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[πŸ’¦am not uglyπŸ’¦]
Adesola Adeomowole ✍
(Adesola BOOKS)

The police approach where i was,my jaws dropped down.
Not that am surprised this is real,am only scared of my father’s name.If this gets to him,he would be so disappointed with me.
The manager of the mall also approached where i was.

“going lady you were just so careless.You could have said sorry”, the manager said.
I had to keep quiet.Not that am proud or grumpy.Truthfully,I could have told him sorry but he pushed me and I also hurt my knuckles too,he couldn’t even help me up,he fling me away like I am some piece of trash.
He’s not a niece person at all,he left me to be arrested.

“young lady,you will need to follow us to the station right now” one of the police officers said and signify his identity card.
“no no please,I beg of you”
Mrs Fleur said almost close to tears,
the officer didn’t give in the other one brought out a handcuff.

“I’m…..i…I…” I sturtled.
A man in black suit came from behind, he looked exactly like a manager.
“Officers retreat,scars just ordered her release” he said.
“and you, learn to be careful” he pointed at me.They left.
Mrs Fleur sighed and thanked the manager of the place.

I feel so not me as i followed her out.
Am very sure she won’t want me to follow her out again,the thought of it made me feel displeased.If I had known this would happen,I would not have stand up from the swaying chair in the first instance.I wish I can turn back the hands of clock.

Mrs Fleur didn’t say anything to me till we entered the car.
That silence…it really hurt.
“I’m sorry for what happened
10minutes so,I shouldn’t have stood up” I said.
‘it’s fine” she replied.
The drive home was really silent,
the securities opened the gate immediately the car got nearest.I insist helping Mrs Fleur in carrying the stuffs inside,the other maids already plunge out before I could even take a move.

I followed them in and entered my room to clean up the little wound I got on my knuckles.Each time I look at the wound, I would recollect what happened at the mall.If only that guy didn’t come.
I took off my shirt,I was now left in a white singlet and a white short as I fell into my pillow.I wish I saw his face too cos I might want to deal with him in the future.
scarsπŸŒ€πŸŽ»πŸŽ·,am not ugly.

I remained in bed like that,
my phone disturbed me by buzzing. Firstly two messages from the mystery guy,secondly a call from my mom.I didn’t bother picking the call,
am just scared she might have found out that I went out.I opened the mystery guy message.

πŸ’Œ are you always quiet?”
πŸ’Œ well,hope you didn’t get hurt?”,
I read his messages.
is this guy really stupid-
Again,I was tempted to reply him but I managed to hold myself.Replying him might make him think something else…
πŸ’Œ you won’t still reply?..
πŸ’Œ *smiles* if only you know who i am,you wouldn’t always ignore my messages” he sent…
I dropped my phone beside where I lay on the bed.
more messaged continue buzzing in, I didn’t even bother looking into it, I ignored it totally.

3hours passed….
I was still in bed,feeling so worried.
its obvious I won’t get the opportunity of ever stepping my feet out again…
“Anike,lunch is served” a maid knocked at mg door.
“thanks,am not interested”, I said.
the maid left.
how can I think of eating when I almost got arrested.
“should I get you something?”, the maid came back again.
“no,am okay” I said.
I could feel her leaving my door.
my mom called again,I didn’t pick so she sent a message.
πŸ’Œ you’re the one in the video right?”, sgr sent alongside with a video.
my body went cold as I played the video she sent,it was me at the mall,it even showed where the guy pushed me away.
πŸ’Œ where did you get this from?”, I replied…
πŸ’Œ when did you start disobeying me?”, she sent.
πŸ’Œ mom he pushed me away,he left me to be arrested”,I replied.
she didn’t send anything again and I kind of felt relieved.

I dropped my phone angrily and left for the living room with the project am working on at school.
I sat quietly on one of the heavenly couch with the pad I was working on. I noticed three maids were standing behind the couch i was sitting,they quit staring at me and look elsewhere.
Two cars drove in,
the first horn sounded like a military car while the other was my mom’s car.Another car drove in,the sound was unfamiliar.
I remained quiet till they move in.
Right before me was my mom and a young girl of my age.
she looks so unfamiliar yet I don’t think have met her before.
our eyes locked,she quickly looked away in a sync.
“waoow your house is perfect” SGD beamed at my mom..
“feel at home okay” my mom said and I noticed the maids taking bags inside.
I made a “who’s this?”, look at my mom,she cleared her throat.

“Kim Berly meet Anike, my daughter and your cousin.Anike this is Kim Berly” my mom introduced.
the two of us looked at each other.

“hi” I greeted.She rolled her eyeballs in a snubbing manner.My mom saw it and I quickly reframe myself.
“the maids would show your room for the week” my mom said and started heading upstairs.
Kimberly swiftly followed the maids upstairs.My mom turned to me.
“Anike are fine?”, she asked.
i made a straight face,
she cane back to me,I quickly stood yo with my notepad and pen,I took another stairway upstairs before she could get to me.
“Anike pele(sorry)”, she said in her local dialect.
I still didn’t answer,she followed me upstairs.
“where are you going?”, she asked.
“nowhere,I want to change and probably shower.About Kimberly,am not angry” I said and entered my room.I dropped my book and took off my clothes.I tied a gowek and entered the washroom to have a cold shower.I step out of the washroom after drying my body.
I met things in my bed.
Twenty different shopping bags if I could count well,so many bags, shoes, perfumes,powder and many girly things.

I sigh and open my wardrobe to select what I will wear for the night which is a black long sleeve top, a matching black short and a net socks cos of cold.
I changed into it and brush my long hair backwards. I slip my feet into a white diamond stoned room slippers and went to the living room with my phone.
The Kim Berly girl was already there, her whole attention was settled on her pink laptop.

“you’re the girl that injured scars superstars”she exclaimed as she look me well.This time it was so different, she stared at me like its her first time seeing a human being.
“why are you asking me…remember you snubbed me minutes ago.You made me felt like we ain’t in category then why the sudden change” I said.
she moved her eyes in a roll.
“can we just pretend nothing happened earlier” she said.

“did you injure him for real?”,
she asked with so much enthusiasm.
“who is the him? I don’t know anybody,if was an accident- that mean and rude thing-” I said..
she furrowed her eyebrows.

“you mean you don’t know who he is?”, she asked ad she takes in my figure slowly.It got to a stage I started asking myself why she’s staring at me like that.

“is there something on my body?”,
I asked,she suddenly look away like someone who just got herself.
she sturtled and didn’t say anything further.

“do you know the person i bumped into?”,I asked.She coughed.

“well good for him,am not a fan”,I said..Kim Berly looked at me in another different manner,I had to tap her so as to control herself.
“Do you know about “spark”?”, she asked.
“yeah,that’s the name of my school” I replied..
“no,I don’t mean that way..okay what about scars” she asked.I was starting to get sleepy.

“Scars” is a word used to coin the two best,best male music band. “spark and glow”.It consists of four boys each.
The spark boys include; Harry,Mike, Blaine and Jungkook.
Harry is their leader,best voice,best personalities that keeps girls in suspense,best dancer, best dress sense…he’s very wealthy and extremely handsome too.His net worth is the highest not only in this part of the world,all around the globe.
After Harry,Jerome from “glow” is the next choice… although the both ain’t in good terms.
They were best of friends right from childhood,their friendship cut immediately they were signed into the industry…I can’t really tell why they became enemies”.
Kim berly opened her phone and should me a picture of a girl.
“this is Jhe Ann,she’s also trained by scars,she’s my close friend”
I kept mute as she explained.

I was already feeling sleepy.
Her face suddenly came close to mine.
“Anike,which idol did you meet?”,
she asked..
“I don’t know,am not a fan”,I replied in a sleepy voice…
She hissed and left my presence.

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