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Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

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One Night With A Billionaire Boss Episode 62

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One Night With A Billionaire Boss

Chapter 62

Tanaga was smiling as he went out of the bathroom while shaking his head. As Ashley closed the door, his cellphone, which was in his pants’ pocket, rang.

He quickly took out his cellphone and looked to see who’s calling. His forehead wrinkled when he saw the number. He paused to think about whether he should answer or not. In the end, he just let the phone ring. It would be better if they will not yet talk. He is not ready to speak to the person who called.

Tanaga decided that it would be better if he would dress simply so that he would not look intimidating when Ashley introduces him to her parents and brothers. When he opened his closet to look for something appropriate to wear, his forehead wrinkled again because he could not see a single shirt or pair of pants that are simple enough.

“What should I do? If I would ask my butler, it will take some time before he arrives. Ah, anything goes. Anyway, she’ll introduce me as her boss and not her husband, so it will be ok if I am in business attire.” However, he felt a pinch in the heart when he thought about their real relationship.

He suddenly felt sad, so he went to the sofa to wait for Ashley as she got ready. While seated, Tanaga could not help but think about what is happening in his life and the new feelings he is experiencing.

“Is this how it feels to be in love? Even a small smile from her will make me feel like I am in heaven?” He sighed deeply.

What Tanaga did not know is that after Ashley took a bath, she stood outside the bathroom door and saw him sigh deeply. Her smiling face suddenly changed. She thought that Tanaga had a problem with her due to the arrival of her family.

That is why while she was dressing up, she thought of an idea so that she does not need to introduce Tanaga to her family. However, the problem is that her family will call Tanaga’s phone to inform them if they have arrived. She was more confused and worried.

She was busily thinking of a way to avoid Tanaga and her family’s meeting while dressing up when Tanaga received a text message from her mother.

Nanay Felu: [Sir, Boss! Can you please tell my daughter that we are already here downstairs. Where should we meet her?]

Tanaga quickly texted back because he was also excited to meet the family of Ashley.

Tanaga: [Ma’am, please wait in the lobby near the concierge desk, and Ashley is on her way down.] He stood up excitedly to tell Ashley to hurry up since her family is already there waiting for her.

“Babe!!! Your mommy texted to say that they are already downstairs. Hurry up, or else they might get bored.” He shouted jokingly while walking towards the bathroom. But, he was surprised as he opened the door… there was no Ashley there!

He thought she might be in the bedroom dressing up, but… not even Ashley’s shadow was there.

When he realized that Ashley was not really inside the penthouse, his face grew dark with piercing eyes as he went out of the bedroom…

“Don’t you even dare do what I am thinking about… Because if you did it, and I find you…” Tanaga whispered to himself as he rode down the elevator going to the hotel lobby…

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12 thoughts on “One Night With A Billionaire Boss Episode 62

  1. Tanaga, just go down stairs and introduce yourself to her family as her husband. Ashley why are you ashame to show your family to your husband….. Don’t you know, you are pregnant already.
    Next please……..

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