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A Week With Her Boss Episode 5

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{😋his demands😋}

💃chapter 5💃

story by:loveth


“your answers Cara”
i gave him a bright smile.

“I’ll do it mr lamant. I’ll do anything.”

“good” he affirmed.
“this could be your room for the week, unless u choose differently….”he says then point out a door to the bathroom.

“my room is through this adjourning bathroom. i need you by my side this entire week”

i can’t help but question
needing me??

I have to stay for the night?
this is much way out of my comfort zone.

“a week full days of 24hrs each” he tells me as if he read my mind.

the bedroom is not as huge and luxurious as the one I saw in the princess room during our tour.. but I like it anyway.

thanks god he didn’t have to disgrace me by making me sleep the floor.

“thank you mr lamant” I says in dismissal hoping to have a few minutes to my self.

“you’re welcome” he’s so close behind me that I couldn’t jump at the surprise. I can smell him….his hot breath fanned my neck adding more heat.

“I picked up some items you’ll need for your first task” he said then points towards a box lying on the floor.

boxes are harmless right??

I checked it but what I saw inside made me blush…. heels higher than I’ve ever worn, a skirt than can barely cover my ass.

my mouth goes dry. I doubt that I must be red as I look up at mr lamamt but I couldn’t help it. these are scandalous.

“your first tasks is to learn what I say and when I say it… . you’ll follow my guidelines and my taste”

I want to tell him that his taste are really dirty. instead I hold my tongue.

is it worth my job??

sensing my hesitation he tells me to strip.

in front of him??

“I can’t!” I found myself saying. that’s just too much.

mr lamant steps aside, his muscles clenching as he points to the door.
“if you can’t do this little task Cara then you’re free to leave”

I know he could replace me anytime.

“i’m not that type of woman” I say.

I’ve always been shy about being exposed. but stripping one on one with him…… it is beyond what I can do.

“these have nothing to do with my job” I tells him.

I pick up one of the straps from the box, I don’t have the chance to return it when a hard hand pushes me towards the desk.

he’s huge, dwarfing me and he’s so close that I can feel everything. his hard body….. his hot breath…..

“everything I tells you is your job” his voice sounds so sweet.

those hands I felt holding me before unbutton the top of my shirt and I freeze without even trying to stop him. my breast are exposed to him. i’m so turned on that I couldn’t do anything. I wish he didn’t affect me like this…. it’s unfair.

“so innocent” he mutters.

I stared in disbelief as his hands slowly work their way up my Br***t, ignoring the fact that it turns me on.

I asked myself the samev thing I’ve been asking since all these drama began.

“is it worth a job?”

mr lamant is already having his way.

one word for Cara??

like and comment.

its kinda short…. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 i’m sorry…
had a bad day…..

expect the next chapter tomorrow.

✍ loveth.

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