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Married To Mr Popular Season 1 Episode 5

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💞Married To
Mr Popular💄
(Rude and grumpy)

Episode 5

By: Faith Lucky.

Bethel’s Pov:
Using one of my mum’s cars, the driver took us straight to the venue and woah! Are you kidding me? Is this a crusade or what?

“Dang! I told you Bethel. This is the reason I wanted us to come in time. Now, the whole place is filled up already” Nicole grumbled as the driver found a place to park.

Geez! This place is too rowdy. I don’t like crowd.

We opened the door and came out of the car and I narrowed my eyes around. If the crowd out here is much, then I wonder how the main hall would be.

Nicole held my hand as we started jostling our way through the crowd and I was amazed at the way some girls were looking.

Lots of them were putting on customised shirts with Ryan’s name and pictures on it. Some had stickers, eye glasses, rings and necklaces and even hair bands – all with his name printed on it.

Geez! Why are girls this crazy over him?

Nicole took me to a place before the entrance where some of the customised items were sold and there she bought a bangle and two light stickers with Ryan’s name on them.

She wore the bangle on her wrist and gave one of the stickers to me.

“Huh? What are you…?

“Just take it, Bethel” she cut me off and forced the sticker into my hand and I scoffed.

👥 I really can’t wait for Ryan to climb up that stage

👥 Yeah. I just hope I don’t pass out.

I overheard some people say as Nicole and I walked to the entrance.

She gave our tickets to the men out there and we gained entrance into the wide round hall.

Woah! I think the entire city’s here.

“Come on, B” Nicole said as she held my hand and tried jostling us through the crowd to the front stage.

But we couldn’t go far as there was no more spare and we had to stop around the middle.

Well, we can still have a clear view of the stage.

“This is all your fault’ Nicole huffed as we got stuck in the middle.

She really wanted to be close to the stage.

“Chill okay? It’s not like you’d have been able to touch him if were there or something” I said and she scroweld her eyes at me and I shrugged.

Gosh! This place is damn too crowdy. I don’t like staying in such congested places.

I turned to a lady beside me who’s been shouting the whole time. Huh?
She had a total on her neck and it was boldly Ryan’s name.

“Come on Ryan!” She said at the top of her voice and it kind of pissed me off.

Another lady was putting on his shirt and beneath his picture was written KING OF HEARTS.

Someone else:

And another:

Okay; this is so dramatic.

Immediately, I heard the walls crushing with screams and I panicked, thinking something terrible was happening.

I covered my both ears with my hands and almost screamed out as well because I was scared.


What’s happening???

👥 Ryan!!!

👥 Yes!!!

👥 I love you!!!

I managed to hear among the screaming voices and I lifted my eyes and saw Ryan climbing up the stage.

Oh! Now, I get.

👥 Ryan!

👥 My superstar!

👥 I love youuuuu

👥 Can you see me?

“Ryan!” Nicole also called and gripped my hand and I glared at her and I glared at her and took my eyes back to the stage.

Wow! But come to think of it, this guy’s quite handsome – and classy.

He was putting on a brown trouser and jacket with a blue top and wore a shoe to match.
Sparkles kept flashing around him as a result of the pure gold jewelries he had on.

His hair was dark and curled and the front part of it flopped over his left eye. His eyes had some sort of dark shade and his lips were so pink and soft. Although, I wasn’t really close to the stage; all these was still visible.

He was extremely charming and that was obviously the reason all the ladies were crazy over him.

He climbed the stage with a lady beside him.
Oh! Lady K.

She was a diva and was always seen around with Ryan. They’ve done lots of duets together as well and always go to concerts and performances together as well.

As a matter of fact, she’s been in Georgia city with Ryan the whole time and also returned here In Dallas with him. I wonder what’s going on between them.

👥 Go Ryan!

👥 I love you, Ryan!

👥 I wanna kiss you!

The screams continued as Lady K took a seat while Ryan went upto the standing mic and keyboard and believe me, the ovation increased when he did.

He sat in front of the keyboard and released a charming smile and instantly, I saw two ladies at the front stage collapse.

He tried waving the short hair over his left eye, but it came falling back.

He brought his lips to the mic and spoke into it:

“Hi” he said in a soothing voice and the ovation started all over.

Oh, God!

I saw another lady being rushed out and it struck me to the guts. I’ve always been hearing these in rumours, but today, I’ve witnessed it.

“isn’t he adorable?” Nicole squeaked and I looked at her and scoffed.

“Um…is Ryan and lady K dating?” I asked in aloud voice as it could get past the crazy crowd.

“Huh? No; I mean,,if they were, it’d have been all over. Ryan doesn’t have time for commitments. He’s a flirt” she replied excitedly also in a loud voice.

Ryan looked down at the keyboard and touched some soft keys. I guess he couldn’t even flak anymore because of the fans.

He played a soft charming tone and It’s effect made the crowd go quiet a bit.

It was just as if he wanted them to keep calm because immediately they stopped screaming, he stopped playing and spoke into the mic again.
🎤 Um. I’m really glad to see you all. And I’m glad to be badk here in my hometown. I’m…happy you all love me this much to show up at my concert. Thanks🎤 he concluded with a smile and another section of screaming and cheering took over.

👥 I love you, Ryan!

👥 You’re the best!

👥 Ryan!


“Wow! I can’t believe he smiled today” Nicole said happily and I turned to look at her.

“What? Doesn’t he smile?” I asked.

“Well, I heard he doesn’t. And I’m sure his manager must’ve been the one who advised him to smile since its his first concert in four years here in Dallas’ she replied and I mouthed an ‘oh’ and took my eyes back to the stage.

I stared at Ryan as he looked down at the keyboard and immediately, the stage went dark. A light gasp ran across the crowd and a blue light came up, shining just at the spot where Ryan was seated.

He started playing the keyboard -a soft enchanting sound and It made the whole place become so calm.

He played the keyboard for a while and added his flawless voice to it.
Wow! It was so cool.

I wasn’t really a lover of music, but with Ryan’s songs, he makes me love it. It’s not like I’m fangirling over him or something; I’m just saying the fact – he’s a really really great artiste.

The song was slow, romantic and emotional and I guess he was yet to record it because no one seemed to know the song.

🎤 I just wanna be with you
You know you’re all to me
Let’s travel the world together
Let us build our dreams together🎤

I folded my hands and watched with keen interest as he sang so perfectly and really got me bemused.
Indeed, he deserves all the awards he’s gotten.

“Can you feel that, bethel?” Nicole said dreamily as she gripped my hand.

I gawped at her and fred my hand from hers.

Ryan sang the whole song so beautifully and when he was done, the hall almost went on fire as a result of the screams that almost brought it down.

Instantly, I saw two ladies being rushed out again.

Hold on; how do ladies get crazy over guys this way? It’s really shocking.

He started a different song which was popular and this time around, the entire audience sang along with him, singing like they wanted to fly.

The place became so noisy as everybody sang along with him – even those who were singing like frogs.

Nicole also joined in the singing and jumping and beckoned on me to join her and I rolled my eyes at her.

Although, I was enjoying the song, but I couldn’t start yelling and jumping like the others were doing. It’s absurd.

He sang two more songs and next, he stood up and a different boy came up and sat on the keyboard.

He removed the mic from its stand and started singing one of his hip hop songs while moving around freely on the stage.
The whole place got filled with screams again as everybody started dancing crazily and singing along with him.

The people close to the stage were all jumping and stretching out their hands, hoping be could touch them.

He sang two more songs and the second song had almost made me jump and scream like the others, but luckily, I didn’t.

He concluded the song in a stylish way and the building almost went crushing with clapping and shouting ovation and I had to shut my ears for a moment.

Ladies close to the stage kept screaming and falling on each other, stretching out their hands for Ryan to touch them, but I heard he doesn’tdoesn’t touch people.

He waved at the audience and turned around, going to drop the mic on its stand. The coordinators came around immediately to guide him and Lady K also stood up and joined him as he walked out of the stage.

“Oh, my gee! Don’t tell me it’s over. I wish it can be repeated” Nicole said dreamily, placing her both hands on her cheeks.

I looked at her and rolled my eyes. Ryan’s song started playing from the background.

“Hope you’re happy? Can we go now?” I asked and she laughed and held my hand and we started leaving the hall together.

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Brought to you by Faith Lucky.
Love you all💋💋

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