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The Bitter Truth Episode 21

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The Bitter

Episode 21

By: Faith Lucky.

Karen’s Pov:
I waited impatiently at the agreed location for the jerks, but they were taking so long to show up.
What the heck? I might get late for the contest.

I tapped my leg on the floor, impatiently. They better not toil with me. We had a fixed time for f**k sake!

Shortly, I heard some footsteps and turned to see them walking in.


“Hey s*xy” one of them called with a leer.

“What the heck took you so long? Do you realize how long I’ve been waiting here?” I asked angrily, scrawling my eyes at them.

“Yeah – sorry. We got hooked up with something” the second one replied.

“Okay then. Go straight to the point” the last finally said and I huffed and brought out the picture from my bag.

“She’s the one. Her name is Nicky King. All I’m asking is very simple. I want you to kidnap her and sleep with her. Then, take nu*e pictures of her and put them on the net. Can you do it?” I asked.

“Woah! And you call that very simple?’ One of them sniggered.

“What? If you know you’re gonna mess it up, you better let me know so I can look else where. I was told you guys were professionals” I rolled my eyes and said.

“Well, of course. This wouldn’t be a problem – as long as you’re willing to pay awesomely” he said and I scoffed and dipped my hand into my bag, bringing out a big bunch along.

“And money isn’t a problem either. Just make sure you don’t f**k me up” I said as I placed the money on his palm.

“Alright then. We get back to you” he said.

“Good” I replied and walked away.

Nicky’s Pov:
I followed the chubby lady to the corner she wanted. I wonder what she wants to tell me. I hope it isn’t something that’d generate problem.

“Almost there” she said as we got to a quiet passage that was free of people.

Then, she stood and faced me.

“Um…your name is Nicky, right?” She asked.

“Yeah” I replied, curiously waiting for what she wanted to say.

“Okay, Nicky. I’m really sorry, but I have to do this. He threatened to take me out of the contest if I fail to deliver” she said and before I could comprehend what was going on, she pushed me into the opened room beside me.


“Hey!!” I called and tried rushing out, but she locked the door immediately.

“Let me out!”,I screamed and hit door, but it didn’t open up.

What the heck?
What is going on?

“Hello, crazy ass” I heard someone call behind me and quickly turned to see who it was.

Oh my God!

It was Oscar!!

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