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The Bitter Truth Episode 23

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The Bitter

Episode 23

By: Faith Lucky.

Nicky’s Pov:
I watched in discomfort as he walked in and took a seat at the judges table. Is he that free with them?

Well, of course!

He’s the manager’s son!

Luckily, I was in the middle of the crowd. So, there was no way he could see me.

I was so lost in thoughts and only snapped out of it when I heard my number being called.


My eyes beamed and I had to cover my mouth with my palm to prevent myself from screaming.

Oh, goodness!
Thank God I was taken. I passed the second round!

Hah! I Can’t wait to tell dad.

I giggled to myself as the woman went ahead to call the rest of the lucky numbers. In the process, I noticed Oscar whisper into the ears of one of the judges.

The judge nodded and in turn, whispered to the ear of the next judge.

I wonder what’s going on.

“And….that’s all for today’s lucky numbers. Once again, to those who didn’t make it, don’t feel bad. And to those who did, the next course of action will be communicated to you via email. Good luck everyone” the woman concluded and few of the contestants replied with a thanks and afterwards, started dispatching from the hall.

“Contestant 208” I heard my number from one of the judges and turned in surprise to look at them.

“Come over here, please” the male judge who has called me, signaled at me to come forward and I sluggishly did.

What was going on?

Oscar was still sitting at the table and was now smirking at me.

The rest of the contestants wanted to stay behind and listen, but unfortunately they couldn’t.

“Is…Is there a problem, sir?” I asked when I got to where their table.

Gosh! It made me feel so nervous.

“Sorry for the interruption miss, but there’s an important information I need to pass to you” he paused and looked at Oscar, then back at me.

“We know you were able to pass the second round of the contest. But for now, it’s under probation” he said and I had to scoff.

“Probation?” I asked, surprised.

“Don’t worry, Mr Davis, I’ll take it from here” the Oscar boy stood up and said.

What the hell is he up to?

“Okay then. Bye” the judge replied as he packed up his things from the table and left.

The rest of the judges also packed their things and left, leaving just me and the jerk.

Isn’t this partial? Why are they treating him with so much respect?

He stood up with a smile and came to stand very close to me.

“What do you want from me? Why can’t you just let me be?” I asked, sounding frustrated.

“Well, I’ve told you before, baby girl; you don’t step on Oscar’s toes and go scott free. So, you need to pay the price. All I’m asking is a one night stand” he said without compunction.

“Then you can go ahead and f**k yourself” I said angrily and tried walking away, but he held me back by the wrist.

“Isnt it obvious by now?” He asked, staring into my eyes.

“I’m the one in charge. And if you don’t as I say, I’ll make you lose it the next round of the contest”,.


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