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A Week With Her Boss Episode 4

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{😋his demands😋}

💃chapter 4💃

story by loveth.

“kneel” he commanded.

“why?” I asked.

there is a perfectly good chair opposite him so why should I knee when I can sit?
he narrowed his eyes at me.

“your memory is awful Cara. did you not remember yesterday miss Robbins? how you ruined everything with your carelessness” his voice turned icy. the disappointment from yesterday is back, also visible in his eyes which I hate seeing it there.

“i still don’t get why i should knee”

“this is how it’s going to work cara if you can do everything i ask..no matter what it is ..but fail… ” he trails off with a wicked grin

” fail and I’ll make it clear to everyone that you are worthless to hire, I’ll tell them is your fault i lost a huge client and you won’t find a decent job if you can’t prove yourself in a week”

i’m left stunned. is he blackmailing me??
this is way more serious than I expected.

can i do this?

is it worth a job??

richie had gotten me where he wants. I’ll never be able to move my dad if i had no money.

the room spin around me like I’ve been plunged under water.

“cara” I know he’s calling me.but the water between us felt like I’m drowning.

slowly-slowly i’m going down.

finally holding still, the attack reduce. i look up at Richie who is kneeling beside me.

he look worried . he doesn’t look like the cold boss who would ask me to be his robot for a week. the heat of his hand is affecting me,letting me know that hell yes! I would like to do anything he asks of me.

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✍ loveth.

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