February 4, 2021


World Best, All In One Spot

Celebrity Crush Episode 22

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[Nothing is impossible]

✍️Prin cess✍️

🔞Episode twenty two🔞

🌹The next day🌹


I dressed up, today is my date with jack griffo.

I can’t believe this!

Me, julia, dating a celeb, I went to Lisa’s room.

She was prepared to go out with jace.

She starred at me, and ran to me..

“bestie, our dream, our dream finally came through”.

“all those times we thought it was just mere hope”.

“yeah! This is one thing I learnt”.

“yeah me too”.

“NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”,we both said together and hugged.

“come on, our dates must be waiting outside for us”,I said softly.

We both walked elegantly, holding hands.

We got outside, and jace and jack were both leaning on their cars.

A lot of noise was coming from outside.

“uhmn, open the gate”,lisa said to the security man.

He looked at her weirdly, then opened the gate.

A crowd of people came in, including reporters and paparazzi.

They took pictures, jace walked over to lisa.

“Lisa Don, you’re the first gal who has made me loose interest in other girls. I love you”,jace said audibly.

“awww”,the crowd echoed.

Some girls were crying already.

Jack kept staring at me, and I stared back, waiting for him to do the same.

He walked up to me and stood.

He crashed his lips on mine.

We kissed intensely, until we both realised we were in public.

“you mean the world to me”,he said, and the crowd shouted *awwwn*

This is like a dream come true.

This is my own episode of Cinderella.


Finally, she’s coming.

My girlfriend, Ella.

I missed her so much.

She had been I’ll for a while now, but now she is back on her feet.

I waited at the restaurant, where we were meant to meet.

We walked in graciously.



We both ran an gave each other a tight hug.

I pecked her in the cheek.

“missed you so much”,I said, and she smiled

“i missed you most”,she replied.

🌹Kim bum🌹

As usual, riele and I were on for our fake date.

We decided to go to the garden we talked at first.

She arrived, and sat down close.

I couldn’t resist, I crashed my pips on her and she quickly turned away.

“the reporters are not even here”,she said.

I turned her fave to my direction.

“i want it to be real, without reporters, just you and I”,I said, and crashed my lips again.

She wrapped her arms on my neck, and we kissed intensely.

“will you be my girlfriend?”,I asked, as we slowly unhooked our lips.

“will you break my heart?”,she asked.


“then yes”,she replied and we hugged.

🌹Author princess🌹

I really put my effort into this, hope you guys enjoyed the story!!

I love you guys, and one more thing.

Don’t ever give up, because nothing is impossible!

✍️Prin cess✍️

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  1. Woww..! I so much love this story, you are best Princess. This story is one of the best stories i’ve read so far..!

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