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Dangerous Romance (The Bodyguard Is The CEO) Episode 11

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I watched as he walked outta the hospital. I slumped to the chair and cried silently.

Nice one Lorna how could I’ve fallen for someone whose real identity was unknown to me.

He intentionally hid his identity from me to make mockery of me.

“Erm miss Danes the patient is awake and would like to see you.” The doctor said jerking me outta my thoughts.

I wiped off my tears with the back of my palm before walking towards the ward Lanez was.

This story was written by Muhammed Mulikat Munay.

He wounds were all stitched up and cleaned up too.

I rushed to his side and hugged him lovingly.

“Ah sis I can’t breathe here ” he managed to say.

“Oops and so sorry Dear am just over excited to see that you’re okay. ” I said as tears roll down my cheeks.

” Why are you crying tiger? ” He used his palm to dry my tears.

This story was written by Muhammed Mulikat Munay.

“No no am not crying am just happy my baby panda is fine. Lora and Lucas are taking the next flight here. ” I diverted the topic.

” Thank goodness have Missed their crazy ass so much especially Lora . ” He smiled weakly.

” Tell me Lanez how did Gwen get her hands on you?” I asked.

Written by Muhammed Mulikat Munay.

He exhaled.

” I was out of town, I’d checked in my resort with my girlfriend. Some mask guys came and…. Gosh they killed Kim and dragged me along.” He cried.

My heart bleeds for him. Kimberly and Lanez had been dating for awhile now. Their relationship is what I call perfect.

“It’s okay panda it’s over now.” I was trying to comfort him where as I can’t comfort myself.

I kept thinking of how mom and dad were murdered in cold blood right before my eyes.

Written by Muhammed Mulikat.

“They killed mom and dad Lorna and made me watch through q video recording. ” His lips trembled as he sobbed like a child.

I hugged him to myself as he sobbed on my shoulder.

My mind drifted off to Reed I wonder where he was at the moment.

Written by Muhammed Mulikat Munay.

🌟 Damian Kings 🌟

“Argh!” I growled and smashed the glass in my hand.

This happening because of my silly mistake.

I thought I would get her back now after loosing her when we were kids but this time I think I lost her for good.

I lost her now that I’d fallen deeply for her.

My phone started buzzing getting me upset.

I smashed the phone against the wall.

She’s gonna hate me forever.

What was I thinking?

Written by Muhammed Mulikat Munay.

“Am sorry Lorna I love you.” I Mumbled to myself.

I went down on my knees and screamed out loud in pain.

Am sorry Lorna please hear me out.

Omg OMG OMG 😲😲😲😔😔

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