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After The Dream Episode 31

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💭 After The Dream 💭

⚔ (No way out) ⚔

Episode 31

By: Faith Lucky
Rhianna’s pov
I laid quietly on the bed with Tristan by my side. This was absolutely a moment to remember. I stared at my dashing fancy new wedding ring. I couldn’t help but blush.

Best birthday present ever.

“Where should we go for your birthday? “He asked.

I shrugged.
“I don’t want to go anywhere Tristan. I just want to be here with my small family. “I said.

He smiled.
“You should see Diamonds gift, its kind of.. What you might need later on. “He said.

Wow, Diamond also got me a gift?
I just can’t wait to set my eyes on it.
I returned to my room with a towel and got dressed for the day. A jean and a Gucci top. I went to join everyone at the living room.
Diamond handed me the wrapped stuff.
I tore off the wrapping paper to shreds as I got my hands on the parcel. I opened it.

“What’s this? “I muttered flipping it.

Diamond chuckled.
“It’s a tummy belt silly. You put it on like this. “She said taking it from me.
She put it on my tummy and zipped it.

I growled.
It was super tight on my tummy.

“Why this Diamond? “I asked trying to feel comfortable with the tummy belt.

“You need it. So you can get your old shape back. Since you bore Kyle, your tummy has gotten bigger and not so sexy. “She said.

“This is punishment! “I whined like a child.
The tummy belt stiffened me up. I couldn’t breath properly.

“The instruction says you put it on for 4 hours everyday since you’re a nursing mother. “She said Nonchalantly.

I scoffed in amusement. Diamond is something else.

Tristan showed up looking all smart and handsome in his tuxedo. He had a diamond earring on his left ear and it made him look more gorgeous than ever.

My handsome husband. 😍

I just realized that Tristan is no longer the spouse with love in this marriage of ours, it’s me.
Am head over hills for him.
Am Inlove, at last.

His watch looked new and expensive as well.

“Have a great day at work brother. “Diamond said.

Tristan tilted his head. He took his phone from the desk and off he went leaving for the door. He left and silence stepped in.

“Ugh… “Diamond snarled. “You both are such good actors! “She said.

I couldn’t help but laugh feeling giggly.

Kyle was quiet all along lying on his belly on the couch. Diamond was sitting on the floor next to him.

“Am serious, your acting is priceless… “She continued laughing her ass out.

“Why do you say that? “I asked.

She chuckled.
“so you’re saying both of you didn’t reach the mountain peak this morning? You didn’t have s*x? “She asked.

I gasped.
She knows…

But I didn’t make any sound. Or did I?

“Anyway, you could have given him a goodbye kiss to conclude the morning section of your inter course. “She said making a face that looked pretty funny.

“I was too shy to. “I muffled.

“Someone is crushing on her husband… “She muttered.

She was making me flush even more.
My cheeks turned red and I hid my face in my palm.

“Crush is a strong word. “I said.

Diamond laughed.
“Newly weds. “She muttered.

I laid my head backwards. The tummy belt was still stinging and stuffed me more.

“Diamond, can I take this off now? “I asked.

She chuckled and took her hands to the tummy belt. She unzipped it and my tummy flopped back up.

“I almost forgot about having breakfast. I haven’t taken breakfast. “I said.

“Do you still need breakfast after Tristan have filled you up with loads of cum? “She asked.

Huh, how bad could Diamond get?
Extremely bad.


Brought to you by Faith Lucky

Love you all💋💋

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