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Home Alone With My Adopted Step Sister Episode 3

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Episode 3

She remove my shirt and threw it to Gods knows where.

Amaya’s pov
He is handsome and sweet who won’t want to get him wrapped around their fingers

He remove my bun short and his finger finds it way to my pu..y . he fingered me slowly and I moan loudly.he slowly added the other finger. I moan out his name, he thrust in and out of me , goshhh Alex don’t stop i moan and he smirked

He remove his finger and take over my lips he was already hard. I remove his short and his hard long d**kson make me gasped. He open my legs and enter roughly

Ahh he groans as he move in and out of me in an aggressive manner .

God Alex you are hurting me I said trying to push him away . the pain is to much , he turns deaf ears as he bang me more harder . I was in so much pain but the more I try to push him off the more he bang harder.

Please Alex am in pains I begged but he did not stop

Alex’s POV
After turning me on she is begging me to stop . am not stopping until I reached climax. Alex please she keeps begging and I increase tempo

Ahhhhhhhh I groan and cum on her face.
I left her in the living room crying in pain. I went to my room and freshen up.

James called came in and I pick up immediately .

We are going clubbing man are you in James asked

Count me in I said and he chuckled
Have you f..k her he asked

I just finish banging the hell out of her I said and I could her laughter from the background
Are the guys with you I asked
Yeah he said

Alex better be careful remember what happen to the last girl you f..k he advised
Yeah I know but don’t worry I got easy on her I said and he hang up

Fast forward>>>>

Clubbing with the guys is fun and am already drunk

I staggered to my car and drive home
Am home I shouted and sit on the couch
Amaya come down stairs she was walking slowly I smile in satisfaction knowing that she was walking that way because of me .

How is that thing in between you legs I asked smirking

Not OK she said frowning
Why are you coming back by this time she asked innocently
I went clubbing and am back for you I said giggling

Let’s continue what we started she said and I smirked

Are you sure you can handle me I asked and she nodded

Come here I said and she smirked
Payback time she said and two guys came out of no where

See Alex this guys here are gays and they have not enjoy them selves for a very long time , they look hungry and they are ready for you she said and signal the guys

My drunk state immediately left me as I blink my eyes trying to think straight.

Take him to the room by the left he is all your she said and walk away


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