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One Night With A Billionaire Boss Episode 57

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One Night With A Billionaire Boss

Chapter 57

The night manager began to worry because it’s only him around, and the General Manager had left already for the day.

Worst of it all, the General Manager told him before he left that unless the hotel is on fire, do not bother him at all, or whoever bothers him would be fired on the spot.

What am I supposed to do now? If I informed the manager, I would lose my job. If I don’t tell him and this person turns out to be a VVIP, then I’m also in trouble. Ahhhhh! What am I going to do? The night manager shouted in frustration while he’s mumbling to himself.

The night manager was still scratching his head when he suddenly thought of an idea. He called his assistant and told the person to go to the front door and welcome the guest to whoever they are. Meanwhile, he would check and think about what to do next.

As soon as the assistant left, he began thinking. ‘Hmmm, all of my VIP guests had checked in already… Who could this person be? What am I going to do… All my rooms were booked already. I’m dead for sure!’ He was telling himself.

He decided just to let the assistant handle the guest. He went and sat down and got comfortable. However, while he was sitting in the office comfortably without a care in the world, he suddenly heard a voice in the walkie-talkie… It was the security guard…

“Sir, the guest is already exiting his vehicle. Are you on your way?” The one guarding the door was already hysterical since no one was manning the door. Not even a bellboy was on hand to welcome the guest. When he saw that Tanaga was carrying something, he quickly held the door open so Tanaga could go in without any obstacles.

“Don’t worry! I sent my assistant already! He should be on the way, hold your horses!” The night manager shouted as he slowly walked toward the front lobby of the hotel.

As the manager got close to the front lobby, his eyes widened as he saw how many bodyguards were with the VIP guest, and when he saw the one at the front in particular, ‘Tiny’ he couldn’t help himself and exclaim. “Oh shit!”He said to himself audibly.

“It’s really, oh ‘shit! Why didn’t we received any warning?” the assistant asked the night manager whom he didn’t realize was already beside him.

“What are keep looking at? Hurry up and call the General Manager. Hurry up !!!” As he rushes towards Tanaga, who’s was walking straight while carrying his sleeping wife…

“It’s better for you to get fired rather than me for bothering him, while in the meantime… I will what I could do to kiss butt.’ The night manager thought to himself. He was talking about the assistant night manager that he sent to contact the General Manager.

The Night Manager first made sure that his appearance was presentable. Adjusted his ‘Barong Tagalog’ [National dress of the Philippines.] that his wearing and stood like a pole while he was waiting for Tanaga to pass by. He then bowed to give respect to their boss.

“Good evening, CEO Jone! Welcome!” said the Night Manager while still bowed and trying to peek at the woman’s face that their boss was carrying…

Tanaga who was already used to the way how employees greet him whenever he visits a hotel he owns went straight pass the Night Manager without even acknowledging or greeting him.

Instead, it was the butler who was following Tanaga, who answered the night manager. “Good evening to you!” He also directly follows Tanaga to his private elevator up to his private penthouse

Once the Butler passed, then the night manager was finally able to take a deep breath.

“Phew! I wonder who that girl that boss was carrying was? Is she a girlfriend? Hmmm?” The night manager asked himself as he shook his head and wondering if he should follow or not. He was contemplating if he should follow or wait for the General Manager to show up first.

The Night Manager decided to wait for their General Manager and let him deal with their boss. He heard through the grape-vine that their boss is very strict and me

He might end up getting fired if he’s the one to come face to face with him.

Once he saw them inside the elevator on the way to the Penthouse, he quickly ran back to his office and began sending messages to the higher up about the CEO in the house.

[Warning: The hotel owner has arrived and is currently on the way up into his private Penthouse. It’s up to all of you what to do, and I’m only giving you a fair warning.] End of message.

When the people he sent the messages read it, they all stopped what they were doing and quickly came down… The last one to arrive was the General Manager, who was reportedly coming out of a party and reeking with the smell of alcohol.

“Did he ask for me?” The General Manager asked while he was looking for something to alleviate his body odor.

“Yes!” That was the only answer the Night Manager had given while he stood and waited for instructions from the General Manager.

“Shit! Why did you have to wait to get back into your office and send the message, why didn’t you call me right away? You are such an idiot! If I get reprimanded, you better watch out and see what happens to you.

Unbeknownst to General Manager, someone was listening to him how he mistreats his employees …


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