place with table and chairs set up with different types of dishes.
It was just so beautiful, the candle lights were just amazing.

“You did this for me? I asked facing him as tears burn in my eyes.

“I did everything for you sweetheart.” He said and I blushed.
I hugged him tightly and let my tears flow.

He cup up my face and lower his lips to mine, I kissed him back with so much intensity.

His hand went to my ass and he squeezed it hard while I moan into his mouth.

His hand explore my body as we devour each others lips.

Fuck it, I want him so fucking much.

He touched my breast and squeeze it a little and release a growl.

“I just want to take you right away.” He said into my lip and back off.
“But we got to eat first.” He added and I whimpered at the lost of contact.


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Good morning fellas!

Promzy Davis💋💋💋

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2 thoughts on “Baddest Girl (Innocent Strippers) Episode 54

  1. Thank God you post been long I always check everyday for any update on this story but am always disappointed.. I know is not easy but we your fans that are reading are anxious…..good work dear more strength

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